Semi-barbaric white culture

Too much time spent in hotel bedrooms on foreign travel has led me to some strange byways of the Internet. I found myself late one night in Brazil near Iguazu Falls sleepless in …Iguazu Falls. I will only lead you into one such youtube by-way, the amazing sub-world of Scottish pipe bands. [ I warn you that one leads to another]. They hail from everywhere: Los Angeles, Simon Fraser University, New Zealand, Western Australia and of course Northern Ireland and Scotland itself. The format is strict. The bands consist of bagpipes, snare drums, tenor drums, and a bass drum. Everyone knows the tunes. They have names like Lord Lovat’s Regret by Robert Drummond, or Jack McWatt’s Strathspey by Stuart McCrimmon. I imagine the bands have to meet in large public parks where they can practice unmolested. I reckon people devote their entire leisure time to the art, which is complex, but it stirs barbaric ardor in my heart.

  • After ten minutes you feel like taking fire and sword to your neighbours.
  • After twenty minutes you feel like taking fire and sword to your enemies.
  • After an hour of this you have reached a cheerfully berserker state.
  • After an hour or so of this, your enemies are starting to slip away from their trenches, as they know an attack is coming and they fear for their lives.

I cannot resist one the great scenes of all time in movies. The Canadians arrive to join a group of Americans in what  became a joint operation, called the Devil’s Brigade.


3D Printing


The launch of a missile into space is not news. The fact that the rocket was made by a three-D printing process is.

The process is explained (in greater detail than you want to know) here.

The Guardian reports:

Rocket Lab is one of about 30 companies and agencies worldwide developing small satellite launchers as an alternative to firms jostling for space on larger launches or paying around $50 million for a dedicated service. The company said in a statement it has now received $148m in funding and is valued in excess of $1bn.

Rocket Lab’s customers include NASA, earth-imaging firm Planet and startups Spire and Moon Express.

A newspaper rarely carries any actual news. Most of the time the headlines are the equivalent of “Pope says mass at Easter” such as “Muslim kills 30 in bomb explosion”. Today something novel got the through the screen.

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America’s Soviet Media

Back in the Cold War days, folks in the Soviet Union knew that the media was completely controlled by the state so they had to read between the lines to get any information. No real news was available, only propaganda that fitted the Party line of the moment—the original fake news.

Fast forward thirty years to the fact-free reporting of so-called scandals about the Trump/Russia conspiracy. Lies, innuendo, brain-dead journalists repeating their own half-baked views as if they were news, pundits dreaming up fantasies, in short, the jabbering of an hysterical mob of semi-literate drones of the Democrat Party are now the current American Media. No-one knows fake news better than the Russians, they lived with for seventy years.

At a press conference in Cyprus on Thursday, when asked asked about these rumors, accusations and innuendos in the American Media, Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, replied:

“Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about that in detail at a news conference following his talks in Sochi yesterday. Since you raised the issue again, I can say the following. I sometimes get the impression that many US media outlets work according to a principle which was common in the Soviet Union. Back then people used to joke that the newspaper Pravda [Truth] had no truth in it, and the Izvestia [News] paper has no news in it. I get the impression that many US media operate in the same way.”

Too much— and too true. The American Media now being justly compared to the Soviet media from the Communist era, by the Russian Foreign Minister! It’s just so sweet.

Rebel Yell

more frankly elitist

We were about to sit down to a formal dinner. The lads were hungry, and we had been smoking some excellent weed and sipping beer and wine for some time. We had been listening to ZZ Top’s One Foot in the Blues. The acting guardian of good taste replaced it with Purcell’s Ode for the Birthday of Queen Mary, justifying the decision with:

“We need something more frankly élitist”.

The phrase struck a chord. Today, you need something more frankly élitist. I present two arias from Vivaldi’s opera, Bajazet. First Vivica Genaux, then Elena Garantsa, spelled Garanca.

Bajazet recounts, in baroque Italian operatic fashion, the fate of the Ottoman Sultan and Caliph  Bayezid I when his armies were crushed by the forces of  Timur in 1402 AD. Timur is known to us as Tamerlane.
The Wikipedia article says of him:

Scholars estimate that his military campaigns caused the deaths of 17 million people, amounting to about 5% of the world population at the time.[12][13]

An equivalent warlord today would have to kill or cause the deaths of 5% of 7.5 billion people, or 375 million people. With nukes it could be done. Hmmmn…..

Trump is the anti-Christ, says Warren Kinsella

When you cannot distinguish a tough, vulgar, self-promoting New York liberal property developer from the Anti-Christ, I would say you have poor judgment. When the Wahabist menace to civilization escapes serious scrutiny, but slight departures from political correctness, and a reorientation of American foreign policy, elicit volcanic upheavals of hatred, fear and derision, I would say that some have reached terminal fatuity. Warren Kinsella is not alone in this; he is merely a convenient representative of Trump Derangement Syndrome. It appears to me that many otherwise sensible people have lost their minds; and I exclude Warren Kinsella from the category of “otherwise sensible people”.

Donald Trump is the Anti-Christ

Is global warming warming real?



Are we causing it?

Almost certainly human activity is likely to be causing some of it. We are pushing a lot of CO2 into the atmosphere and atmospheric CO2 is rising , but so what?

Do I care about it?

Not enough to turn my economy into a North Korea for a one degree centigrade increase in a century.

Read the evidence from a global warming believer. Read it carefully. Read it again. After you get through the arguments of the nature of “97% of Renaissance cardinals believe in Ptolemy”, there is a modicum of fact to be absorbed. Mainly that the global temperature – whatever that means – has been increasing at about one degree centigrade in the last century.  For my part I hope it continues.

Is there anything we can do?

I take the the position of Bjorn Lomborg: if we had one hundred problems, anthropogenic global warming would be number 100 on the list of things to worry about.

The part of the world I live in is too cold for too much of the year, and I suspect that most of the AGW fluff and botheration is futile policy being pushed by anti-capitalists and control freaks, and governments seeking fresh sources of taxation.

In the meantime:



Academic Quacks

Following the ever-accelerating trend of institutional insanity blazed by the US Lying Media in politics, the social science quacks are eager to fight to the last man, or wimmin, or thingy, to regain the lead.

Recall how Alan Sokal, the physicist who wrote a nonsense paper on “Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity” for the ‘journal’ Social Text, and got it published, beautifully scammed the fake social science folks.

The latest affair in this genre will leave you chortling (see here). The authors even proclaimed the scam, but to no avail. Contemporary social science is completely oblivious to reality (like the US Media).

In their tell-all article in Skeptic, the authors admit they jammed the paper full of jargon and made it purposefully incoherent. They said, “After completing the paper, we read it carefully to ensure it didn’t say anything meaningful, and as neither one of us could determine what it is actually about, we deemed it a success.” Finally, they made this particularly damning observation:
We assumed that if we were merely clear in our moral implications that maleness is intrinsically bad and that the penis is somehow at the root of it, we could get the paper published in a respectable journal.


That says it all. I recommend you download the paper (while it’s still up); it’s a hoot. Social science is now simply anti-male, anti-White, anti-European, anti-civilization propaganda vomited forth by the multi-culti Marxoids of pseudo-academia. It is the Faculty of Drivel.

Rebel Yell

No Soros Here

The billboard says “billionaire’s men” and shows George Soros and Lajos Simicska – a former Minister of Revenue in the Hungarian government –  holding their respective puppets. I counted 33 of them in the ride out to Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc airport. There were as many on the way into town. They could be found in every town I saw in Hungary.

You will see occasionally news about the Hungarian government’s crackdown on Soros’ Central European University. More articles here and here.

You will read that Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary, is a bad fellow. You will read that Orban is refusing to take in the quota of refugees that the EU has assigned for Hungary to take.

I can relate from recent travels that Hungary was one of the cleanest, safest, and most attractive places I have travelled to. I was informed by a German-speaker that many German pensioners are moving there to live out there days in peace, far from the crime tourism and Islamic hooliganism that makes so much of Germany dangerous. As someone recently pointed out, Eastern Europe is overwhelmingly white and wants to stay that way. Czechia was recently told it would have to pay something like 14,000 Euros for every refugee it refused to take. Having calculated the long and short term costs of Islamic refugees in their midst, the Czechs chose to pay the price.

I am increasingly of the view that everything the mainstream media are telling us about people like Orban, Trump, Farage, LePen, and thier like  is motivated by unreasoning hatred for anything not on the Soros agenda.

In any case, Hungary is a conservative Catholic society and wants to stay that way. Obviously this offends the rulers of this world.

Quote of the day


Jonathan Kay resigned a few days ago as editor in chief of Canada’s Walrus magazine. He writes:

….One of the lingering problems at The Walrus — and this is something I was never fully able to extirpate — is a failure to accept the fact that great educational journalism will inevitably step on toes and anger some people. Because the magazine was conceived as High Canadian Holy Writ delivered to subscribers’ doorsteps on the wings of angels, Walrus old-schoolers still lose their owl feathers if a Walrus writer challenges any of the many suffocating ideological taboos cherished by the cultural Eloi.

I cannot resist comparing the earnest do-goodedness of the Walrus to the  assured tone of the old Idler Magazine (1985-1993), which was David Warren’s highest secular achievement. The Idler lacks even a Wikipedia page by which to remember it, alas. For certain the old Toronto Idler challenged every one of the suffocating ideological taboos of the cultural Eloi, even as it was the product of dissident Eloi.

Speaking of suffocating cultural taboos, I recently heard an American professor speak of the need for glasnost and perestroika in North America, openness and restructuring. I do not think he meant de-communization in any formal sense. What he meant was the same as Jonathan Kay meant: our lives are being crushed or confined by suffocating taboos. Those of us who are old have escaped the full weight of them, but I think younger people are experiencing totalitarian cultural conformity on university campuses. It is a totalitarianism enforced by social media, which is to say, by the worst-acting in any population. Or the Eloi being conditioned by Morlocks, to follow the metaphor.