No, my cat didn’t just walk across the keyboard, but it would have made more sense if it did.

This gem of gobbledygook (h/t Louder with Crowder) is fresh from those stunning intellects at the Ontario Federation of Teachers, which, methinks, must be a new name for the Institute for the Terminally Obtuse.

Is your four-year old fretting about whether he, she or zhlorf is an intersectional, gender-queer, trisexual, four-spirited, species-fluid, parasexual interlesbo? I thought not. This is what they are doing to your kids—driving this drivel into the heads of children before it has real meaning to them. It has no meaning in the adult world either. All of these invented descriptors are names for neuroses. And since in the modern world fantasy is more important than reality, our ever-pliable leaders will willingly accommodate any absurdity when pressured by the mobs of whining SJWs that demand everyone be as stupid as they.

Truly, whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

Rebel Yell

McCarthyism was sane by comparison

Last night I bet a friend $50 that Trump will win the next US Presidential election, if there is one, in 2020. I explain why below.

A couple of weeks ago, I began composing an attack on Google’s totalitarian social cult.

Then it got worse. Charlottesville riots. Trump further demonized.  Statues of Confederate generals being  removed or vandalized. Then my own experience with American institutions.

It made an appalling coherent sense. The United States, and not just Google, is falling into a totalitarian leftist nightmare.

The firing of James D’Amore for the most mild remonstrance against Google’s hiring practices said to me, as nothing else could, that Google was in the grip of a militantly intolerant leftist belief system. Leftist, insofar as it is predicated on the view that the failure of each sex to want to be in each and every walk of life, in each profession, in exact proportion to their presence in the population, is the result of personal, cultural and systemic discrimination. Thus if the proportion of pediatric surgical nurses is 90% female, this is not the result of self-selection but is the result of unlawful or undesirable discriminations. To argue otherwise, as D’Amore did, is to engage in thought crime. I was blandly told by a senior Google representative that D’Amore had engaged in “stereotypes”, and though, in his personal opinion, Google went too far in firing him, D’Amore was guilty of a grave offence.

The second element is “belief system”, because the evidence, to the extent there is valid evidence, shows that humans do not seek to be in certain lines of work in equal measures or proportions, but according to their tastes and their conceptions of their self-interests. Further, these tastes and conceptions are statistically related to, or predictably associated with, their sex. (I emphasize that this material is found in standard treatments of the topic in Wikipedia). Thus to maintain these tastes and conceptions are mere stereotypes is un-scientific. All of which is freely available in the works of mainstream psychologists. The sexes differ, and to predicate one’s hiring policies on the belief that women want to be career obsessed workaholics in the same proportion as men do, is contrafactual. Belief in the factual is now, according to Google, a firing offence.

This brings us to the claim I make that Google shows evidence of being totalitarian.

of or being a political system in which those in power have complete control and do not allow people freedom to oppose them:

I leave it to you to judge whether “totalitarian” is applicable. For myself, “totalitarian” means that, in addition to an intolerance of opposition, there exists a corresponding theory of legitimation of this exercise of power. As Marxism and National Socialism ought to have taught us, these theories do not withstand critical scrutiny, and hence the need to suppression discussion. In the case of Google, and many others, a half-truth can become a lie when it is held to be unquestionably the whole truth. Yes, there are doubtless social and cultural factors why women do not want to be elite engineers in the same proportion as men. But when discussion of the biological factors is excluded, or when consideration of the racial factors are excluded (not the same things in my view),  then differences can only be explained by “discrimination”. In consequence corporations and society spend great energies trying to make water flow uphill. Those who point out the futility of this effort are held to be propagating “stereotypes”.

Then the riot in Charlottesville occurred, which was another part of the ongoing attack on white or historic America, as statues of all those Democratic and Confederate generals have to be hidden from public view. I do not hold with racialist agitations, any more than anti-fascist leftist hooliganism, which has gone unchecked for several years. President Trump’s condemnation of all sides in that riot has drawn the wrath of the majority of commenters, it seems.

Yet the entire episode needs to be seen as part of the continuing Democratic assault in Trump for having had the gall to win the election. The United States is unhinged. The Google incident is just a microcosm of an ongoing lunatic episode.

Rex Murphy wrote about this brilliantly in the National Post this weekend.


“The madness manifests itself everywhere. Such is the rush of hot news these days, that folks have forgotten last week’s excommunication ceremony, performed by the high-priests of Google’s diversity temple. One of their number issued a pallid memo merely querying whether Google had all the right policies on the holy concept of diversity. He actually favoured diversity. But he raised questions about its best pursuit. Fired in a day. A pure thought-crime, not to be tolerated in these dangerous times.

“America is in a very delirium of unhinged total politics. It is the sheerest folly to believe this is all because of Donald Trump.”

Would you like some examples?

The path of the forthcoming eclipse is passing over states that are disproportionately white.

“My lab/office door in the physics department at Berkeley uses a key card. During the day it’s a hassle so someone cleverly made up a nylon rope to wrap around the door knobs to keep the door open (see pic).

“Someone walking down the hall complained to the administration that the rope made them uncomfortable on behalf of black people. Admin asked us to figure out a way to minimize the rope’s visibility.
  • “Confederate-looking” wall tiles to be removed from New York City subway.
  • My own experience with an American institution has indicated to me that the desire to make the place safe from Title VII anti-discrimination lawsuits was driving legal counsel to propose standards of behaviour for staff and board more stringent than the case law required. At the point where one’s legal counsel is advocating a nearly arbitrary  set of rules – a contradiction in terms actually –  to be driven by the complaints of the most sensitive snowflake, and to be investigated without recourse to standards of natural justice, that was my sign to get out, and I did.

“A very delirium of unhinged total politics”. Lefties like to complain of “McCarthyism”. That occurred when a US Senator Joseph McCarthy was going after Communist agents in the US government, in the wake of World War 2, without sufficient regard for the niceties or the facts, they said. (It turned out that what were believed to be the most extravagant claims by alarmists about Soviet Communist infiltration of government were ultimately substantiated by the publication of the KGB’s archives – see the Mitrokhin Archives). By contrast, today’s heresy sniffing is society-wide, concerns the abolition of all normal moral discourse, and seemingly will not stop until there is a revolution.

Or until Trump beats them badly in the 2020 election. Contrary to most people, I believe he will win handily in 2020, for the reason that otherwise this anti-white racism will only get worse. I just placed a $50 bet on it last night. Now you know why.

Has the Confederate statue issue reached peak stupidity?

In the 1980s and 1990s the concept of Repressed Memory attained wide public awareness after percolating in the academia since 1896, when it was identified by Sigmund Freud in his essay Zur Ätiologie der Hysterie (“On the etiology of hysteria”). All went well till the people started recalling encounters with UFOs and visiting aliens on other planets. That was the start of the end of Repressed Memory concept and it died completely after a series of scandals, lawsuits, and license revocations.

Perhaps this whole Confederate statues issue is reaching the same point of absurdity. Here are some examples.

Traveler, USC’s mascot, comes under scrutiny for having a name similar to Robert E. Lee’s horse

Confederate flag ‘looking’ tiles to be removed from subway

Joan of Arc statue in French Quarter tagged with ‘Tear It Down’ graffiti

Group calls for removal of Christopher Columbus statue downtown

Black Pastors Ask Smithsonian to Remove Bust of Planned Parenthood Founder

Work crew removes Taney statue from Maryland State House grounds

Who knows what examples tomorrow’s news will bring us. Perhaps redesign of the Roman numeral “X” because it looks too similar to the Confederate flag below? Perhaps remove the statues of Malcolm X because his last name is lifted right off the Confederate flag? Oh sorry, it is already in the works! Statue of Malcolm X in Oakland Should Be Removed

As for those guys walking around with tiki torches, anybody who walks around with those torches without serving Mai Tai is a fool.

Mass Hysteria—All you need to Know

Scott Adams’ most recent blog should be read by all. He analyzes the deranged hysteria sweeping the US political system—from the Media hate-fest against President Trump to the Islamic State-style savagery of tearing down monuments and destroying, prior to re-writing, history. This is a new Endarkenment threatening the very sanity of the American Republic.

The Antifa left-wing street thugs have been given carte-blanche by the Fake News Media to assault anyone they feel like, with the tacit and not-so-tacit approval of the Democrat Party. Google, now aptly dubbed “Goolag”, has instituted full, open and unabashed suppression of free speech, layered with all the requisite anti-White propaganda, following the lead of the corrupted colleges and “universities”.

The Fake News Media are simply the goons of the leftist mob, running rampant through the streets. They would do well to remember that all socialist and communist revolutions devour their own children. The fellow-travelers, sympathizers and sycophants will be arguing over seating arrangements when they are loaded onto box-cars for their re-education therapy.

All left-wing revolutions attempt to destroy civil society and orderly government prior to the purges that always follow. When the political class has decayed to this extent, when it champions the agents of decay, it falls to the yeomanry of the nation to protect their heritage and counter the sedition that is poisoning America.

President Trump is the voice of ordinary Americans and one of the few sane voices in the nation today. He deserves everyone’s full support.

US 2018 election factoid

From the liberal pollster Nate Silver.

Even if Democrats were to win every single 2018 House and Senate race for seats representing places that Hillary Clinton won or that Trump won by less than 3 percentage points — a pretty good midterm by historical standards — they could still fall short of the House majority and lose five Senate seats.

This is partly attributable to the nature of House districts: GOP gerrymandering and Democratic voters’ clustering in urban districts has moved the median House seat well to the right of the nation. Part of it is bad timing. Democrats have been cursed by a terrible Senate map in 2018: They must defend 25 of their 48 seats1 while Republicans must defend just eight of their 52.

Trump and the illegal vote

One oft-cited remark about Trump is that he lost the popular vote. Given that lot of Republicans in California don’t even bother voting because they don’t have any candidates to vote for, with the following fact, perhaps the outcome could have been different.

Based on our review of 2016 EAC EAVS report , the 2011-2015 U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, and the most recent California total active and total inactive voter registration records , California is failing to comply with the voter registration list maintenance requirements of Section 8 of the NVRA. For example, a comparison of the 2011- 2015 U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, and the most recent California active and inactive voter registration records shows there were more total registered voters than there were adults over the age of 18 living in each of the following eleven (11)counties : Imperial (102%), Lassen (102%), Los Angeles (112%),Monterey (104%), San Diego (138%), San Francisco (114%), San Mateo (111%), Santa Cruz (109%),Solano (111%), Stanislaus (102%), and Yolo (110%).

Our own research shows that the situation in these counties is, if anything, worse than the foregoing data suggest . For example, we contacted Los Angeles County directly this past June. At that time, county officials informed us that the total number of registered voters now stands at a number that is a whopping 144% of the total number of resident citizens of voting age. In our experience, these kinds of registration rates indicate a failure to comply with the vote.

Slicing & dicing the latest “most trusted media brand” poll

Missouri School of Journalism released the following survey results for the news brands people trust.

Mentioned as trusted:

  1. The Economist
  2. Public television
  3. Reuters
  4. BBC
  5. NPR
  6. PBS
  7. The Guardian
  8. The Wall Street Journal
  9. Los Angeles Times
  10. The Dallas Morning News

Mentioned as not trusted:

  1. Occupy Democrats
  2. BuzzFeed
  3. Breitbart
  4. Social media
  5. Trump
  6. Infowars
  7. Yahoo
  8. Internet
  9. Huffington Post
  10. The Blaze

Let us look at the above results in another way with the help of a Gallup poll.

In the first survey, the top seven most trusted brands are left of center. If one looks at the Gallup survey it is obvious that Democrats are much more likely to trust the media and given the echo chamber that they live in, they are far more likely to gravitate toward center-left publications to get their news. Is it any surprise that the publication that is on top, The Economist, is one of the most condescending publication which is consistent with the general attitude of center-left?

The Missouri survey should be more aptly titled, “Where do smug leftist get their news?” While we are on the topic of trustworthy media, consider this from the Saturday Guardian.

The co-founder of the Women’s Equality party, Catherine Mayer, is suing her former employer, Time magazine, for gender and age discrimination, making the weekly favoured by President Donald Trump the latest major media company to be embroiled in accusations of institutional sexism.

Yes, you read that right. Time magazine, a vociferous anti-Trump magazine, is favoured by Trump. Perhaps from the leftist perspective that the Guardian occupies, Time could be considered pro-Trump.

Pets and global warming

Well this was bound to happen.

Environmental impacts of food consumption by dogs and cats by Gregory S. Okin 
Published: August 2, 2017 

In the US, there are more than 163 million dogs and cats that consume, as a significant portion of their diet,
animal products and therefore potentially constitute a considerable dietary footprint. Here, the energy and 
animal-derived product consumption of these pets in the US is evaluated for the first time, as are the 
environmental impacts from the animal products fed to them, including feces production. In the US, dogs 
and cats consume about 19% ± 2% of the amount of dietary energy that humans do 
(203 ± 15 PJ yr-1 vs. 1051 ± 9 PJ yr-1) and 33% ± 9% of the animal-derived energy 
(67 ± 17 PJ yr-1 vs. 206 ± 2 PJ yr-1). They produce about 30% ± 13%, by mass, as much feces as 
Americans (5.1 ± Tg yr-1 vs. 17.2 Tg yr-1), and through their diet, constitute about 25–30% of the 
environmental impacts from animal production in terms of the use of land, water, fossil fuel, phosphate, 
and biocides. Dog and cat animal product consumption is responsible for release of up to 64 ± 16 million 
tons CO2-equivalent methane and nitrous oxide, two powerful greenhouse gasses (GHGs). Americans 
are the largest pet owners in the world, but the tradition of pet ownership in the US has considerable costs. 
As pet ownership increases in some developing countries, especially China, and trends continue in pet 
food toward higher content and quality of meat, globally, pet ownership will compound the environmental 
impacts of human dietary choices. Reducing the rate of dog and cat ownership, perhaps in favor of other 
pets that offer similar health and emotional benefits would considerably reduce these impacts. Simultaneous 
industry-wide efforts to reduce overfeeding, reduce waste, and find alternative sources of protein will also 
reduce these impacts.

Muslim origins of Statue of Liberty

With CNN’s Jim Acosta taking his immigration policy inspiration from the Statue of Liberty, it is instructive to recall the origins of the statue.

The United States has debated immigration since the country’s founding, and the Statue of Liberty—a potent symbol for immigrants—is often invoked as an argument for why we should usher in those who seek safety and opportunity with open arms. A little-known fact about Lady Liberty adds an intriguing twist to today’s debate about refugees from the Muslim world: As pointed out by The Daily Beast’s Michael Daly in a recent op-ed, the statue itself was originally intended to represent a female Egyptian peasant as a Colossus of Rhodes for the Industrial Age….

artholdi envisioned a colossal monument featuring a robe-clad woman representing Egypt to stand at Port Said, the city at the northern terminus of the canal in Egypt. To prep for this undertaking, Barry Moreno, author of multiple books about the statue, writes that Bartholdi studied art like the Colossus, honing the concept for a figure called Libertas who would stand at the canal. “Taking the form of a veiled peasant woman,” writes Moreno, “the statue was to stand 86 feet high, and its pedestal was to rise to a height of 48 feet.” Early models of the statue were called “Egypt Carrying the Light to Asia.”

Edward Berenson, author of Statue of Liberty: A Translatlantic Story, writes that Bartholdi’s concept morphed from “a gigantic female fellah, or Arab peasant” into “a colossal goddess.” But Egypt, which had invested enormous amounts of time and money into the landmark canal, was not as eager about Bartholdi’s idea. Isma’il Pasha, the reigning khedive, rejected the plan as too costly.

Eventually, a 180-foot tall lighthouse was installed at Port Said instead. But Bartholdi was not discouraged. He eventually repurposed his concept into “Liberty Enlightening the World”—the official name for the statue that has been overlooking New York Harbor since 1886.

As for the poem “The New Colossus”, which contains the phrase ” “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”, the background to it is as follows.

“The New Colossus” was the first entry read at the exhibit’s opening, but was forgotten and played no role at the opening of the statue in 1886. In 1901, Lazarus’s friend Georgina Schuyler began an effort to memorialize Lazarus and her poem, which succeeded in 1903 when a plaque bearing the text of the poem was put on the inner wall of the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty.

Wasserman Schultz and the DNC Imbroglio – Continued

More on the Pakistani IT support crew of the Democrat party.

Family members of a staffer for the former Democratic National Committee chair who was arrested this week while attempting to leave the U.S. for Pakistan once worked for several Southern California congressional offices.

Imran Awan was fired Tuesday by Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the same day he pleaded not guilty to a bank fraud charge in connection with a $165,000 home equity loan, authorities said.

His brother Abid Awan, was employed earlier this year by Democratic Reps. Ted Lieu, Tony Cardenas, and nearly 30 more House Democrats as a “shared employee”, according to Legistorm, a website that tracks congressional employment.