Banana peel in a tree leads to emotional collapse

Good grief! Is this for real? How are these people going to function in the real world?

The University of Mississippi cut short a fraternity retreat this weekend when a participant threw a banana peel into a tree, which was perceived by some students as a racist act, the Daily Mississippian reported.

“To be clear, many members of our community were hurt, frightened, and upset by what occurred at [the retreat]… Because of the underlying reality many students of color endure on a daily basis, the conversation manifested into a larger conversation about race relations today at the University of Mississippi,” Alexa Lee Arndt, interim director of Fraternity and Sorority Life, wrote in a letter Monday to the campus’s Greek life community.

Student Ryan Swanson, said that he put the peel in a tree near one of the cabins when he could not find a trash can.

Black students said they came upon the peel after leaving a Saturday morning session on race relations at the university.

Arndt, who was on the trip, convened an open forum that afternoon to discuss the incident, and Swanson took responsibility after a member of the sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha demanded someone fess up.

The meeting then began to unravel—some participants left the room crying—and students departed from the campsite as they no longer felt “welcome” or “safe.”

The remainder of the retreat was officially cancelled that night.

Swanson apologized in a statement to the Daily Mississippian. “Although unintentional, there is no excuse for the pain that was caused to members of our community,” he said. “I want to thank my friends in the [National Pan-Hellenic Council] for their candid and constructive conversations that we have continued to have. I have much to learn and look forward to doing such and encourage all members of our university community to do the same. We must all keep in mind how our actions affect those around us differently.”

He did not respond to the Washington Free Beacon‘s request for comment.

Makala McNeil, president of Alpha Kappa Alpha and one of the students who happened upon the peel, told the student paper, “You see how much fear and how much anger you incite in black people just from an unintentional image.”

In May, bananas were found hanging from noose-like ropes in three areas around the American University campus, some marked with AKA—for Alpha Kappa Alpha—and with the word “Harambe,” the name of the gorilla who was shot in an Ohio zoo last year. In September 2016, a black student at American reported that white students put boxes of rotten bananas outside her dorm room.

Katrina Caldwell, the university’s vice chancellor for diversity and community engagement, has reportedly been working on a university response by “talking to people on campus who have some experience working across diversity to help the students process what happened.”

The Free Beacon has contacted Arndt and Caldwell for comment. Members of their respective offices said they could not speak about the incident.

Why Russia is anti-communist


No people suffered as much from Communism as the Russians, though the Poles might come close. Hence the Russians recognize what Communism is and reject it. They are not yet freed from authoritarian government, but they know and hate Communism.

Thus they have a well-developed sense that global warming catastrophism is merely the excuse for the re-imposition of an inefficient and dictatorial form of state planning, ecological ruin and impoverishment, all of which is justified by the idea that it is “good for you”.

Read Christopher Monckton’s notes on his recent attendance at a conference in Moscow on “alternative energy”.

One has become so inured to the relentless indoctrination of young people in our own schools and universities that it was a glorious delight to discover that in former Communist countries such as Russia that dismal species of totalitarianism, even when artfully dressed up in environmentalist fig-leaves, no longer holds the slightest attraction for young people. What they want, whether the UN likes it or not (and it doesn’t), is a climate of freedom. And, if the speeches of the Academicians are anything to go by, they’re going to get it. Climate Communism? Ex-Communist Russia just isn’t buying.


The anthropologist discusses race and his white grandchildren


In which the learned and well meaning professor tries to explain why, when polite people have been taught to be colour-blind, events cause people actually to talk about race. Which is not supposed to exist, right? Race is simultaneously supposed not to exist, and exists nevertheless. And he has white grandchildren.

“Ethnicity is essential to identity”, he says, and to suppress discussion of race is to handicap our children.

Ten points, sir, for honesty and truth.

Except, in my view, for the idea that race does not exist. Which is the grand denial of biology.

Why the left can’t let go of racism

Shelby Steele’s article of this name deserves your attention.


The great problem for conservatives is that they lack the moral glibness to compete with liberalism’s “innocence.” But today there are signs of what I have called race fatigue. People are becoming openly cynical toward the left’s moral muscling with racism. Add to this liberalism’s monumental failure to come even close to realizing any of its beautiful idealisms, and the makings of a new conservative mandate become clearer. As idealism was the left’s political edge, shouldn’t realism now be the right’s? Reality as the informing vision—and no more wrestling with innocence.

Mr. Steele, a senior fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, is author of “Shame: How America’s Past Sins Have Polarized Our Country” (Basic Books, 2015).

Bishop Berkeley’s strange world may be the one we live in


Ever since I heard of Bishop George Berkeley‘s (1685-1753) strange immaterialist doctrines about reality, I have had an affection for them. Unfortunately  have not yet been able to find a book explaining them. It was by means of an anecdote in Boswell’s Life of Johnson that a first heard of his views. Boswell and Johnson were walking the streets of London, when Boswell explained  that Bishop Berkeley had argued that it was easier to prove the existence of God than of the material world. Johnson replied, as he kicked a stone down the street, “I refute him thus”. Nevertheless, Berkeley was a few centuries ahead of his time. His thesis was that  something does not exist unless observed by a conscious mind, and second, that the conscious mind that perceives things absolutely when we are not around is God, the Absolute Observer.

From Wikipedia:

The next publication to appear was the Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge in 1710, which had great success and gave him a lasting reputation, though few accepted his theory that nothing exists outside the mind. This was followed in 1713 by Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous, in which he propounded his system of philosophy, the leading principle of which is that the world, as represented by our senses, depends for its existence on being perceived.

A useful exposition of Berkeley’s views is found in this month’s New English Review, written by Kenneth Francis.

I block and copy Francis’ article as follows:

According to Berkeley, Rock’s visible, tangible pint is caused by God. For Berkeley, God or religion is the basis for improving one’s life, not damaging it, and a common-sense view of life is the best path to achieving such a goal. Berkeley was unique and quite happy in his philosophical world view, while he thought other philosophers throughout history were usually frustrated and complicated matters by analysing everything beyond the reach of human reasoning. Being reasonable for Berkeley is being anti-sceptical and acknowledging that the only ‘real’ things that exist in the world are spirits who are created by an infinite Spirit, God. Put simply, the whole of reality is mental (certainly in the 21st century, in more ways than one).

Now at this point, one might argue that this so-called ‘real world’ does not deserve the title of reality. But for Berkeley it is, to a degree, in that it is a kind of second-class reality always one step in the shadows of God’s Mind and the minds of finite beings. What we perceive as matter plays second fiddle to Spirit. This philosophical theory was developed as an answer to scepticism and atheism that had crept into contemporary philosophy.

Berkeley hated atheism and wanted to put God centre stage, acknowledging that an Absolute Observer must reign supreme over perceiving reality. Such a supernatural eternal Absolute Entity would not require the multiplication of causes of beyond what is necessary to explain itself.
However, human ideas/consciousness require an explanation for its meaning as the alternative of solipsism (the belief that only oneself exits and everything else is an illusion) is less credible for explaining one’s existence.  So, we are left with the ultimate question: is consciousness/ideas connected to and part of God’s Mind?
Are the words that you are now reading on this page, including the backdrop to wherever you are reading, part of the conceptualized reality of a Supreme Entity, of which our collective consciousness is a manifestation? Berkeley believes that every-day objects are such a manifestation with multiple visual aspects that can change depending upon the circumstances. This also brings into play the problem of appearance and reality.
Wikipedia relates:
He remained at Cloyne until 1752, when he retired. With his wife and daughter Julia he went to Oxford to live with his son George and supervise his education.[12] He died soon afterward and was buried in Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford. His affectionate disposition and genial manners made him much loved and held in warm regard by many of his contemporaries. Anne outlived her husband by many years, and died in 1786.

Bill Gates joins the old money crowd

NYT reports on the floundering UK newspaper industry.

The Guardian, three years removed from a Pulitzer Prize that helped spur the British newspaper’s international expansion, is fully embracing a new moneymaking strategy in the face of industrywide revenue problems: philanthropy….

The Guardian has already used contributions from nonprofits, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation, to help fund its reporting. Philanthropic partnerships make up a relatively small portion — about 3.8 million pounds, or $4.9 million — of the company’s approximately $276 million in revenues for the 12-month period that ended April 2. But over the past 12 months, it has received commitments of $6 million in multiyear funding.

The SPLC worries me


The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is a left wing organization doing its best to suppress opinions that it does not like. The equivalent of the Roman Church’s Index of prohibited books is the SPLC’s hate groups list. By the way, the SPLC is a multi-million dollar organization.

Quoting the SPLC itself on Islamic “hate” groups:

These groups also typically hold conspiratorial views regarding the inherent danger to America posed by its Muslim-American community. Muslims are viewed as a fifth column intent on undermining and eventually replacing American democracy and Western civilization with Islamic despotism, a conspiracy theory known as “civilization jihad.” Anti-Muslim hate groups allege that Muslims are trying to subvert the rule of law by imposing on Americans their own Islamic legal system, Shariah law. The threat of the Muslim Brotherhood is also cited, with anti-Muslim groups constantly attacking Muslim civil rights groups and American Muslim leaders for their supposed connections to the Brotherhood. Many of these groups have pushed for the Brotherhood to be designated a foreign terrorist organization.

Anti-Muslim hate groups also broadly defame Islam, which they tend to treat as a monolithic and evil religion. These groups generally hold that Islam has no values in common with other cultures, is inferior to the West and is a violent political ideology rather than a religion.

A great deal of the SPLC’s description of anti-Muslim thought is in fact true, not of all Muslims, but of those  Muslims waging holy war against us. Even if these amount to 1 or 2% of Muslims living among us, that constitutes a significant internal threat. Talking about it is rational. Discussing its extent and seriousness is rational. As with the left in general, discussion must be suppressed to keep their world view from being challenged by anyone, anywhere.

As the repression intensifies, more votes will move to Trump. People are tired of this nonsense, and they will be heard.

Specifically to Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, this is the SPLC’s commentary on what Spencer has written. Notice that SPLC never asks whether what Spencer has written is actually true, factual, or correct.

About Robert Spencer

He insists, despite his lack of academic training in Islam, that the religion is inherently violent and that radical jihadists who commit acts of terror are simply following its dictates. His writing was cited dozens of times in a manifesto written by the Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik. Spencer was banned from the United Kingdom as an extremist in July 2013.

In His Own Words:
“Osama [bin Laden]’s use of these and other [Koranic] passages in his messages is consistent … with traditional understanding of the Quran. When modern-day Jews and Christians read their Bibles, they simply don’t interpret the passages cited as exhorting them to violent actions against unbelievers. This is due to the influence of centuries of interpretative traditions that have moved them away from literalism regarding these passages. But in Islam, there is no comparable interpretative tradition.”
—   The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades), 2005

“Of course, as I have pointed out many times, traditional Islam itself is not moderate or peaceful. It is the only major world religion with a developed doctrine and tradition of warfare against unbelievers.”
— Jihad Watch blog, Jan. 14, 2006

“Islam is not a religion of peace. It has an inherently political character that is being brought to the West by immigrants, and will cause more trouble in the future. The jihadists have not hijacked it. Peaceful Muslims should be encouraged but do not have a sufficiently influential voice in the Islamic world to allow them to be counted on. The jihadists will not be bought off by negotiations or concessions. This is the revival of a 1,400-year-old war, and we need to be prepared for the fact that it will not end anytime soon – and prepared to defend ourselves militarily and ideologically.”
— Interview with the Liberal Institute, September 2007

I think that what Spencer wrote is a reasonable interpretation of what we have observed. You probably do too.

Welcome to the the Thought Criminals.

Intersectionality in real life

Intersectionality is a term coined by American civil rights advocate Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw to describe overlapping or intersecting social identities and related systems of oppression, domination, or discrimination. Intersectionality is the idea that multiple identities intersect to create a whole that is different from the component identities.

In real life Intersectionality looks like this.

At a protest over the weekend where Black Lives Matter activists and Antifa fanatics showed up together, one Antifa member wound up punching a Black Lives Matter activist after the Black Lives Matter member chastised the Antifa radicals for hiding behind their masks.

The BLM activist stood in front of the Antifa crowd, bellowing, “Take the mask off! Take the mask off.” His compatriots started chanting, “Mask off! Mask off! Mask off!”

That prompted the Antifa crowd to start yelling at the black man, “He’s a cop! He’s a cop! He’s a cop!”

One masked male white member of Antifa got right in the black man’s face, then punched him directly in the face, prompting another BLM activist to start yelling, “You f**king hit ’em! You f**king hit ’em! Take the mask off!”

A young female Antifa member then started screaming, “He f**king pushed me! He f**king pushed me!” She and the BLM activist started screaming curses at each other.

Later, a BLM member addressed the Antifa crowd, saying, “We ain’t gonna let some outsiders make us look bad.”

While we are on the topic of Antifa, how does CNN view it?

Back in the real world … the truth about income inequality

In the current leftist parallel universe, the media elites try to figure out if a guy, whose favourite daughter is an Orthodox Jew,  is a closet Nazi, and Blacks, who were never slaves, are fighting Whites who were never Nazis, over Confederate statues erected by Democrats whilst blaming Trump. Meanwhile in the real world, this was the state of income equality in 2014, when Obama held the reins. It is doubtful much has changed since then.

With serious issues like income inequality on the front burner, it is strange to see that the Left is instead focused on trivialities like this, Man stabbed after haircut gets him mistaken for a neo-Nazi, but as CNN stated, before hastily deleting the headline, “Activists seek peace through violence