Females anti-war by nature? Not these gals!

Female vervet monkeys manipulate males into fighting battles by lavishing attention on brave soldiers while giving noncombatants the cold shoulder, researchers said Wednesday…They observed that after a skirmish with a rival gang, usually over food, females would groom males that had fought hardest, while snapping at those that abstained.

When the next battle came along, both those singled out for attention and those aggressively shunned would participate more vigorously in combat, the researchers reported in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Lunch Break at Learning-Factory 17

In the low-ceilinged FacClub canteen, deep under ground, the lunch queue jerked slowly forward. The room was already very full and deafeningly noisy. From the grille at the counter the steam of stew came pouring forth, with a sour metallic smell which did not quite overcome the fumes of Equality Gin.
‘Nex’, please’ yelled the white-aproned prole with the ladle.
Winston and Syme pushed their trays beneath the grille. Onto each was dumped the regulation lunch—a metal pannikin of pinkish-gray stew, probably some tofu preparation with the appearance of vomit, a few moldy kale chips, a hunk of gluten-free bread substitute, and a milkless cup of fair-trade Equality Coffee.

‘There’s a table over there, next to the telescreen,’ said Syme. They picked up a gin on the way, dispensed from a grimy hole in the wall. They finished their lunches in silence.

‘How is the Newthink curriculum getting on?’ said Winston, trying to be heard over the din and clatter.

‘Slowly,’ said Syme. ‘We’re working on the adjectives. The personal pronouns have been pretty much completed. It’s fascinating. I’m starting on the abstract ideas now.’

Syme was working in the Cultural Studies Department of Learning-Factory 17, formerly know as a ‘university’ in Oldspeak. Winston could only partially remember its old name, UofZero he thought, but could not be sure. Cultural Studies, or CultStud, governed everything in LearnFac17, even in departments little connected with CultStud. The Fizzix Department, under a cloud until recently, now taught that the law of gravitation unfairly discriminated against the gravitationally-challenged as it exerted greater force on their bodies.
One fizprof, having inadvertently referred to a dead white fizzisist named Nyutun, had successfully avoided denunciation by claiming that the law of gravitation was fully sensitive, as all bodies were accelerated equally in a gravitational field. Winston, even though he new very little of fizzix, had silently congratulated him on his brilliant reposte. But, as Syme reminded Winston, the law of gravitation was only a prejudice of white civilization.

‘We’ll soon be getting it in its final shape,’ said Syme eagerly. ‘It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of ideas. Of course, the great wastage is in the ideas of freedom, politics, consitutional government, republics, ideas of liberalism, socialism, fascism; the human vices and virtues that the ancient philosophers agonized over for thousands of years. What use are they now? Why clutter students minds with these when they are all hate speech anyway’?

His thin dark face had become animated, his eyes had lost their mocking expression and become almost dreamy.

‘They are still referred to now as socpol, fascpol, commpol, libpol, but even these terms will be redundant when Newthink is fully in control of the Edyukashun of our youth.’
‘The Party knows this and the newprofs in LearnFac17 are fully in agreement with our views. They know that when these ideas are finally expunged from the curriculum, thoughtcrime, now undesirable, will be impossible. Of course, we owe it all to PC and Boy Leader,’ he added as an afterthought.

A sort of vapid eagerness flitted across Winston’s face at the mention of Boy Leader. Nevertheless, Syme detected a certain lack of enthusiasm.

‘You haven’t a real appreciation of Newthink, Winston,’ he said almost sadly. ‘Even when you prepare your lectures, you’re thinking in Oldthink. I’ve noticed that you still call them lectures, instead of speakthinks. You haven’t been brought fully up to date yet. You don’t grasp the beauty of the destruction of ideas. Do you realize that Newthink is the only educational curriculum that gets smaller and more limited every year? As ideas are destroyed, and the range of consciousness shrinks, students will have fewer means to fall into the errors of thoughtcrime. Ideas are divisive, Winston, and divisions give rise to opinions. This is not desirable. Has it occurred to you, Winston, that in a few generations, no students will be able to understand what you are saying now’?

‘Except—‘, began Winston doubtfully, and then stopped. Syme, however, had divined what he was about to say.

‘Oldprofs are animals,’ he said carelessly. ‘They will be reformed or vaporized. Some time ago, LearnFac17 was led by one of our Outer Party members, I forget his name, an odious dwarf, but no matter, he served our purposes well. All he had to do to suppress undesirable ideas was to write sanctimonious letters to a visiting speaker and the students dutifully threatened violence and mayhem! All without any wasteful debates.

Currently, there is a woman in LearnFac17 being brought before one of our Social Justice tribunals for thoughtcrime. Don’t think we are violent people, Winston. There is no need, yet, for people to be taken to camps in boxcars at night. The communist Red Guards in China in the 1960s may have killed millions, but that is unnecessary history, best forgotten. Now we shame, intimidate, insult, and threaten. We demean freethinkers, as you used to call them. We will not defend thoughtcriminals, Winston, in fact, all our resources are for the accusers. The idea of defense is Oldthink. We do not want to destroy our enemies, but to crush their minds and fill them with ourselves. All the while, Boy Leader and the Party are smiling over our land.’

Syme continued, ‘And what use will be the Party slogan, Diversity is Conformity, when there is no diversity of ideas? Students will not be conscious of such things. They will then be orthodox— and unconscious. Then, we will have unity.’

‘And don’t think that any revival of Goldsteinism in a country nearby will give any give any help to the Oldthinkers. A flick of Boy Leader’s raven locks will generate endless adulations on Stateradio and will ensure our safety.’

Unquestionably Syme will be vaporized, Winston thought again. He thinks too clearly, lacking discretion and a sort of saving stupidity. Despite Syme’s orthodoxy, Winston felt sure that one day, arriving at LearnFac17, Syme’s name would be missing from the approved profs and their speakthinks.

He went outside for a vape before the afternoon’s speakthink.

Rebel Yell

American Revolution

“I love the smell of napalm in the morning…it smells like, victory.” Donald J Trump, long ridiculed and reviled by the pompous, overbearing liberal media, TV networks and the dead-tree press, and pinko academia, swept to victory in the most stunning political upset in generations.

I must confess, that on Election night, I was overcome with a black cloud of despair after weeks of pro-Clinton propaganda from the lapdog media. But Mrs Rebel Yell said, as she had for weeks, ‘do not fear, I feel the karma; all is happening as we desire’. When I awoke in the morning, lo, the universe had shifted into a new quantum state. And she was right. And it was joy.

Running on a platform of protecting the jobs of American workers, enforcing the immigration laws, bringing the bloated federal government to heel, and pursuing a foreign policy based more on less bullying and more partnership, he rewrote the book on election tactics and redrew the electoral map in the US. He enters the Washington swamp not beholden to the usual cabal of banksters and political hucksters and with a long-overdue mandate to clean house, starting with the State Department, the Department of Justice and the FBI. He has a chance to bring American foreign policy back on to a more realistic track by not seeking to overthrow any government that does not curry favor with the Wall Street Money Power. He has a chance to defuse the disastrous tensions built up with Russia quite unnecessarily by Obama’s (and Clinton’s) bellicose Middle East policies. NATO, pay attention; it’s time to pony up some more money rather than milking the American taxpayer for your defense budgets.

Clinton was the candidate of the Establishment, the media, the dead-tree press and all the moralizing PC humbugs, SJWs (stupid juvenile whiners), eco-babblers, crackpot feminoids and, as the brilliant Orwell put it decades ago …”all that dreary tribe of high-minded women and sandal-wearers and bearded fruit-juice drinkers who come flocking towards the smell of ‘progress’ like bluebottles to a dead cat”. Her corruption, for years covered up by the servile lapdog media, might finally face the light of day. The pollsters have been exposed as part of the propaganda arm of the political class. Their credibility is down to zero, and getting worse. They were totally wrong about the British General Election in 2015, the Brexit vote, and now, the American Election. Each time the “polls say…” was exactly Establishment propaganda. They were wrong, hugely wrong, on each occasion. The TV networks, with their constant dishonesty and bias, were in the back pocket of the Democratic Party.

Trump not only had to fight against this media slush fund for the Democrats, but also most of the Republican Party establishment, who either refused to back him or showed him only lackluster support. And this after he had whipped 16 other candidates in the primaries by massive vote margins.

The real America, the truck drivers, electricians, store clerks, plumbers, construction workers, garbage collectors, soldiers, farmers, nurses, veterans, the people who actually make America work, who do not just talk about it, have given the biased journalists, media hacks, crooked pollsters, the pseudo-intellectuals with their ‘college degrees’ in underwater basket weaving and weirdo studies, a massive sock in the teeth. And long overdue it was too. For years, the liberal media have had free rein to insult and lie about any- and everyone they deemed fit as a racist, homophobe, islamophobe, misogynist without ever being called to account. They have poisoned the atmosphere of political debate for far too long and this election was their come-uppance. Ordinary folk are sick of it; sick of the lying media; sick of being denigrated for being decent ordinary people.

Trump has the audacity to think big and dream big. He brings a fresh air of openness and honesty which until now has just been a suffocating miasma of platitudes and hypocrisy. His real work is, of course, just beginning, but it’s refreshing to see, as emblazoned on the T-shirt of one Trump supporter…”Finally, someone with balls.”

The contrast with the Obama dweeb could not be more obvious.

Rebel Yell

Thought Control 101

Rummaging through my store of old documents the other day, I came across a letter that I had written to the Department Head (or Dean of Arts, I forget which) after I had graduated with an MA in International Affairs in 1992. The subject was political correctness (yes, even then) and its baleful influence on learning. Needless to say, I received no reply. As I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to my opinion, I reproduce it below as a public service. Names have been removed to protect the innocent. Things have only gotten worse….


The most important observation I feel I can make about university life in general concerns the poisonous, stifling atmosphere of political correctness that permeates academia. It is not yet as serious as at some American universities (where it is truly hysterical) but the trends are definitely here.
The University is an institution that must preserve freedom of thought and speech, promote clarity and excellence, and encourage students to grapple with the philosophical and moral issues that have been addressed by all the great writers and thinkers of civilization. All sides of the issues should be open to students as an inalienable right. Freedom means the freedom to be different, to be unpopular, to be eccentric, else it becomes a sham, an ideological facade for the politically correct commissars that seem to be in control of so much of university life.
The idea that people should have equal opportunity to excel is, I believe, the root of freedom in a liberal democratic society. The politically correct insist that equality of result is the necessary end of our education system. Because Mankind is such a diverse species, naturally an equality of opportunity will give rise to an enormous inequality of results. Some will succeed, others fail. That is Life. But to insist that every difference and distinction in society is the result of some “ism” or other, or that every dissident view is the product of a concealed conspiracy, or that everything that some minority group wants is a right, is nothing less than cultural Bolshevism. For example, to say that the term “Mankind” is sexist (whatever that means) and should be replaced by “Humanity”, on pain of academic penalty, is thought control of crassest kind. It is now actually impossible to discuss any issues of race and its political importance in the world, other than by parroting the slogans of the ethnically-approved. If students are to come to grips with spiritual and moral problems that confront them, they will not be able to do so without being able to discuss the issues without fear of intimidation or reprisal. That security of feeling does not exist on campuses today.

The assault on the cultural traditions of universities is nothing new. The revolt against civilization in all ages has been directed at study, learning, art and science. Bolshevism attacked learning in much the same way as the modern PC movement. Its evil results are plain for all to see. In English literature, they were exposed in almost prescient fashion by George Orwell fifty years ago in “1984” and various essays such as “The Prevention of Literature” and “Inside the Whale”.
It is essential in a free society that our actions be governed by law. The continual claims of the politically correct of being perpetually “aggrieved” and “offended” by their political opponents is simply a device to attempt to suppress the opposing view. In the 1990s, this is not done by secret police with rubber truncheons, but by lies, character assassination, slander and intimidation in the workplace. The result of this is that all open discussion of complex and controversial issues, such as race relations, is driven underground and the persona of the university becomes a mask of slogans tailored to suit all the self-appointed victims of real and imaginary ills.

What we are faced with today is the idea that intellectual honesty is somehow demeaning and the expression of unpopular points of view is generating discord on our campuses. It is, in fact, the attack on intellectual integrity by leftist intellectuals that is the cause of discord. Most students who think about it can see this, but in their position, where they can be easily intimidated by unscrupulous professors and university authorities, they know their futures can be readily jeopardized. Even those in positions of authority who can see what is happening crumble before vitriolic attacks from the PC storm troops. George Orwell pointed to the same paralysis of intellectuals in the 1940s. When discussing the question of liberty, he once said:

Here I am not trying to deal with the familiar claim that freedom is an illusion, or with the claim that there is more freedom in totalitarian countries than in democratic ones, but with the much more tenable and dangerous proposition that freedom is undesirable and that intellectual honesty is a form of anti-social selfishness.

In fact, to be free, we must state our views and feelings as they are. Free individuals can not be forced into molds and stamped out with all the politically correct views injected into them. Peaceful and civilized resolutions of social problems can only come about if everyone thinks he has had his fair say. And that includes saying many things that others do not like. Inventing lies to make certain groups feel good about themselves (as, for instance, did Alex Haley’s “Roots”) is the bed rock on which this atrocious conformity is built.
Again, allow me to refer to Orwell who saw exactly the same problem with the Communist-dominated English intelligentsia of the 1940s:

Freedom of the intellect means the freedom to report what one has seen, heard, and felt, and not to be obliged to fabricate imaginary facts and feelings. The familiar tirades against ‘escapism’, and ‘individualism’, ‘romanticism’ and so forth, are merely a forensic device, the aim of which is to make the perversion of history seem respectable.

To return to the university today, the continual demand in lectures to use “non-racist” or “gender-neutral” terminology is another case in point. Who makes these decisions as to what is “inappropriate” or not? Clearly, our commissars. And there is no recourse against this. Why? In his critique of Swift, Orwell said that:

…[i]n a Society in which there is no law, and in theory no compulsion, the only arbiter of behaviour is public opinion. But public opinion, because of the tremendous urge to conformity in gregarious animals, is less tolerant than any system of law. When human beings are governed by ‘thou shalt not’, the individual can practice a certain amount of eccentricity: when they are supposedly governed by ‘love’ or ‘reason’, he is under continuous pressure to make him behave and think in exactly the same way as everyone else. The Houyhnhnms, we are told, were unanimous on almost all subjects. The only question they ever discussed was how to deal with the Yahoos.

Our politically correct commissars today should study their ancestors– the Houyhnhnms– whence they might discover their true totalitarian nature. So, Swift and Orwell certainly understood the repressive results of pandering to the sensitivities, and, invariably, the insatiable demands of legions of the permanently aggrieved. What has happened to our universities of late has best been described by Allan Bloom in “The Closing of the American Mind”:

Universities came to be where men were inspired by the philosophers’ teachings and examples. Philosophy and its demonstration of the rational contemplative life, made possible and, more or less consciously, animated scholarship and the individual sciences. When those examples lost their vitality or where overwhelmed by men who had no experience of them, the universities decayed or were destroyed. This, strictly, is barbarism and darkness. To sum up, there is one simple rule for the university’s activity: it need not concern itself with providing its students with experiences that are available in democratic society. They will have them in any event. It must provide them with experiences they cannot have there. Tocqueville did not believe that the old writers were perfect, but he believed that they could best make us aware of our imperfections, which is what counts for us…. The universities never performed this function very well. Now they have practically ceased trying.

Now, the contemplative life, that brief moment when young people may be exposed to the jewels of our civilization, is being assaulted by the mob, screaming for orthodoxy, servility and conformity. The arrogance of the PC movement is surpassed only by its effrontery. I wish the University and our society luck in throwing off this dreadful incubus.
Rebel Yell M.A. (1992)
* * * * * * * * * * *

Rebel Yell 2016

Trump for American Freedom

Win or lose, Trump has done a great service for America. He has exposed the naked oligarchy composed of the top echelons of both political parties, the lapdog media, particularly the dead-tree press, and a corrupted civil service where the Department of Justice has been bought and paid for by the Clinton Mafia, and the FBI cowed into excusing criminal wrongdoing. This oligarchy will stop at nothing to maintain its power.

The lapdog media, long a supporter of the Democratic Party, no longer shows any pretense of news coverage, but acts openly as a foghorn for the Democrats. The manufacture of lies and phoney stories (the Russians are interfering with our election!?) reaches fever pitch as the Clinton shills seek to bully every American voter. Julian Assange’s internet has been shut down by the US to try to stop the flood of emails exposing the crook Clinton. I wonder why the New York Slimes is not rooting for Assange as they did for Ellsberg? Inquiring minds want to know.

Universities in the US are turning from kindergartens for subnormal IQs into fully fledged psychiatric institutions with the patients in charge. Now, every dissenting opinion is “hate”, determined by your local commissar and/or university president to be any opinion not approved by the left.

America needs to dial down its international bully boy tactics by not seeking to overthrow every foreign government it doesn’t like. Talk to Russia and stop threatening war with Russia over their actions in Syria. Cooperate with them to fight Islamic terrorism.

Domestically, stop encouraging mob violence, Black Lives Matter and all the other leftist rabble, and realize that law and order comes before any rational redress of grievances.

Enforce the laws of the land. “Sanctuary cities”, those cities that will not enforce federal immigration laws, are acting in precisely the same way as states that refused to enforce federal laws prior to the Civil War. Undermining the rule of law, almost the Clinton Mafia family motto, is the beginning of the end of civil society.

Who will listen to the average American in the swathes of the country where industry has been annihilated? Or where their health care has disappeared? Or where their schools are factories of ignorance and chaos? Or where their representatives are not wholly owned subsidiaries of the Wall Street banks?

There are no guarantees, but Donald Trump offers, at least, a chance for the nation to start draining the swamp and to let some oxygen into the suffocating PC miasma of Washington politics and to shine some light on the dark empire of Clintonian super-crookdom.

Go, Donald!

Rebel Yell

Anti-Russian Hysteria

With the Syrian civil war grinding on into its fifth year, with little sign of the end in sight, hysteria has broken out in Washington and spread to a number of vassal states in NATO. Russia is a “pariah state”, engaging in “war crimes”, bombing hospitals and medical convoys, and lest they forgot, eating baby kittens. As we all know, American bombs never kill civilians.

Why the sudden hate campaign against Russia?

Whatever one thinks of the Syrian regime, it remains a fact that Assad’s government is the only legitimate government in what remains of the country. Syria has for many years had an agreement with the Russians (dating back to the days of the Soviet Union) whereby Russia has a military base in Syria, almost the only military base Russia has outside the homeland. Contrast this with the nearly 800 (!) military bases the Americans have around the world in other countries.

Further, for almost three years, the Russians did nothing there whilst al-Qaida, Islamic State and a swarm of other Muslim terrorist bandit armies fought to oust Assad. The Syrian government requested help and the Russians responded with limited air support for Syrian ground operations. At first, only about 50 aircraft were deployed to Syria. The Russians notified the Americans of their intentions to avoid any potential conflicts between their air forces.

Over the past year, the Syrian forces under Assad have made slow, but steady progress against their rivals backed by Russian aircraft. Now, the battle is focused on Aleppo. If Aleppo falls to the Syrian forces, it would be a major step forward for Assad and a heavy loss for the various Islamic terrorist armies.

Also, it would demonstrate the utter failure of American foreign policy in the Middle East and the bankruptcy of the Obama/Clinton world view. The recent blather of a ‘no-fly zone’ over Syria means that the Americans think they can tell the Russians what to do. Perhaps they don’t know that Moscow does not take orders from Washington? Despite the continuous ham-fisted politics of the Obama administration, an embryonic peace deal was reached between Foreign Minister Lavrov and Secretary Kerry a few weeks ago.

Then surprise, surprise, American aircraft attacked parts of the Syrian forces that were not even involved in the fighting, which attack was followed directly by an attack of Islamic State forces. The Americans claimed it was all a mistake.

That was a lie. The US Air Force is not that incompetent. It was no mistake. The attack was engineered to undermine the agreement. The Russians were left with no alternative but to continue backing their ally.

Here would have been a chance for the Americans to get together with the Russians and cooperate in destroying Islamic State, which is a threat to all civilized nations. Instead, the Americans have launched into full-scale hysteria about Russia in an attempt to divert attention from their failed strategies in the Middle East. Clinton foreign policy in Libya resulted in the destruction of much of that country’s infrastructure, destruction of the state order by killing Qaddafi, and then simply walking away, leaving the Libyans to fall prey to every Islamic terrorist gang in the region. The doctrine of ‘regime change’, that is, overthrowing any government in any country to suit the desires of the Wall Street banks, has brought nothing but destruction and chaos to those nations subjected to it.  It was tried again in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood (which Obama supported), but luckily for the Egyptians, the army was able to save the day. Why would any country ever want the Americans to do anything to ‘help’?

Obama’s record is that he has supported all the worst elements of Islam in the Middle East. Assad can see what they did to Libya, so why has he any reason to listen to Washington?

As soon as the current regime in Washington starts jabbering about international law, you can be sure that they are about to violate what little there is left of it. No doubt the choices in the Middle East are between bad and awful, but the current neocon nonsense being spoken about Russia and Syria is making matters even worse.

Don’t forget that Russia fought a war against this type of nation-destroying terrorism in Chechnya, and won it. Without any help from outside. Actually, with hindrance from outside as the Americans were surreptitiously supporting the terrorists—just review some of the actions and words of the then Secretary of State, Madeleine Not-so-Bright. Grozny, pounded into rubble in the war, has since been completely rebuilt. I wonder if the Americans will do the same in Libya?

Rebel Yell

Why Trump Must Win

America is facing a grave crisis, not only in its struggling economy, but in its relations with the world. The last few decades since the collapse of communism (in Russia, at least) have not seen any change in the approach of the Washington Establishment to international affairs.

The neocon cabal remains rooted in the mindset of the Cold War. After the end of the communist threat to Europe, there was a chance to really ‘build bridges’ and welcome Eastern Europe and Russia back into the club of free Western nations. Far from cooperating, the US administration set about trying to loot Russia and turn it into another satrapy of the banking oligarchy in New York. This led to the rise of oligarchs in Russia, but, also, to the rise of Putin, who could at least see what Russia had to face in order to survive.

In the Middle East, the policy of the Hussein White House has been one of aiding and abetting Islamic terrorism everywhere, even to the extent of giving Iran a pathway to the bomb. Foreign policy in Syria has been a disaster, first with weakness in the face of ISIS, and second by refusing to work with Russia (the only nation with a legitimate right to be there right now) to conquer the terrorists and provide a basis for some sort of settlement there. The Hussein (and Clinton) foreign policy is to build bridges to America’s enemies and a wall against its friends. Trump’s foreign policy is to build bridges to her friends and a wall against her enemies.

Further, the refusal of the Hussein White House to recognize what Saudi Arabia is doing, fomenting Islamic terror around the world, stymies any rational approach by any other nation.

On the economic front, the financial crash of 2008 was brought about by a gang of banksters who looted the American and European taxpayer to pay for their criminal actions. The West has still not recovered. In Europe, Greece has been destroyed as a nation in order to serve the moneyed interests that run the EU. In southern European countries, youth unemployment approaches 50%. Such social decay is unsustainable, to use a trendy word.

In the US primaries, there were some very important and distinct differences between the Republican and Democrat campaigns. While it is true that Sanders represents a rebellion against the Establishment in the same way as Trump, the outcomes are very different. Clinton, the soulless robot of the banksters, was the anointed candidate for the Democrats. Despite the wholesale support of the Democrat machine, the New York Slimes, the Washington Pravda and all the other media toadies propping her up, vote fraud and a barrage of lies, she could barely scrape a victory against a 74-year old socialist from Vermont. This is not a candidate of strength.

On the Republican side, The Donald, in full New York brashness, took on 16 other candidates, whipped them all, and despite the Republican Establishment trying to nail him, and, of course, all of America’s lying media, TV networks etc., won a massive victory. This is a candidate of strength.

Throughout the campaign, the Establishments of both parties have shown their open contempt for ordinary Americans who are worried about all their jobs being exported to the Third World, their cities being torn up by ignorant rioters egged on by the press and TV, and their military being dishonored at home and abroad. Worst of all, is the open contempt of America’s great heritage and contributions to freedom through the ages by the traitor in the White House. The stench of corruption has all but destroyed the FBI and the Department of Justice.

Clinton is the candidate of the banksters, the corrupt political class and its toadying, lying media. This is why they are so desperate to destroy Trump. This is why they are squealing like a stuck pig with the approach of Donald Trump. He may not be the Second Coming, but he may well read the Riot Act to the political class that has been in power long past its sell-by date.

What Trump Must Do

This is what President Trump should do. First, fire all the senior management of many federal departments, to wit, the EPA, Department of Justice, the FBI, and the State Department (especially the State Department) and launch a full-scale investigation into corruption in State, Justice and the FBI.

Second, abolish the Department of Education and return that authority to the States, where it belongs. Ensure that First (and Second) Amendment rights are respected in all educational establishments and withdraw any funding for organizations that suppress freedom of expression through ‘political correctness’.

Third, rescind all of Hussein’s Executive Orders. In fact, have a TV ceremony where he can tear them up in the White House for all to see.

Fourth, immediately suspend all Islamic immigration until such time as adequate screening processes are in place.

Fifth, give notice to all nations, especially Muslim nations, that all foreign aid will cease unless immediate steps are taken to guarantee the rights of women, gays and religious minorities in their purview.

Sixth, invite President Putin, Prime Minister May and other European leaders to Washington to discuss ways of reducing tensions in the Middle East and wiping out Islamic State. Demand that other Western nations pony up the money too.

Seventh, end money printing, which only serves to bail out the banksters and further impoverish American (and European) taxpayers. Hold banks responsible for their financial decisions, not the taxpayer.

Eighth, cut the budget of the EPA by 50% at least and require all regulations passed in the past ten years to be reviewed, and, if not fully justified, abolished.

Ninth, abolish all affirmative action programs for jobs and college, except for military veterans.

Tenth, ensure that if an enquiry into corruption in the government results in successful prosecutions, the ne’er-do-wells go to jail.

The presstitutes, journos and all the nest of vipers in the media Establishment will always hate Trump, whatever he does. That’s why he should be ruthless, immediately; the tougher he acts, the more his supporters will love him.  Who knows, maybe the Republicans in Congress will develop a backbone?

I also have some ideas for some personalities who could serve in a Trump Cabinet.  Stay tuned.

Rebel Yell

The Appalling Clinton

As the lame stream media every day go on a Donald Trump bashing mission, it’s worth pausing to reflect on what an appalling creature Mrs Bill Clinton really is. For without Bill Clinton, she would still be an ambulance-chasing lawyer in partnership Rat, Shark & Bottom-Feeder Inc, in Putridville, Arkansas (provided she hadn’t been disbarred by now). Her position in American politics resembles that of Elena Ceausescu, past deputy vozhd of communist Romania, also a woman of sub-mediocre intellect, but possessed of a demonic lust for power that almost overshadowed that of her tyrannical husband, Nicolae.

Through the decades when Bill was assaulting and raping his way through the American heartland, there was the faithful Hillary calling his victims ‘trash’, ‘bimbo eruptions’ and a multitude of other names, all the while affirming her support for sexual assault victims saying that all should be believed. She learned all this from her first position in Washington on the Watergate Commission, where she was fired for lying, thereby setting a trend that would be her best known professional characteristic.

Now that she is being offered by the oligarchy as a potential president, her escapades as Secretary of State in the Hussein Administration illustrated well her main talents in lying and incompetence. After the destruction of Libya and the murder of Gaddafi, she could only manage the words, “…we came, we saw, he died” as her analysis of the situation. Such is the depth of her intellect. Apparently, her view of foreign policy is to subject any uncooperative nation to aerial bombardment, destroy its infrastructure and see its leader murdered and then walk away, leaving the rest of the population to the tender mercies of ISIS terrorists, the likes of which have not been seen since the Dark Ages (of communist China). Now that benighted country is a failed state, submerged in a continuous tribal war between various terrorist factions.

During that debacle, which constitutes her foreign policy ‘experience’, as her toadies in the media would say, American diplomats were murdered in Benghazi by terrorists and she stood by and let it happen, despite being warned by intelligence sources about what was really going on. No, invent a new scenario, some minor video made by some hapless fellow, and blame them for the criminal negligence of the State Department whose major focus was molding its own subservience to the Islamic agenda of the White House, where ‘Islamic terrorism’ does not exist. Even though she knew what was going on, that was no obstacle to lying to families of the dead.

The latest treat, almost a cadenza of duplicity, has been her reaction to the emails she so ‘carelessly’ kept on an insecure server while in the position of Secretary of State. As is well known, the US Government is a stickler for security issues. Remember how General Patraeus, a man who has given his considerable talents to his country during the Iraq war, was prosecuted for a tiny infraction with someone who also had significant security clearance. Even after that, the Hussein White House moved to try to have his rank reduced to add insult to injury. But Hillary is a different matter. Even though she compromised all the highest level communications of the State Department because she did not want her communications be on the Government record, as they all should be, the Clinton Mafia flexed its muscle and showed that Lynch, the Attorney General, courtesy of a short meeting at an airport, found that no prosecutor would be ‘rational’ if they brought a case against her. Or rather, she instructed the FBI to say that, thereby contaminating the FBI and the Justice Department in one fell swoop. Perhaps they were thinking of the horse’s head in the bed?

To further her desire to be seen as pro-Muslim, the Taliban-supporting father of the Islamic terrorist who recently murdered 49 people in a gay nightclub, was, just by chance you understand, seated right behind Clinton at a rally. Imagine, if you will, that a white supremacist has just murdered 49 blacks and his (or her) father, also a white supremacist, were seated behind Donald Trump at a rally. Every media head would explode in a blood-soaked shower of indignation. But this is exactly what happened in the Clinton case and the media whores cover for her at every turn.

The ’presstitutes’, as Paul Craig Roberts calls them, are totally, fully and irredeemably in the tank for the Democrats and Clinton. Journalism has ceased to exist in the lame stream media, all that remains is the squealing reptilian horde, swarming around her feet, each one eager and striving to be picked as the most loyal and servile Wormtongue in her Empire of Lies. They vomit forth a stifling miasma of adulatory platitudes around her, insulating her from the world and from ordinary people. ‘How wonderful are you today?’ — ‘Do you feel more historic than God?… constitute their penetrating and questioning analysis as they quiver at her feet in anticipation of being thrown a morsel of carrion.

As the chosen candidate of the corrupt oligarchy, she must not fail, else thousands of careers and reputations, the entire leftist agenda to destroy America and turn it into a Third-World hell hole may be lost. Hence, the daily assaults on Donald Trump from the Washington Pravda, the New York Slimes, the Clinton News Network, and the shower of lesser nonentities polluting the cable TV networks.

Even her most subservient orcs in the media have trouble explaining away the endless lying. But she is always expanding the Clinton lexicon which includes an ever-growing list of words that mean lying. ‘Short-circuited’ is the most recent addition to the Dictionary of Dishonesty. I ‘short-circuited’ when I talked to the FBI. ‘Exonerated’ in Clinton Newspeak has the same meaning as ‘I lied, made the Attorney General an offer she couldn’t refuse, and got the FBI to lie to the American people for me.’ Winston Smith, call your office.

Ignorant, stupid and malevolent are the words that best describe her experience for office. Perhaps these are positives for the Democratic Party, features, not bugs, of their political vaporware. The semi-sentient biomass of journalists, reporters and assorted lickspittles, even at maximum grovel, will eventually realize that even they are all expendable.

Donald Trump, the brash New Yorker, the loud mouth, the American patriot, is a welcome alternative to the androids of the oligarchy. The more they insult him, the better he looks.
America, awake! You have nothing to lose but your Clintons.

Rebel Yell

Newspeak for Everyone (2)

As I’m sitting in the cool shade of a large maple, letting the .375 H&H Magnum cool off while we sip mint juleps, here are few other important Newspeak words to pepper your cocktail party chit-chat with. Oldspeak meanings and explanations are given for all of you still with minds that function. Mind your usage when at the Faculty Club.

1. Vibrant. As in “a vibrant multicultural community in Cologne on New Year’s Eve”. If a crowd of White people rape hundreds of women in public, on the city streets, this is a heinous act of barbarism, whereas, if it’s Muslim “refugees”, the police would like you forget about it, even though it’s “vibrant multiculturalism”.

2. Non-judgmental. As in “What’s wrong with female genital mutilation in Islamic societies? Oh, I’m very non-judgmental”. As long as any act is carried out by non-White, non-Western, non-Christians then no criticism is allowed and you are non-judgmental. However, if a Mom and Pop bakery declines to make a wedding cake for lesbians, then you can be as judgmental as you like, preferably with multiple hissy fits and law suits to drive them out of business. But be careful, they have to be Christian; Muslims are allowed to decline to do anything for homosexuals due to their “cultural sensitivity”.

3. Inclusive. As in “our university ensures that all activities are inclusive”. All activities must include members of all races, communities and cultural background, except, of course, Whites, Jews, Christians and Asian students acing their physics exams. With them, their inclusion is optional.

4. Safe space. As in “we require a safe space to protect us from the trauma of Donald Trump”. A “safe space” is usually a room where the afflicted SJWs can gather to beat their breasts, whine, cry and snivel for hours while they are fully insulated from reality. Usually supplied free of charge by supine university administrations.

5. Dark. A very new addition to the vocabulary, engendered by the Washington Pravda, under the new dominion of its Insect Overlord, Bezos, the New York Slimes, and their robots in the TV media, as a descriptor of Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the recent Republican National Convention. After Trump laid out the problems facing America (crime, illegal immigration, bad trade policies, lawlessness and a destructive foreign policy) and then vowing to lead the nation to rejuvenation and greater glory, the speech was labelled “dark”.  Note how the word appeared in all Party organs at the same time. “Light” speeches, on the other hand, talk endlessly of unicorns, pixie dust and building bridges, and are deemed “insightful, healing and inclusive” (aka Democrat piffle).

6. Racist. As in “I think it’s a nice day. That’s racist!” Or, supporting law and order is “racist” as Chris (legs all a-tingle) Matthews would say. Only applies to White people with whom you disagree on any subject under the Sun. All non-White races are non-racist. Has largely replaced “fascist” in usage.

7. Diversity. The property of being inclusive, of course. There are even officers for diversity on university campuses to enforce such. Diversity only applies to outward appearance in matters racial or cultural, certainly not to ideas and opinions which must conform to the multicultural norm. Oldspeak meaning: “conformity”.

I hope you were paying attention, there will be a short quiz before your next lesson.

That’s enough for today; must be off to put a few more rounds through the old .375 H&H Mag, she needs it, and so do I.

Rebel Yell