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Barrel Strength - Over-Proof Opinion, Smoothly Aged Insight

EU Doublespeak on Ukraine

The current analysis of events in Russia and Ukraine on both sides of the political spectrum is shallow, specious and trivial. There are exceptions, of course, (here) but the general commentary from the establishment scribes of all persuasions seems to have been generated from a cliché machine badly in need of an overhaul.

Since the defeat of communism, engineered largely by President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher, the world has not encountered “the end of history”, so facilely averred by some lesser historian, but has continued as it always has, that is, as Great Power politics carried out on the world stage.

Communism was a messianic doctrine, devoted to the total overthrow of all nations based on free market economies and democratic politics. Its leaders proclaimed it, said it, acted on it, and never hid their intentions. They failed.

In its wake, the shattered economies of the socialist states had to find some way of accommodating with the economies of the modern world. All political theory until then had been discussing the transition from market economies to socialism, as the progressive mind-set believed would happen, but history proved to be different. Exactly the opposite happened. No-one had any idea what to do when a state-controlled economy collapsed. All the political theorists in the West were useless. Their minds had been rendered inoperative after being besotted with socialism for decades.

Russia and the other victims of communism had to make their own way; some succeeded better than others. Twenty three years after the fall of communism, Russia is now, if not a great power, then certainly a regional power with strategic and national interests. All nations not sinking into the Slough of Despond will seek to protect those interests.

Russia is not rich by Western standards, but it is vastly better off than under communism. It is still on the road to democracy, but vastly freer than under communist tyranny. You actually can criticize Islam in Russia—try doing that here or in the EU. And it has a cultural history, especially in music, art and literature, the equal of any other in Europe.

So why are we in the West not seeking to cultivate Russia as a friend?

Well, the actions of the EU and the current administration in Washington beggar belief. After the disintegration of the Soviet Empire, the EU rapidly absorbed many countries, previously subservient to Moscow, into its own version of financial servitude. EU no longer means European Union but the Empire of Usury. Democracy, freedom and prosperity are always promised, rarely delivered.

For a while, it actually worked. The relaxation of tensions led to the illusion that international rivalries were at an end. In this heady atmosphere of cheap credit and bloated welfare states anything seemed possible.

Alas, the breakup of Yugoslavia ended all that. Nations and peoples, long subsumed in fictitious countries, arose from their slumber and started battling one another for their freedom and independence. It ended with NATO air forces bombarding Serbia for months to forcibly separate a Serbian province, Kosovo—all under the pretext of international law. More recently, another campaign of aerial bombardment was initiated against Libya, then ruled by Colonel Kaddafi, in an attempt to depose him. This resulted in today’s situation where Libya is a failed state, fragmented and under the control of warring militias and bandits. Apparently, this is termed a success in current foreign-policy speak. In a rare outbreak of sanity, the Parliament in Britain and Congress in the US refused to be steam-rollered into yet another futile military action to serve the vanity of certain leaders.

The rulers of the Empire of Usury in Brussels are intent on subduing all before them. The plan is to reduce all free nations to Debt Slavery via the IMF and the European Central Bank. They then appoint governments on their whim, and depose Prime Ministers as they will, as has happened in Greece, Portugal and Spain. National independence and parliaments mean nothing to them. When any referendum is held and the population votes against the wishes of the commissars in Brussels, another referendum is held, and another, until the serfs respond with the “correct” vote, that is, the one approved by the Brussels commissars.

And these are the people calling the recent referendum in Crimea “a Kalashnikov referendum”. The vote in Crimea was obviously pretty fair and the result overwhelming. But, of course, it was not approved by the Politburo in Brussels. It is not Russia that is behaving like the old Soviet Union, but the EUSSR—the new Empire of Usury.

The EU-engineered coup in Ukraine has failed to deliver Ukraine lock, stock and barrel into the clutches of the EU. All the “N”GOs that were busily undermining the government there have had their come-uppance. The failure to understand and recognize the national and ethnic divisions in Ukraine, to treat every country as future prey for the EU, has led to this.

Russia is part of our Western civilization. She has legitimate strategic interests. She will defend those interests. Any sane foreign policy in the West must recognize this fact. Instead of enabling the nuclear-minded Mullahs in Iran, undermining Israel, and fomenting jihadi revolutions dressed up as “Arab Springs”, our efforts should be directed towards reaching an agreement with Russia on satisfying our mutual interests in Europe and fighting Islam, which is the real danger facing our society. The Russians will be our natural allies in this.

However, with the room-temperature IQs running most Western governments, this is unlikely to change in the near future. President Obama, Prime Minister Cameron and others, while preening themselves in the world media, have shown us that no amount of sanctimonious humbug is a substitute for foreign policy.

Rebel Yell


Only government can engineer a marihuana shortage (2)

The National Post seems to have caught up with an earlier posting of mine. I wish the economists in the Financial Post would get their heads out of their ideological asses and apply the same economic reading they give to statist intervention in markets to this new doozy invented by Health Canada, which will

  • a) transfer large  amounts of now broadly distributed wealth to a small group of privileged licencees;
  • b) illegalize the previously legal growing of dope;
  • c) expand police powers; and
  • d) put more people in jail

Nice going, Conservatives!

On human inequality

Several articles have caught my attention of late on the inherent inequality of humans.

Jim Goad Equality: Where’s the Evidence?

Fred Reed: The Unfortunately Innate Nature of Intelligence

Gregory Clark in the New York Times “Your Fate: Thank your ancestors” 

Experts are concerned that advances of scientific knowledge are giving rise to neoracism

When you try to found your political doctrines on the sand of falsity, it is not surprising that advances of scientific knowledge of the human genome are threatening the foundations of modern political orthodoxy. Political equality is a belief; it is a postulate, it is not a fact. When you hold that all people should be treated equally, you hold to a political doctrine (one which, you may interested to know, that I believe). When you assert that people are in fact equal, I do not know what you mean. I do not know what you ever could mean. I am not Beethoven, Newton, or Darwin, and neither are you.

See Human Accomplishment. As Charles Murray wrote, the contribution to science of Michael Faraday alone is greater than all of Arabic civilization’s.


A target-rich environment (2): microaggressions

I wrote recently about how feminist discourse on the Internet was being poisoned by the impossibility of saying anything that did not offend someone well-versed (usually black and lesbian) in finding aggression, homophobia, gender-fixation, able-ism and other thought crimes in the writings of some other person  -preferably white and middle class. (Tone Policing, January 31st, 2014)

Now tone policing  has come to broader public attention through the antics of the McGill University students’ association. There is even a non-ironic site called McGill micro-aggressions (I am not making this up!) where everyone’s little senses of hurt can be set out for the cosmos to see and be concerned about.

Excellent coverage of the event is given at Legal Insurrection here.

The image in question was an extension of the cultural, historical and living legacy surrounding people of color—particularly young men—being portrayed as violent in contemporary culture and media. By using this particular image of President Obama, I unknowingly perpetuated this living legacy and subsequently allowed a medium of SSMU’s communication to become the site of a microaggression; for this, I am deeply sorry.”

Of course, the last thing ever to be discussed is whether the portrayal of young black males, or African American males, as more aggressive than other races is true. That remains undiscussable. Or as Thomas Sowell said in Race and Culture (at p.227):

“History itself has become the target of a desperate attack by those for whom truth threatens devastating consequences to their visions, their egos, or their projects. A whole new class of intellectuals has arisen to supply history geared to what people currently wish to believe, rather than to record the past”.

But no one is fooled. To make an issue of the fake gif of President Obama kicking a door only shows the power of the stereotype. Yet the stereotype of the aggressive black male is founded on reality, not on someone’s unfounded racial prejudice.

The equity policy says that if someone is offended, that is the fact which has to be addressed. Reality has nothing to do with it, indeed, reality may have to be denied, because the fact of comparative differences constitutes the offence.

-I believe you are a witch. Therefore, according to the rules of the campus equity policy, you must defend yourself against the accusation of witchcraft. The burden of proof is on you.

-But there are no witches because witchcraft is scientifically impossible!

-Your assertion that witchcraft is impossible is part of the hetero-normatve, phallocentric, able-ist  white logical mindspace which is the offence!

Fortunately, the occasional eruption of this sort of shit provokes the necessary and beneficial social reaction against it.

Anyone for an explicit political purge of universities? Volunteers, anyone?

Pawn to King 4

I must say I am impressed with young Mr. Trudeau. Declaring his entire Senate caucus to be independents was bold. It shows the ruthlessness, lack of excessive concern for human sentiments, cunning, and leadership we expect in our Prime Ministers. This will be a game in which the real Prime Minister, the Supreme Court, the Opposition leaders, and even Preston Manning will be playing. But for a decisive gesture, I am amused and think better of him already, in a Machiavellian sense.

Says the Globe :

Mr. Trudeau, the Liberal Leader, took Canadian politics by surprise Wednesday morning when he announced that he was expelling all Liberal senators from his Parliamentary caucus and would advocate a non-partisan process for appointing future senators that would fill the Senate with independents.

It matters not at all that the gesture is dismissed by anyone; its effect is to show the public that Trudeau can be decisive. That is all he needs to do at this stage.

Harper hits homer

The Israel trip tells the world, once again, that it has lost its moral compass.  Like calling the Durban gatherings what they are, anti-Semitic hatefests, Mr. Harper demonstrates that there are rights and there are wrongs, with a clear distinction.  And even when the press jumps on the MP who wanted to be on the shot at the Wailing Wall with the PM, the message gets through – of course the man wanted to be seen with his leader, leading. Thank you, non-Sun media, for making sure his voters saw him trying to do just that.

York is quite right, of course.

If a student’s religion compels the avoidance of women, it is not the school’s duty, or anyone else’s, to force him into situations that compromise his values or deny him the education he is paying for. It is Canadian society’s obligation to accommodate him, now and throughout his lifetime. Women clearly lose nothing by his absence, and they gain the principle that they in turn can bar men from their activities. This is the fruit of multiculturalism under the Charter. How does it taste?