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A Canadian solution for Canada that will never happen in Canada (updated)

Dear Diary:

Like most Canadians, we have been laying awake lately, tossing, turning, fussing and wondering how to fix Canada’s suddenly “broken” electoral system.
Searching for solace and sleep, we read Andrew Coyne’s series of commentaries on the same subject which, yes, is pretty dense stuff but important for those millions who, like us, can’t rest for worrying about it.

Indeed, the government views this file so seriously that the Prime Minister has placed it into the hands of rookie MP and now Minister of Democratic Institutions Maryam Monsef who was 29 years old when she was elected to represent Peterborough-Kawartha on Oct. 19.

The good news is that Monsef, who is the first MP ever to have been born in Afghanistan (coming to Canada as a refugee from a series of other godforsaken countries when she was 11) has had a birthday since and is now alleged to be among the few 30-year-olds of her generation to have assumed the responsibilities of adulthood.

Her extensive experience as a “dedicated community volunteer, organizer and advocate”  (it is unclear from a scan of her bios if she ever had a job of note) will be of great assistance in framing the future of Canadian democracy. Having won the Liberal nomination in her riding by fewer than 20 of the 1500 votes cast, she certainly knows something about the horrors of the first past the post system that has burdened parliamentary democracy and the LPC lo these many years.

The good news is, as a volunteer, organizer and activist, she’s open-minded on everything about democratic reform other than, well, subjecting it to the democratic will of the people through a referendum. Better to follow the prime ministerial preference for a preferential system which will force conservatives to create two parties just as liberals/leftists have two parties.

What amuses us most, however, is the – so far – laughably myopic Canadian nature of the debate. Perhaps someone has, but a scan of the discussion Coyne’s series has inspired indicates no one has noticed that a perfectly workable example of democratic reform already exists in Canada. We refer you to the Northwest Territories which appears to function quite efficiently via a consensus form of government. It is very straightforward. Each constituency – via a first past the post system – elects its representative to the Assembly. The members then elect a Premier. And then they elect a slate of cabinet ministers who are then assigned to their portfolios. The Premier then depends on the confidence of the Assembly to retain the position. There are no political parties and therefore no party caucuses.

We are confident, however, that this will never see the light of day because a) southern Canada can’t see beyond its own backside, and b) this would mean the end of the LPC, CPC and NDP and those, of course, must be saved. At. All. Costs.

We’ve lost track of how many attacks were undertaken over the last week by Islamic terrorists, but expect someone is keeping a tally. And we note that the PM’s Twitter account, shortly after express concern for the peril of Demar DeRozan as the Toronto Raptor’s player vies for a spot on the NBA All Star game roster, did justly condemn the attacks in Burkina Faso in which six Canadians were killed. And while we did note the heartfelt concern for Celine Dion following the death of her husband, we were unable to find any specific condolences for the family of Taha AmerOuali, the Canadian from Laval who was killed in the ISIS suicide bombings and shootouts in Jakarta.

So, this is life in the 21st Century. You can get strong words of support from your nation’s leader if you are standing at a bus stop when someone lets go with some pepper spray, but naw, not much of a shout out if you are sitting in Starbucks when someone wearing a vest packed with explosives, ball-bearings, nails, screws, etc decides he just can’t wait for those 72 virgins in paradise and, sorry pal, you’ve gotta go.

UPDATE: You have to admire the Cirque de Soleil-like contortions Canadian media have pulled off in – at least their early reports – to avoid mentioning that their compatriots put to the sword in Burkina Faso were Christians. The Ottawa Citizen here and the Globe and Mail here and the CBC here all make references to a “humanitarian mission” and that they were members of a “religious congregation” etc but not a hint of what that religion might be or that it might be relevant given Jihadists’ fondness for targeting Christians in Africa and a recent assault. So, who knows? Wiccans? Sabians? Gnostics? Who cares? No tweets, either, from Kathleen Wynne or Vancouver’s Mayor Moonbeam or anyone else mentioning that they might have been targeted for their faith or even what that faith might be. And, while earlier reports certainly indicated the Jihadists had a special fondness for killing white people, not a mention of the word “hate.”

As a follow up to our look the other day at the chaotic state of Alberta, we note that Finance Minister Bill Morneau was in Calgary the other day where he was asked by citizens and journalists if Ottawa was considering some assistance to jurisdictions hard hit by the stunning drop in the price of oil, particularly given that those jurisdictions have been propping up the rest of the country for a long time. More? He (pun intended) said no.

Meanwhile, Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr was asked on Power & Politics what could be done to assist the nation’s largest industry – energy – through its crisis. Carr, who apparently hates the oil and gas industry, said that the solution was to create a green economy. He actually said that. This is equivalent to, hmmm, what? Oh, I know: Imagine if when the auto industry was in peril a few years back Jim Flaherty had been asked what could be done to help the industry and he said “we have to invest in public transit.”


Crime and Punishment

After that exciting and vibrant multicultural New Year’s Eve in Cologne, and, as it turns out, in many other European cities, how are we to feel about our governing classes?

Remember how they prattled on incessantly about how rape was being used as a weapon of war during the disintegration of Yugoslavia? During the war in Kosovo? And now with ISIS, the aspiring Islamic Slave Empire today in the Middle East? And how appalling it is? Well, now we have the political classes of Europe acting as the pimps of Islam.

In a previous missive I alluded to the fundamental pledge between the governors and the governed.  That pledge is to uphold the rule of law and to defend the realm (in Oldspeak), that is, to ensure that citizens can pursue their common lives throughout the realm in freedom and safety. And when those freedoms and that safety are threatened, it is the first duty of government to step in exert authority on behalf of the citizenry.

The political class of Europe, totally besotted with the multicultural mind-worm, have betrayed the fundamental bond between the rulers and the ruled. They have torn down the boundaries of nations and invited in hordes of Muslim invaders without let or hindrance, and, of course, without consulting the people in any nation under their tutelage. Further, they have suppressed the news about these mass rapes and assaults on the streets of our major cities, and conspired with corrupt, politically indoctrinated police forces and grovelling, toadying media, to allow this to happen. Attacks on undefended and free women are the lowest form of barbarism.  No police were available to stop these attacks on our womenfolk. But, miraculously, police battalions appeared, as from nowhere, as soon as citizens organized protests against this attack on our nations.

We are used to lying and duplicity in our politicians, but we will not tolerate a government that violates all principles of common decency, acts as defenders of degenerates, and the opponent of normal decent people. The current behavior of the German government is not only dishonest and reprehensible, it is an assault on all decent citizens, and, as the government have betrayed their bond, sold their souls to the multicultural devil, they must stand in the court of history and answer for their crimes.

When the day of reckoning comes, as it most assuredly will, the criminal hag Merkel and her degenerate cohorts that pass for a government must be held fully accountable.

Rebel Yell

If you thought Alberta was weird when Klein was in charge . . .



Dear Diary:

This week, while the federal government ponders a bailout for Quebec’s Bombardier family business due to some bad corporate decisions and the Prime Minister makes a much-welcome visit to Toronto to talk about nothing, we turn our attention West.

Alberta, near as we can tell, is making history by transitioning from custodian of the nation’s most important industry into, well, New Brunswick: pleasing to the eye and senses but nonviable. It has become, as the Calgary Herald’s Don Braid eloquently put it after the assumedly centrist government of British Columbia rejected approval of the Kinder Morgan pipeline “an economic version of mixed martial arts these days. Nobody knows if the next blow will be a punch, a kick, or an eye-gouge.”

No one, of course, blames the rag tag group of socialists and eco-extremists who run the joint these days, for the devastatingly low price of oil or for the appalling mismanagement over the past 10 years by the left-wing Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta. What many do point out, however, is the absolute horror that occurs when the challenges of the real world impose themselves on the aforementioned eco-kook/communists. (Yes, the new Alberta deputy chief of staff once stood for office in Edmonton as a Communist.) Once the real world unveils all its, ah, real world stuff, the issue becomes less about the extent to which those who govern believe in rainbows and unicorns than, dare we say it, whether they are remotely competent – a concept rigorously rejected by Canadians and Albertans in recent elections.

Premier Rachel Notley, whose smile thinly hides her trembling hands on the tiller, has done pretty much everything possible to make things worse. As pictures best tell a story, here it is:

wildrose rose ndp

Most notable among these misdeeds is the review of the royalty structure, which is the foundation for Canada’s largest industry. What business/investment craves most – at least next to exactly what it wants – is stability. So, when Notley opined on the weekend that the review, which was to be completed and made public by December but then was delayed until January was to again be delayed and made public in “a few weeks,” financier and TV personality Kevin O’Leary had had enough. First he promised on radio Monday to invest $1 million in the energy industry if Notley just resigned.

Then Notley, pithy as always, bit back about Albertans not needing any more advice from rich Toronto businessmen (always an easy sell) and suggested O’Leary “bring it on.” Oops. So he did, delivering a withering interview hosted by a wincing Rosy Barton on Power & Politics in which he excoriated Notley. We highly recommend viewing it.

O’Leary was, of course, scorned by the followup panel of journalists and assorted other lickspittle leftists, not one of which has a molecule of economic knowledge, who dismissed him as “a game show celebrity” and otherwise. No matter one’s opinion of the abrasive O’Leary, he is rich (and he makes for good TV). And when it comes to money, people who have made themselves very rich are very likely to know how it works (unless of course it comes from a trust fund). Still, what was most obvious was that no one on the panel had a clue that Notley’s latest royalty review delay was obviously a breaking point for the investment community that will not send a dollar into Alberta until it knows, as O’Leary makes clear, what “the plan” is. Or, in other words: They. Had. No. Idea. What. They. Were. Talking. About.

Moving on, the first bold step toward fiscal responsibility was taken the following day by the NDP when it froze all non-union government wages for two years (it is notable that deputy ministers in Alberta earned about $100,000 a year more than their counterparts in sensible Saskatchewan). Or, as @BrockWHarrison tweeted: “BREAKING: Alberta government finds 0.0003% in annual savings. #ableg #bold” Surely that will calm the markets and lenders who have already downgraded Alberta’s historically pristine credit rating.

Notley’s government was much more in its strike zone later in the week when it announced that it’s OK to have a penis and be in the girls washroom at Alberta schools so long as you and your penis feel OK about it.

Not only that, but should any school board balk at the idea that penises – which many contend can have a mind of their own – should be lurking next to their young daughters, they will be subject to dissolution.

And, for that matter, if a person in a male body (and vice versa) wishes to self identify and play sports on the “girl’s” team, that request must be honored. Any school board that does not comply with the “rights” – which go well beyond the bounds of traditional definitions of sexual orientation – of anyone who says they are “lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, two-spirit, queer, questioning and/or gender diverse” will be bulldozed.

No science is required, only belief. And a bureaucratic bulldozer.

Gender, in other words, is an outdated construct, a scientific development which no doubt will take some adjusting to on the part of those who are part of the refugee influx and other newcomers from less sophisticated cultures still hung up on biology.

Surprise! You’ve come to a country where bureaucratic tanks roll on anyone who believes in outdated concepts like gender.

We are conscious, of course, that it must be a dreadful burden to feel trapped in the body of a gender with which it is impossible to relate. And we are extra conscious that death wishes get directed at neo-con dinosaurs such as notorious old school feminist Germaine Greer, who while expressing sympathy for people in the trans community has had the temerity to say biology-based things like

“just because you lop off your penis and then wear a dress doesn’t make you a fucking woman.”

We are not sure how any of this destruction of the essence of womanhood and profoundly Orwellian purging of the concept of gender as anything other than a societal construct is shaking down at Alberta’s growing number of Islamic schools but we indeed are confident that the only sensible next step is a good old book-burning of The Female Eunuch and any of Greer’s other 42 books.

The tanks roll on, in this case over the bones of someone whose work (with which in the past we often had issue) and life was dedicated to and was successful in promoting the advancement of women, will conclude, defamed, on search engines as a misogynist.


Where have all the nannies gone? (long time passing)

This morning we awake to the news that our leader has been on vacation.
And, most sincerely, we do not begrudge Him that. His job is important and it’s just as important He and his family get a break when they can.

And no problem at all with being flown to and fro by the air force. That only makes sense.

But we do have two points to make about the hero of the nation’s bedraggled middle class’s escaped to a $2,500 a night villa on the Caribbean island of Nevis.

Why did no one compare the Christmas vacation of this leader – whom we have been told faced a unique set of challenges with a young family of three children – to that of the previous leader whose family merely consisted of two children? Perhaps because should they have done so they would have discovered that the Harpers spent their Christmases at their home in Calgary where the PM had constituents and where any excesses were limited to attending hockey games and visiting seniors centres.

And why didn’t anyone ask about the nannies? You know, the ones the leader and his enchanting missus moved from their personal payroll onto the public payroll upon moving in to 24 Sussex? It seems, after all, that with the amount of money saved by moving just one nanny at, say, $30,000 a year, onto the taxpayer’s tab there would be enough loose change left in the leader’s pockets to (lemme think) pay for airfare and 10 nights at a $2,500 a night Caribbean villa? So, did the nannies take the trip? Given their necessity, it would be fair to assume they did. Or maybe they got their own vacation. The question, it seems, never crossed our media’s mind. Or maybe it did and was just dismissed as something the people do not have the right to know. It’s the questions that go unasked that are always the giveaway.

How media mayhem turns suspicions into truths

Dear Diary:
The other night, being gluttons for punishment, we watched Wendy Mesley earnestly deliver the evening news about events in Germany, noting that a number of women had complained to police there about being molested by “a group of men.” She was careful not to indicate that race, culture or ethnic origin were at play, despite an overwhelming series of reports from journalists and officials in Cologne that that is very much the case.

We assume this is due to an interpretation of guidelines similar to the Canadian Association of Journalist’s code of ethics, which states:

“We do not refer to a person’s race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, gender self-identification or physical ability ounless it is pertinent to the story”

which makes it clear that the CBC believes it is irrelevant that a mob of men of Middle Eastern and North African heritage roamed the streets robbing and molesting women in a country that has just admitted one million migrants. Even the fact German police have reported that the majority of suspects are migrants and that that is the cause of political turmoil is either ignored or dismissed. Nothing to see here folks. Move along now.

Later that evening, “a group of people” were standing by a bus stop in Vancouver and were overcome by pepper spray. As best we can discern, of the dozen or more folks waiting for their bus, one of them saw a person, assumed to be male by those on the scene, ride by on a bicycle and spray everyone by the bus stop.

Police are looking for a person of slim build who was on a bicycle and wearing a white – or grey – hoodie. There are no reports of any verbal aggression – no one shouted an Allah Akbar equivalent in other words – and people appear to have only become aware anything had occurred when they felt the very uncomfortable non-lethal effects of the spray (coughing and stinging eye pain) which seemed to have made its way into the building and intensified. The perp could be a White Supremacist or other redneck. Or maybe an Iranian Shia wacko who holds a grudge against the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) and its past links to the Muslim Brotherhood and assumed Sunni sympathies. Or, it could be some wanker out for a lark who didn’t have a clue who was at the bus stop. Or did. Or, it could be someone who hates Syrian refugees.

Regardless, this became the story of the weekend due to the race, colour and religion of the victims who were newly arrived Syrian refugees about to head home from a party held in their honour at the MAC centre.

There may very well be evidence forthcoming that the perpetrator of this unfortunate incident intentionally targeted this innocent group of people and justice should be done. Alas, so far there is nothing reported to indicate whether this differs from apparently random pepper spray attacks elsewhere and justifies the abandonment of journalistic rigour which is turn prompts political responses.

Vancouver Police have pulled out all the stops and engaged their major and hate crimes units. The Prime Minister, the Premier of British Columbia, the Immigration Minister and, most fulsomely, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, condemned the incident.

Mayor Moonbeam, in fact, has already reached a conclusion on the nature of the crime.

“Last night’s pepper spray incident was a disgusting display of hate – and Vancouver won’t stand for it,” he tweeted.

He might turn out to be right but still we are appalled. The breathless publicity granted to this dreadful incident and the hyperbolic reactions by leading officials not only gives far more publicity and notoriety to the perpetrator than he or she deserves, it can only build a sense of siege within the minds of every Muslim in the nation. And that is only going to inspire those who would promote extremist sentiments within that community who will allege “proof” that the secular west hates Muslims, who must stick together.

That is not helpful and is bound to inspire a reaction somewhere, sometime.that if history is anything to go by is more likely to involve Semtex than pepper spray.

The Toronto Police Service report on hate crimes clearly shows that Jews, followed by LGBT members and black people are the most likely victims. Further, a Jew in Toronto is 10 times more likely to be the victim of a hate crime.

Yet, online scans indicate almost no reporting of this fact or even the use of it as context within its frantic reports concerning Muslims. Nor is there much at all about anti-Semitic investigations other than in the Jewish press.

You wouldn’t know from watching and reading the nation’s primary media, would you, that 2014 was a record year for anti-Jewish crimes, which rose 28%.

And you would likely only learn of a hate crime arrest for a series of crimes against St. Catherine of Sienna church in Mississauga by reading the Catholic Register. A break in at an Alberta mosque was reacted to in knee-jerk fashion (later quietly determined to be just that) was widely reported as part of the ongoing pattern of Islamophobia as was the arson at a Peterborough mosque. But not even the local press showed a hint of concern over a break in at St. Andrews United Church in Peterborough.

It will go on. And on. Until, one day, the anxiety and assumptions created by this pattern of outrageously irresponsible journalism, bereft of context and rich with bias as it is, combines with increasingly frantic political responses to create the reality its overwrought narrative is seeking.


Trump and TRiUMPh…

Trump is pretty close to TRiUMPh. Triumph—roll the word around; sounds good doesn’t it?

You’d have to be living on the far side of Pluto not to be aware of how much The Donald is shaking up the political establishment. As far as the Democratic Party is concerned, that political gang has been in the tank for leftism, cultural degeneracy and sucking up to Islam for years. They’re long gone. Along with the Clinton News Network, Mostly Socialist NBC, the New York Slimes and the Washington Toast—all of them Hussein sycophants and Hildabeast underwear sniffers.

“Gone?” “Can we fix it?” …“It’s gone MacReady.” (Just for “The Thing” fans).

Gone. Totally.

It was thought until quite recently that the Republican Party Establishment might have had a few micrograms of voter credibility left. When you have previously intelligent guys like George Will and Charles Krauthammer dumping on Trump you’ve got to think that they’ve been doing some bad acid. When the conservative commentariat in the US (and, of course, in Canada (see here)) is decrying and denouncing Trump, you know that the mask is off. And by the mask, I mean the superficial cladding of the political establishment, or the political class, those who deem it their divine right to govern us.

This establishment is not only the arrogant, liberal what’s-the-latest-degeneracy we can support layer of social ichor in our society, but also a group of pseudo-conservatives that profess to oppose them. It was Will who averred that the Trump supporters were great in many ways but they should be in the Republican Party “…on our terms, not theirs”. Sorry, George, it’s not your terms, it is theirs because they are getting the support, the votes, the momentum, the action, whatever you want to call it, but it is only they who will put The Donald in the White House and arrest the destruction of America carried on so assiduously by the traitor Hussein. This is not the time for half measures, or focus groups, or slick Karl-Rove advertising, or slimy editorials full of weasel words. Ordinary folks are sick of it. They want someone to talk about—and do something about—the actual problems, the real economy, the impending future; they don’t want more teleprompter talk points from a liberal robot, they have that now.

In the West, we have armies of lying feminists inventing fictitious ‘rape cultures’ in Western universities. We have Lena Dunham in the US, a prime-time liar and rape hoaxer, libeler of innocent men, being a fan and supporter of the Hildabeast, held up as an icon for the modern woman (!), and on the other hand, on Planet Earth, women being assaulted and raped on the streets of many European cities by thousands of Muslim thugs and degenerates. What happens? The liberal media attempt to cover it up, the police refuse to act to defend the citizens (their first and primary responsibility and duty) and the politicians lie about that and then lie about their lies!

If this isn’t the definition of insanity I don’t know what is.

Western Civilization is the greatest civilization that has existed so far on Earth. It was generated by a fusion of the record passed down by the Ancient Greeks in reason and philosophy and the civilizing influence and morality the Christian religion. It has given us the Enlightenment, the Reformation, all of classical music, literature, art, science and technology and much more besides, despite its constant denigration by the agents of decay in (some of) our degenerate universities.

Any culture must be held together by a set of moral values and principles. Any alien culture that attempts to destroy those values, as Islam attempts to do in the West, will either win or face defeat in the battle of values. No tolerant society can submit to the dictates of a repressive, misogynistic anti-Semitic cult and expect to survive in any meaningful way.

It is the duty of our political leaders to guard and cherish our heritage and to foster its growth and nourishment. Those that wish to renege on that responsibility and duty are not fit for purpose. And in Germany, over the last few weeks, we have seen a brazen example of that betrayal of that fundamental pledge between governors and the governed.

This is one reason why The Donald is stirring up such a political whirlwind in the US and why the liberal establishment in Europe is being exposed in full Monty as an apologist for radical Islamic terrorism. It is the exposure of the lie of multiculturalism.

So the next time you read in our media about the “extremism” of The Donald, just think about the reality of the assault on civilized life in the heart of Europe, right now, and the despicable liberal political class that is aiding and abetting it.

Canada is always about ten years behind the US in anything, which is why we have just elected a pretty boy half wit, echoing the choice of the Americans when they elected Hussein.

But, we’re in for a fun ride. In 2016, watch liberal heads explode. Load up on popcorn. Read Breitbart, give the finger to Islam, and buy more guns (here).

Rebel Yell

Heads (and eyes) are rolling because it’s 2016

Dear Diary:

It is, after all, 2016 so where better to begin than with the fascinating juxtaposition of cultures the news has brought us early in the new year.
First to the Middle East where the beheadings of western journalists, crucifixions of Christians, massacre of Yazidis etc tend to pass without significant disruption of daily life but gosh lop the head off just one Shia cleric and all hell breaks loose.

No matter one’s view concerning the demise of Nimr al-Nimr and 46 others put to the sword on the weekend, it’s impossible to wonder if young Saad Gaya might not be having occasional second thoughts about the eternal value of Sharia Law. For while al-Nimr’s head was bouncing around a Saudi courtyard for the crimes of “seeking foreign meddling” and “disobeying” its rulers (his brother Mohammed was jailed for tweeting about the death sentence when it was imposed in 2014), Mr. Gaya was walking out of jail
on day parole five years into his 18-year sentence for plotting to bomb three locations in downtown Toronto, including the Stock Exchange, maiming and murdering hundreds – or so he hoped. Some will recall that Gaya and his pals had also talked about beheading Stephen Harper when he was Prime Minister. No doubt the Gaya gang voted Liberal this past October to ensure that they weren’t deported but, hey, who’s to say? One thing’s for sure, there are few better places in the world to be convicted of terrorism than Canada, a country in which most folks would rather buy oil shipped in tankers from a medieval monarchy that conducts mass beheadings than let a pipeline be built from one of its own provinces. You can’t make this stuff up.

Over in Germany, where more than a million refugees from a world not too dissimilar from the above mentioned medieval monarchy, the police were busy lying to the citizens of Cologne after a mob of about 1,000 guys who looked like they were probably named Mohammed celebrated new years (because it’s 2016) with a mass sexual assault of more than 100 local women. Once the coppers were forced to come clean thanks to social media calling bullshit on the original rainbows and unicorns version of events, Cologne’s fervently pro-refugee Mayor Henriette Reker stirred the pot by inferring that, well, if women were to just keep their distance and avoid arousing male passions, we could maybe avoid future awkward moments. This inspired The Daily Mail’s Katie Hopkins to wonder, in a spirited rant well worth reading: “Shall I just buy a burka and get it over with?”

So far, we haven’t heard from the usual suspects about dog whistles. But we will.

Speaking of burkas, we got bored over the holidays and wondered, because it’s 2016, what Canada might look like in another 15 or so years, because then it will be 2031. We assumed that while culture informs race, race doesn’t inform culture but religion does. Stats Canada, alas, got bored with religion and didn’t survey it fully in the 2011 census apart from a dip the toe in the pool subset survey. Still, if (and ifs are always iffy) the trends between 1991, 2001 and 2011 continue onward for 20 years to 2031:

– The percentage of the population claiming to be Christian will fall to 47.3%, the largest group of which will be about 11 million Catholics.
– Of those, there will be fewer than 1 million Anglicans and membership in the United Church of Canada, which dropped from 2.8 million in 2001 to 2 million in 2011 will consist of about 400,000 socialists at prayer.
– Compared to about 20 million Canadian Christians, there will be more than 18 million who have no religious affiliation at all. The latter will likely be more than 50% of the population by 2035.
– The Jewish population will stay relatively stagnant at about 330,000.
– Notably the Jews were overtaken between 2001 and 2011 by the Buddhists, Sikhs and Hindus, the latter two of whom will definitely overtake the United Church, the Presbyterians and probably the Anglicans as well (if you had told someone this 40 years ago, who would have believed you?)
– And then there’s Canada’s fastest growing religion – Islam. That population has been doubling every 10 years which means there will be about 4.5 million Muslims in 15 more years. Extrapolate another 10 years (based on a continuation of declines and the Muslim pattern of doubling every decade) and there will be more Muslims in Canada than Catholics.

This is going to be interesting. The cultural climate is changing a heck of a lot faster than the temperature.

Finally, and because it’s 2016, we did notice retroactively that the new era of transparency was not only launched with an announcement that First Nations leaders need no longer be transparent with their people about their spending, Big Labour also got a free ride. Another debt paid in full?

The All-Muslim Michael Moore

No doubt many of you, dear readers, saw the picture of Michael Moore, in full ugly, standing outside a Trump building with a sign bearing the inscription “We are all Muslim”. Apparently, drawing attention to the crazed activities of Muslim jihadis is more dangerous and controversial than those actual activities. Ah! The logic of the Left, it never fails to assault reason.

The ever-hilarious and accurate website “The People’s Cube” has recently generously donated a pictorial reminder on the inner meaning his little ditty. Enjoy.

Rebel Yell

From shameless exhaltation to the necessity of ecstasy

Dear Diary:

The I need a shower media moment of the season, all our friends agree, goes to Lisa Laflamme, anchor of CTV’s national news who, following in the footsteps of mentors such as Craig Oliver, doubles as a fulltime tub-thumper for the Liberal Party of Canada.

Laflamme, whose unrepentant partisanship had to be reigned in early in her tenure by her bosses, is currently best known as the woman who singlehandedly forced hundreds of thousands of conservatives to switch to the CBC for more balanced coverage (we are not making this up) on Oct. 19 when she pretty much lost all journalistic pretence in celebrating the ascendance of the current PM and her beloved LPC.

Last weekend, in a cloying year-end interview with the Prime Minister, Laflamme took it over the top with her grand finale puff ball question.

“On behalf of women in this country, who picked Sophie’s dress?” Laflamme asked from a metaphorically kneeling position, one she apparently believes is preferred by “women in this country.”

This, from someone described in her CTV bio as a “trailblazer” for women in broadcasting. Ye gods. Really, what more can be said? As the Sun’s Lorrie Goldstein tweeted, “cringeworthy.”

Canada’s mainstream media continues to ignore the genocide of Christians, Jews and Yazidis in the Middle East. We can only assume, Dear Diary, at this stage that the negligence is intentional and fuelled by fear of accusations of Islamophobia. There is no excuse otherwise for refusing, during the seasonal news doldrums, the message from the Archbishop of Cantebury, who referred to ISIS as “today’s (King) Herod’s.”

“”They hate difference, whether it is Muslims who think differently, Yazidis or Christians, and because of them the Christians face elimination in the very region in which Christian faith began,” the Most Reverend Justin Wellby said.

Our scan of national newspapers, postmedia, CBC and CTV showed no coverage. But why bother, Wellby is leader to a mere 85 million Anglicans and as mainstream media know, Christians are little more than a homophobic fringe group these days.

Meanwhile in Britain, the education secretary has taken the radical step of hinting that school children should be taught that they are being raised in a “Christian country.”

One can only imagine the outrage should such an event occur in Canada, where as Dalwhinnie recently noted Catholic school had to go all the way to the Supreme Court to maintain the right to teach its own faith from a perspective consistent with that faith and dodge the jackboot of the nation’s insistent and growing atheocracy.

Last week we noted how, with pride, our new federal government had told First Nation’s leaders who had refused to comply with laws insisting they be transparent with their finances to, well, not worry about it. As the PM himself has said, his government is all about transparency so it makes sense to us that the first step towards that would be to be transparent about the fact that it’s OK for people to refuse to be transparent about how the chief and council hold their annual retreat in Las Vegas or some such nonsense should they do so but of course they never would, right?
Hopefully, someone from Indigenous Affairs will contact this fellow in Alberta and tell him to stop getting so excited about transparency just because, 18 months after he lost his home in a flood, no one will tell him what happened to the flood relief money or why he’s still living in a trailer.

We’ve all heard the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” right?

Well, as many of us have long known, dear diary, it takes more than a bit of fruit to keep the male body healthy and British scientists have discovered that when men give the missus a nudge and say “c’mon baby I know you’re tired but I need to – it’s killing me” or words to that effect, they are not making things up.

It turns out that men who have at least 21 orgasms a month are 22 per cent less likely to develop prostate cancer and, ideally, should be ejaculating at least once a day.

The possible comments are endless but it is clear that the male body is built to perform a function and so long as that function is being performed, nature is inclined to let it continue doing so. And, oh, lest those of you without a partner panic in despair, science does indicate that a partner/plaything, while no doubt preferred, is not necessary for one to maintain one’s optimal health.

As Woody Allen said “I remember the first time I had sex. It was terrifying. It was dark. And I was all alone.”

Happy New Year, one and all. Take care of each other. Or at least take care of yourself.