The Appalling Clinton

As the lame stream media every day go on a Donald Trump bashing mission, it’s worth pausing to reflect on what an appalling creature Mrs Bill Clinton really is. For without Bill Clinton, she would still be an ambulance-chasing lawyer in partnership Rat, Shark & Bottom-Feeder Inc, in Putridville, Arkansas (provided she hadn’t been disbarred by now). Her position in American politics resembles that of Elena Ceausescu, past deputy vozhd of communist Romania, also a woman of sub-mediocre intellect, but possessed of a demonic lust for power that almost overshadowed that of her tyrannical husband, Nicolae.

Through the decades when Bill was assaulting and raping his way through the American heartland, there was the faithful Hillary calling his victims ‘trash’, ‘bimbo eruptions’ and a multitude of other names, all the while affirming her support for sexual assault victims saying that all should be believed. She learned all this from her first position in Washington on the Watergate Commission, where she was fired for lying, thereby setting a trend that would be her best known professional characteristic.

Now that she is being offered by the oligarchy as a potential president, her escapades as Secretary of State in the Hussein Administration illustrated well her main talents in lying and incompetence. After the destruction of Libya and the murder of Gaddafi, she could only manage the words, “…we came, we saw, he died” as her analysis of the situation. Such is the depth of her intellect. Apparently, her view of foreign policy is to subject any uncooperative nation to aerial bombardment, destroy its infrastructure and see its leader murdered and then walk away, leaving the rest of the population to the tender mercies of ISIS terrorists, the likes of which have not been seen since the Dark Ages (of communist China). Now that benighted country is a failed state, submerged in a continuous tribal war between various terrorist factions.

During that debacle, which constitutes her foreign policy ‘experience’, as her toadies in the media would say, American diplomats were murdered in Benghazi by terrorists and she stood by and let it happen, despite being warned by intelligence sources about what was really going on. No, invent a new scenario, some minor video made by some hapless fellow, and blame them for the criminal negligence of the State Department whose major focus was molding its own subservience to the Islamic agenda of the White House, where ‘Islamic terrorism’ does not exist. Even though she knew what was going on, that was no obstacle to lying to families of the dead.

The latest treat, almost a cadenza of duplicity, has been her reaction to the emails she so ‘carelessly’ kept on an insecure server while in the position of Secretary of State. As is well known, the US Government is a stickler for security issues. Remember how General Patraeus, a man who has given his considerable talents to his country during the Iraq war, was prosecuted for a tiny infraction with someone who also had significant security clearance. Even after that, the Hussein White House moved to try to have his rank reduced to add insult to injury. But Hillary is a different matter. Even though she compromised all the highest level communications of the State Department because she did not want her communications be on the Government record, as they all should be, the Clinton Mafia flexed its muscle and showed that Lynch, the Attorney General, courtesy of a short meeting at an airport, found that no prosecutor would be ‘rational’ if they brought a case against her. Or rather, she instructed the FBI to say that, thereby contaminating the FBI and the Justice Department in one fell swoop. Perhaps they were thinking of the horse’s head in the bed?

To further her desire to be seen as pro-Muslim, the Taliban-supporting father of the Islamic terrorist who recently murdered 49 people in a gay nightclub, was, just by chance you understand, seated right behind Clinton at a rally. Imagine, if you will, that a white supremacist has just murdered 49 blacks and his (or her) father, also a white supremacist, were seated behind Donald Trump at a rally. Every media head would explode in a blood-soaked shower of indignation. But this is exactly what happened in the Clinton case and the media whores cover for her at every turn.

The ’presstitutes’, as Paul Craig Roberts calls them, are totally, fully and irredeemably in the tank for the Democrats and Clinton. Journalism has ceased to exist in the lame stream media, all that remains is the squealing reptilian horde, swarming around her feet, each one eager and striving to be picked as the most loyal and servile Wormtongue in her Empire of Lies. They vomit forth a stifling miasma of adulatory platitudes around her, insulating her from the world and from ordinary people. ‘How wonderful are you today?’ — ‘Do you feel more historic than God?… constitute their penetrating and questioning analysis as they quiver at her feet in anticipation of being thrown a morsel of carrion.

As the chosen candidate of the corrupt oligarchy, she must not fail, else thousands of careers and reputations, the entire leftist agenda to destroy America and turn it into a Third-World hell hole may be lost. Hence, the daily assaults on Donald Trump from the Washington Pravda, the New York Slimes, the Clinton News Network, and the shower of lesser nonentities polluting the cable TV networks.

Even her most subservient orcs in the media have trouble explaining away the endless lying. But she is always expanding the Clinton lexicon which includes an ever-growing list of words that mean lying. ‘Short-circuited’ is the most recent addition to the Dictionary of Dishonesty. I ‘short-circuited’ when I talked to the FBI. ‘Exonerated’ in Clinton Newspeak has the same meaning as ‘I lied, made the Attorney General an offer she couldn’t refuse, and got the FBI to lie to the American people for me.’ Winston Smith, call your office.

Ignorant, stupid and malevolent are the words that best describe her experience for office. Perhaps these are positives for the Democratic Party, features, not bugs, of their political vaporware. The semi-sentient biomass of journalists, reporters and assorted lickspittles, even at maximum grovel, will eventually realize that even they are all expendable.

Donald Trump, the brash New Yorker, the loud mouth, the American patriot, is a welcome alternative to the androids of the oligarchy. The more they insult him, the better he looks.
America, awake! You have nothing to lose but your Clintons.

Rebel Yell

Newspeak for Everyone (2)

As I’m sitting in the cool shade of a large maple, letting the .375 H&H Magnum cool off while we sip mint juleps, here are few other important Newspeak words to pepper your cocktail party chit-chat with. Oldspeak meanings and explanations are given for all of you still with minds that function. Mind your usage when at the Faculty Club.

1. Vibrant. As in “a vibrant multicultural community in Cologne on New Year’s Eve”. If a crowd of White people rape hundreds of women in public, on the city streets, this is a heinous act of barbarism, whereas, if it’s Muslim “refugees”, the police would like you forget about it, even though it’s “vibrant multiculturalism”.

2. Non-judgmental. As in “What’s wrong with female genital mutilation in Islamic societies? Oh, I’m very non-judgmental”. As long as any act is carried out by non-White, non-Western, non-Christians then no criticism is allowed and you are non-judgmental. However, if a Mom and Pop bakery declines to make a wedding cake for lesbians, then you can be as judgmental as you like, preferably with multiple hissy fits and law suits to drive them out of business. But be careful, they have to be Christian; Muslims are allowed to decline to do anything for homosexuals due to their “cultural sensitivity”.

3. Inclusive. As in “our university ensures that all activities are inclusive”. All activities must include members of all races, communities and cultural background, except, of course, Whites, Jews, Christians and Asian students acing their physics exams. With them, their inclusion is optional.

4. Safe space. As in “we require a safe space to protect us from the trauma of Donald Trump”. A “safe space” is usually a room where the afflicted SJWs can gather to beat their breasts, whine, cry and snivel for hours while they are fully insulated from reality. Usually supplied free of charge by supine university administrations.

5. Dark. A very new addition to the vocabulary, engendered by the Washington Pravda, under the new dominion of its Insect Overlord, Bezos, the New York Slimes, and their robots in the TV media, as a descriptor of Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the recent Republican National Convention. After Trump laid out the problems facing America (crime, illegal immigration, bad trade policies, lawlessness and a destructive foreign policy) and then vowing to lead the nation to rejuvenation and greater glory, the speech was labelled “dark”.  Note how the word appeared in all Party organs at the same time. “Light” speeches, on the other hand, talk endlessly of unicorns, pixie dust and building bridges, and are deemed “insightful, healing and inclusive” (aka Democrat piffle).

6. Racist. As in “I think it’s a nice day. That’s racist!” Or, supporting law and order is “racist” as Chris (legs all a-tingle) Matthews would say. Only applies to White people with whom you disagree on any subject under the Sun. All non-White races are non-racist. Has largely replaced “fascist” in usage.

7. Diversity. The property of being inclusive, of course. There are even officers for diversity on university campuses to enforce such. Diversity only applies to outward appearance in matters racial or cultural, certainly not to ideas and opinions which must conform to the multicultural norm. Oldspeak meaning: “conformity”.

I hope you were paying attention, there will be a short quiz before your next lesson.

That’s enough for today; must be off to put a few more rounds through the old .375 H&H Mag, she needs it, and so do I.

Rebel Yell

Newspeak for Everyone

Deep in the bowels of the Ministry of Truth, Winston Smith toiled away editing the past to bring it up to date with the current Party line. The Party sees all and knows all. Any deviant thought will be expunged from society and, along with it, the deviant thinker. Newspeak, the language designed by the Inner Party, was constructed to render all thoughtcrime impossible by steadily reducing the number of words in the language and declaring arbitrary meanings for any words it chose. Thereby, thoughtcrime, that is, all independent thought, even consciousness itself, would be rendered impossible.
Beginning to sound familiar? That’s right, it’s the behavior of the PC crowd, the cadres of the Thought Police, who today form the body of the Party and attempt to force, cajole, intimidate, threaten and browbeat all and sundry who actually believe there is an objective reality and words do not have arbitrary meanings.
Not only is this carried on by the political arm of the Establishment Party, but its malign influence has poisoned our educational system and made most of our universities organs of PC propaganda, particularly in the joke departments such as sociology and most of the “liberal arts” as it used to be known. For those of you who feel that you are failing to keep up and particularly for young students desperate not to transgress the Party line and not compromise their cultural Marxist integrity, I present a modest example of some Oldspeak translations of common words of our evolving Newspeak:
1. Nuance. As in “a more nuanced foreign policy” from Swift Boat Kerry, the current Secretary of State. It used to mean a fine distinction or shade of meaning, but now it means “I don’t have to explain anything as you rubes are too dumb to understand it.” The results of this type of foreign policy are usually military defeats or political disasters.
2. Misspoke. As when Mrs Bill Clinton “misspoke” when she said that she wanted to see all coal miners lose their jobs. And then denied it. In Oldspeak, this is “lie”. Remember this next time she gives one of her “misspeeches”. The word is frequently used by talking heads on NBC, ABC, the Clinton News Network and other Party organs to signify obeisance to the Party by protecting the reputation of Comradess Clinton.
3. Media analyst. Talking heads on TV political shows who take remarks by any conservative politician out of context to imply that the opposite meaning was intended.
4. Narrative. As in “the President’s message was consistent with his current narrative on the crime issue”. An example of a narrative might be “Islam is a religion of peace” or “the racial disparities in law enforcement” or a generally accepted and promulgated lie amplified by the media analysts and other toadies of the Party line. Almost always something in direct contradiction to the facts.
5. Divisive. As in “Donald Trump’s speech was divisive”. That is, he drew attention to some relevant facts that the Party would prefer to be undiscussed and kept hidden, such as real crime statistics, Mrs Bill Clinton’s aversion to truth, Islamic terrorist violence etc. Also, a difference of opinion between free citizens.
More to come, but I have to leave for a weekend in the country with powerful guns and glorious patriotic singing. Stay tuned.

Rebel Yell

National Post McPiffle

In days gone by, when Conrad Black founded the National Post, it looked like Canada was going to get a newspaper that wasn’t just an echo chamber for the chattering classes and the liberal establishment. Since Conrad divested himself of that and all the good writers (like Mark Steyn) have left, nothing much remains, except, like the ruins around Ozymandias, long, lone and level sands of progressive drivel.

Witness Mr McParland’s highly predictable, meandering missive in the National Post, of July 19th, on the prospects of a Trump Presidency—gasoline to set the world aflame.

Those of us who were around during the Reagan campaign remember well all the hysterical ravings of the lame stream media about how Reagan would start a nuclear war, destroy America, invite Satan to the White House, blah, blah…you’ve heard it all before. However, when President Reagan brought the US its longest running economic recovery, negotiated the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaties with the Soviet Union, oversaw the collapse of communism and won the Cold War without firing a shot (you’re welcome) did the Washington scribblers and jabbering pundits actually say thanks? Or admit to being wholly wrong? Of course not.

I suspect Mr McParland’s unfocused gibberish in the NP will meet the same fate. Under the Hussein regime, America has staggered from one foreign policy disaster to another, with the assistance of the well-known crook and incompetent, Mrs Bill Clinton. I say Mrs Bill Clinton because without him she would still be a devious, decrepit lawyer (assuming she hadn’t been disbarred) in the Arkansas swamps. Everything she touches turns to dross. Even entire countries, Libya, have been turned into terrorist hellholes with the application of her Secretary of State ministrations. Her incompetence in matters of international politics and her dishonesty and lying in matters of an email nature render her unfit for sweeping the streets, let alone fit for high office.

I like Trump. He’s brash, rude, outspoken, straight-talking and—successful in what he does. ‘America First’ is what the country desperately needs after eight years of treason and defeatism from the Hussein White House. The neocon nest in the State Department needs to be expunged and the country set on a path for less intervention, for more outreach to our neighbors in Western Civilization, especially Russia, to work together to eliminate the threats from radical Islamic terror. The anti-White racism so rampant today must be stopped and the appalling rhetoric encouraging violence against our peace officers halted immediately. Those who commit these crimes and provide the poisonous atmosphere in which they flourish, must be made to pay in full. American workers need to know that they have a government that is on their side, not trying to undermine them at every turn with uncontrolled immigration of the worst sort. Above all, America needs a President who actually upholds the Constitution and does not attempt to destroy it.

That’s why America needs Trump and I’m waiting for the day when Mr McParland’s piffle will join the other acres of turgid print from the lame stream media lining the kitty litter boxes of the nation.

Rebel Yell

How Low Can He Go?

As you know, Obama (he who does President impressions) gave a speech at the funerals of the slain Dallas police officers recently. At a time of national mourning, one would have thought that he could have shown some sympathy for the bereaved.

But no, true to form, showing how completely tone-deaf he is to the reality around him, he indulged himself by insulting the officers and families gathered there to honor their loved ones with a political speech supporting the black racist thugs of the Black Lives Matter movement. What must have been particularly galling for the survivors was to hear the lies about “racial disparities in law enforcement”. As a recent report from Harvard University (of all places) found, blacks are, in fact, marginally more privileged than whites when it comes to confrontations with the police. What Obama failed to mention was the real racial disparity, which is in law breaking, not law enforcement.

Anyone who makes speeches from a position of authority supporting assaults on the enforcement of law and its independence from the meddling of politicians must realize that those things will happen. That they are aided and abetted by the president is appalling beyond words. Those officers and families that put their lives on the line every day of their working lives deserve the support and devotion of the leadership of the state. His mob is protected every day, despite their taunting, insults and anti-social behavior. The very people called upon to serve and protect are the very ones reviled by the state authorities. Nothing could be a crueller sneer at the five who died that day. Many of the officers showed their true mettle by remaining completely silent; it was they who honored the dead.

But Obama, paying homage to himself with a panache that would make Narcissus blush, could do nothing but further disgrace himself.

And Clinton, emerging from her hive, much tired after a riotous day of spreading her ichor of corruption on the FBI and the Department of Justice, summarily blamed all white Americans saying that ‘we all’ have implicit bias. No, ‘we all’, don’t. How dare she point the finger of blame on any innocent, white or black, simply to signal her pandering to the worst elements of the mob? A daily regimen of lying is necessary to burnish her insincerity prior to the coming conflicts. Why waste the tears of the bereaved? But, I digress.

The American Constitution is a great document and a great vision of the government of men, but no Constitution can protect society when the quality of the human material sinks and is no longer worthy of the founders themselves. Human failings, and not constitutional malfunctions, are the causes of the rot. Burke saw it clearly during the French Revolution, where he said at one point, of the constitution of the National Assembly,

…I do not mean its formal constitution, which, as it now stands, is exceptionable enough, but the materials of which, in a great measure, it is composed, which is of ten thousand times greater consequence than all the formalities in the world.

The humbug of Obama and the taint of the Clinton Mafia are symptomatic of this very real decay of the ruling classes. Once corruption of the legal system and justification of mob rule become the creed of the state, the end can not be far off.

Rebel Yell

An Offer He Couldn’t Refuse…

So…Hillary Clintonescu is not to be indicted. Well, I never would have guessed that. But then, it was all so clear.

The She Creature, finally caught abusing the offices of the Secretary of State, officiating over the debacle in Libya, excusing her husband’s myriad assaults and worse, vowing to destroy the ‘bimbos’ and ‘trash’ that spoke out, and, now, that her positions have ‘evolved’, every woman who claims rape should be ‘believed’……But you know the never-ending story of hypocrisy and lies that is the Clinton Saga.

Suddenly, the FBI, while investigating the manifest abuses of trust and power that were given to the Clintonescu, has found that all these activities do not warrant prosecution! And how did this happen? Well, just by chance, Mr Clintonescu just happened to be in his jet and just happened to be on the same piece of tarmac that the Attorney General (Ms L Lynch) happened to be with her jet. Lo and behold, they had a little meeting, just to discuss the grandkids and such like. Then, in a completely unrelated fashion, the female Clintonescu happened to mention that the aforementioned Ms Lynch might well stay on as Attorney General if she won the election in November. As Fate would have it, these coincidences are always so fascinating, the FBI Director, a Mr Comey, suddenly declared that despite colossal negligence, demonstrable perjury and stupidity, there was not a reasonable ground for prosecution.

Well, well. Heavens to Betsy, what next? Despite the fact that any part of these activities would have landed any ordinary American, civilian or military, in the clink for several eons, suddenly the presumptive, and presumptuous, Democratic nominee is excused.

The Clinton Mafia is in full control of the Democratic Party, supported by the cat box liners the Washington Pravda and the New York Slimes.

It was all in clear view. The Don had a meeting with the Judge. The Judge then had meeting with the FBI Director at which he heard about the offer he could not refuse. Whether this was a promise of money or death is not yet clear. The only thing we didn’t see was the horse’s head in the bed.

Rebel Yell

The Oligarchy Trembles…Part the First

In the West, democracy died quite some time ago. In Europe, the US, Canada and other nations of Western Civilization, the political structure is one of oligarchy.

We are led to believe that we are a democratic society, where the rulers rule with the consent of the governed. In fact, we live in an oligarchy, the rule by an entrenched political class which, in the modern world, is semi-hereditary, globalist, rich, anti-national, anti-democratic and vicious. It is active in all Western countries and is developing into a World Hydra with its tendrils extending into all parts of society.

The foundation of the Oligarchy is the Doctrine. The Doctrine is a commitment to globalization, the destruction of the middle classes in Western society by shipping material production and all manner of jobs to China and other non-Western, low-wage countries. The Doctrine also includes any and every measure to destroy the nation state, hitherto the bastion of our Western Civilization and the Christian values that built it. This is implemented, for example, by support for ever-expanding state power as in the EU and by the cancerous growth of the Federal Government in the US.

The Doctrine also includes massive immigration from more primitive societies, particularly Islamic societies, with a view to further weakening Western nations with a cultural and racial population that not only will not integrate into Western societies, but which is actively hostile to them.

Another necessary feature of the Doctrine is the suppression of free speech. In our current techno-centric world, this is done by Facebook (here) and Google censorship, workplace intimidation, “hate speech” codes in universities and companies, and the response to any objection to the Doctrine by insults and libel. The censorship and attacks on liberty require a political instrument, the Thought Police. The modern, 21st century Thought Police is not a secret organization as in Orwell’s 1984, but an open club that anyone can join. All you have to do is swear allegiance to multi-culturalism, multi-racialism, globalization and massive immigration, “hate speech” laws, promise to say that everything in Western Civilization is bad and Islam is a religion of peace, and you’re in. Then you have free licence to insult, intimidate, threaten, and lie about anyone who objects to the Doctrine.

The Thought Police are particularly active in academia and education generally, seeking out the youngest to instill fear in to make them more malleable as they grow up. Other branches include the open thug organizations like Black Lives Matter and Social Justice Warriors (pause for hollow laughter) who are free, even encouraged, to intimidate white and Asian students on campuses, and any rent-a-mob that wants to show up and throw bricks and bottles at Trump supporters.

The Oligarchy maintains itself in power by means of Potemkin political parties that represent slightly different facets of the Doctrine. In Britain we have the Labor, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties; in Germany, the Social Democrats and the Christian Democrats; in the US, the Democrats and the Republicans etc. There is no real difference, only a little less immigration here, a little more state control there. The Potemkin parties are shock absorbers for the Oligarchy. An open tyranny might just expose the whole game, hence the need for the Potemkin parties to syphon off anger when the proles get uppity with hollow promises and meaningless platitudes. Even with that, the EU commissars are moving closer to the open version—witness the complete disregard for referenda results that do not support the Doctrine. When the voters begin to see the sham, and begin to show disagreement with any of the elements of the Doctrine, all the “mainstream” parties (i.e., tools of the Oligarchy) will speak up for the Oligarchy and pour streams of insults and threats on any dissenting movement. Usually, this is enough to silence any opposition.

The ground on which all this is built is beginning to shake and tremble. In Europe, the UK Independence Party, the Front National in France, the AfD party in Germany, the new Hungarian government, the Danish People’s Party, (all called “populist” or, in utterly misleading fashion, “far-right”) and much more, are gaining large fractions of the popular vote. They are now “mainstream”, a word that has been until now used by the propaganda organs of the Oligarchy to signify subservience to the Doctrine. And the Oligarchy is troubled.

The Times They Are A-Changin’…

The Brexit vote in Britain has just given the political class its first kick in the you-know-what and they’re hopping mad. Squealing about hate, neo-Nazis, ignorant masses, uneducated proles, and what’s wrong with democracy, all because they lost. Isn’t it amusing to see the political class with the mask off? This is what they really think about freedom of choice: it’s good only as long as the great unwashed deliver the result approved of by their betters. Enjoy the full-bore exposure of their hypocrisy, spite and venom. But beware the attempts of the globalists and the Establishment to undermine the vote and pervert democracy. They are utterly without scruple or decency and should never be trusted.

But for now, Britain has spoken for national freedom and liberty. Again, she leads the world, and, more importantly, the West, where it really matters.

The Euro-Soviet behemoth totters….

Rebel Yell

Elite opinion going nuts

James Taub of Foreign Policy Magazine says it all: “It’s time for the elites to rise up against the ignorant masses”.

The issues are not between left and right he says, but between the wise and knowing elites and the angry know nothings who voted  for Brexit and who will he fears vote for Trump.



Given Mr. Taub’s description  of what ails the masses, it is to be expected that they are in revolt. He writes:


The issue, at bottom, is globalization. Brexit, Trump, the National Front, and so on show that political elites have misjudged the depth of the anger at global forces and thus the demand that someone, somehow, restore the status quo ante. It may seem strange that the reaction has come today rather than immediately after the economic crisis of 2008, but the ebbing of the crisis has led to a new sense of stagnation. With prospects of flat growth in Europe and minimal income growth in the United States, voters are rebelling against their dismal long-term prospects. And globalization means culture as well as economics: Older people whose familiar world is vanishing beneath a welter of foreign tongues and multicultural celebrations are waving their fists at cosmopolitan elites.

If my long term prospects were ‘dismal’, to use his words, I too would revolt.

The schism we see opening before us is not just about policies, but about reality. The Brexit forces won because cynical leaders were prepared to cater to voters’ paranoia, lying to them about the dangers of immigration and the costs of membership in the EU.

It is customary in argument to assert that the view of reality held by one’s opponents must be wrong. Usually left wingers assert that opposition is informed by wrong attitudes, ideologies, and values. It never occurs to writers like Taub that the systematic cover-up by British police and social workers of Islamic rape culture in Rotherham has come home to roost, as it were. It never seems to occur to them that the price of imposing political correctness – which is not to perceive or speak about what is in front of one’s nose – is that the pressure must build up to the point of explosion. Through miscalculation, the Tory government handed the masses a clearly worded question that asked them in effect if they wanted

  • to be irrevocably committed to unlimitable immigration and
  • the permanent subordination of their political institutions to un-elected and unaccountable foreign ones.

Despite many material advantages of the current arrangements, the people answered ‘no’. Now the elites are going bonkers. Go figure.





Sir Basil Nardley-Stoads

A warm wind of change is blowing through the unhallowed halls of the European Onion. Down the dank corridors of that bureaucratic nest of conformity a perfume of freedom wafts. Quick, you commissars, drain your expense accounts, squeeze those few last groats from your peons before the tsunami of change hits you and your padded, protected useless existences are removed from the long-suffering body politic of Europe.

At last, a nation that taught the world the meaning of liberty is demanding some for herself. Despite the spite and sour demeanour of the chatterati, their squawking puppets in the BBC and the Grauniad, and the never-ending prattle of cretinoid celebrities, it is left to the British workman, farmer, soldier, mother, to speak for representative government.

Fellow nationalists of Europe, your nations are also under threat from the Hydra in Brussels. Rest assured, we, in our sceptred isle, will support you in your quest for the crystal airs on the high plains of national freedom and liberty.

Double gins all round, and here’s our toast to our Queen, long may she reign.


Hic.., damn, that was a great day, eh, Jeeves?


Treason Afoot

More than two thousand years ago, the Ancient Greeks understood that “whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.” It seems that a modern version of this is to see Islamic terrorism commit mass murder and then blame your neighbors for it.

At least, that’s what the shameful, pathetic response from Weasel-in-Chief Obama told us. Not only can he not face reality, he has to insult the American people in a time of tragedy by saying that “we” are all responsible. No, “we” are not, you liar. Islamic terrorism is. Not only is every word he says phony, he uses the occasion to spit in the eye of every American. Islam is merrily slaughtering gays, enslaving Christian girls, raping women with impunity, stoning people to death and beheading them in public around the world and still he cannot say the words—Islamic terrorism.

Obama never misses an opportunity to disgrace the Presidency and give succor to America’s enemies. That pretty much sums it up—treason.

When he leaves office, he’ll need a big, flat rock to live under.

Rebel Yell