George Soros analyzes the world situation, and fails the test



George Soros has published a state of the world letter at Project Syndicate, which I recommend you read. His analysis shares several important features with Donald Trump’s, and gives insight into a man who otherwise consistently misapprehends what is the real threat to an open society, of the type to which every reader of this blog is committed, I can say without fear of contradiction.

First he shares the concerns of Karl Popper for the preservation of what Popper called “the open society”, the kind we live in, and the defence of same against closed societies, such as Russia, and other tribal or mafia states.

Second, he adverts to the liberalization of the flows of capital after the fall of Communism in 1989.

The major development since then has been the globalization of financial markets, spearheaded by advocates who argued that globalization increases total wealth. After all, if the winners compensated the losers, they would still have something left over.

As with Trump, Soros feels that the losers were not compensated adequately, a point they share in common. Soros continues:


Because financial capital is an indispensable ingredient of economic development, and few countries in the developing world could generate enough capital on their own, globalization spread like wildfire. Financial capital could move around freely and avoid taxation and regulation.

Soros should know whereof he speaks.

Globalization has had far-reaching economic and political consequences. It has brought about some economic convergence between poor and rich countries; but it increased inequality within both poor and rich countries. In the developed world, the benefits accrued mainly to large owners of financial capital, who constitute less than 1% of the population. The lack of redistributive policies is the main source of the dissatisfaction that democracy’s opponents have exploited.

In particular, Soros observes that the European Union has stopped being a relationship among peers and has become an arrangement between creditor and debtor countries. Institutional rigidity in the treaty uniting Europe, and the inability to fix what is wrong with the Maastricht Treaty, have compounded the trouble.

So far so good. Globalization has been bad for certain groups, and the European Union is dysfunctional. At this point Soros steps off the mesa and starts walking on air, à la Wiley Coyote. Enter the archvillain Vladimir Putin.

“At first, he [Putin] tried to control social media. Then, in a brilliant move, he exploited social media companies’ business model to spread misinformation and fake news, disorienting electorates and destabilizing democracies. That is how he helped Trump get elected.”

“With economic growth lagging and the refugee crisis out of control, the EU is on the verge of breakdown and is set to undergo an experience similar to that of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s. Those who believe that the EU needs to be saved in order to be reinvented must do whatever they can to bring about a better outcome.”

With the exception of his demonization of Putin, I am not sure there is much to distinguish his views of what is going on in Europe and the world from those of Trump or Nigel Farage. So why the hostility to both from Soros?

What I find ludicrous in all the ravings of the anti-Trumpists, is their total and complete misperception of Trump, who is the least right-wing, least ideological, least establishmentarian, most centrist, most pragmatic Republican  President since Eisenhower. The guy is a positive leftie compared to Hillary, in terms of economic intervention. He only appears “conservative” because he does not give a damn for political correctness. This in turn shows how far leftism has strayed from an economic agenda of wealth redistribution to a values agenda of redistribution of victimhood.

The political positions which anti-Trumpists take in consequence, of supporting the arch-globalizer Hillary Rodham Clinton, against the conclusions of their own analysis, is incomprehensible.

Yet there is some element of Jewish political hysteria  at play here in Soros and other neo-conservatives. Those who are always sniffing for Nazis are quick to perceive it in any popular movement of ordinary people to reject the terms of governance laid down by the political classes. Thus Soros can talk of a refugee crisis but not of an Islamic invasion crisis. Soros can observe the destruction of faith in the European Union but is reluctant to see any merit in those who oppose its plans for further integration into the politically irresponsible morass of the European pan-state.

I cite David Goldman, who channels Spengler, in his latest analysis of the mess that Jewish neo-conservatives have got themselves into by opposing Trump. It is relevant to the claims about Jewish political hysteria that I made above.

Goldman cites Irving Kristol:

“Jews to this day continue to combine an almost pathologically intense concern for politics with a seemingly equally intense inclination toward political foolishness, often crossing over into the realm of the politically suicidal,” wrote the late Irving Kristol, the original neoconservative. His son Bill Kristol proved the Jewish proclivity for political hara-kiri remains undiminished in his generation by doing everything he could to prevent the election of Donald Trump—along with such high-profile Jewish conservatives as pundit Charles Krauthammer and Commentary  Editor John Podhoretz.

I find that Soros, Krauthammer, Kristol , Podhoretz and others, though different in their politics, are alike in being highly intelligent and completely unable to understand the Trump phenomenon. Indeed, they are barking up the wrong tree. They are not alone in their folly, as many a goyish Democrat will  attest, but when all you have is the hammer of anti-Nazidom, everyone is suspected to be Nazi nail. It is time to stop looking for Hitler in every goy.


If there were any further evidence needed that the enemies of the Jews are now on the left, look at the lead article in the National Post today. Alan Dershowitz now realizes that Obama has betrayed the Jews. A little late, don’t you think, Alan? This is why every ignorant 18 year old will trust an experienced  sergeant to lead them in battle in preference to an officer whose only military education has been to read books. And this is why the  cunning of Trump has been preferred to the vapidity of his former rival, Hillary Clinton.


And for a devastating critique of Soros, who is blamed for the destruction of the Democratic Party, read this from Daniel Greenfield:

Trump’s victory, like Brexit, came because the left had left the white working class behind. Its vision of the future as glamorous multicultural city states was overturned in a single night. The idea that Soros had committed so much power and wealth to was of a struggle between populist nationalists and responsible internationalists. But, in a great irony, Bush was hardly the nationalist that Soros believed. Instead Soros spent a great deal of time and wealth to unintentionally elect a populist nationalist.

Leftists used Soros money to focus on their own identity politics obsessions leaving the Dems with little ability to interact with white working class voters. The Ivy and urban leftists who made up the core of the left had come to exist in a narrow world with little room for anything and anyone else.

Soros turned over the Democrats to political fanatics least likely to be able to recognize their own errors. His protégés repeated the great self-destruction of the Soviet Union on a more limited scale….

George Soros spent a fortune to turn a national party favorable to the left into an organization that has difficulty appealing to anyone not on the left. He wanted to control a country he did not understand. And, as the left so often does, he achieved his goals and in doing so destroyed them.


Obama: Forgotten, but Not Gone

Election Night 2016 seems like a joy ride that never quits. Already, not only is Trump acting like the President, commanding all the world’s attention, he’s making Obama seem like a shadow on the wall.

Not only did Trump trump the MSM, pundits, talking heads, and the whole sorry shower of Democrat sycophants in the dead-tree press, he’s driving Hillary Rodent Clinton’s supporters closer to the psychiatric wing of their local hospitals. Obama whines in front of the press corps (or is it the press corpse?) looking like a hole in space. Michelle says she knows what hopelessness feels like now. Boo hoo. Do the Democrats really have a monopoly on stupidity? What do their incoherent gripes amount to?

First, they think it’s not a “legitimate victory” since Trump didn’t win the “popular vote”. Never mind the fact the US is a constitutional republic and fifty separate elections were held in fifty states. The states’ electors, reflecting the will of the voters of those states, then choose the president in the Electoral College. And even then, this choice has to be approved by the House of Representatives.

Second, suddenly, the evil Russians, recently relegated to “regional power” status by Obama, have the power to influence the minds of American voters, without their knowledge, to vote for Trump. This stunning discovery was made only after the Rodent lost the election. Why then? As that great British wit, Dr Johnson, observed “…when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates the mind wonderfully”. Prior to that, any talk of the election results being challenged was a threat to American democracy. Subsequently, it was the duty of all real Americans. What a difference a day makes!

Third, the Wikileaks donation of thousands of DNC/Clinton/Podesta emails describing in detail the collusion and corruption of the media, Democrats, “journalists”, and all those orcs of the politcal class, unfairly influenced the election. But influencing the voters is what elections are all about. All candidates and power groups attempt to get voters to vote for them! I mean, duh! What part of their brains has been removed?

Fourth, Clinton lost because “she’s a woman”. Spare me. No, she lost because she is a liar, a crook, a hypocrite, an incompetent, and a thoroughly unlikable person. Woman?—I’ll leave that as an exercise for the reader. Aside from the fact that women have been the rulers of nations and empires from time immemorial, how would Clinton’s winning be “historic”? Only in the sense of President Hoover being historic, because he was a mining engineer and spoke Chinese. Oh, sorry, those are real talents, something Clinton lacks. Her political trajectory matches that of Elena Ceausescu, a political lamprey along for the ride with the real leader and possessing a hunger for power bordering on the maniacal.

Fifth, they have no common decency. Clinton didn’t even have the decency to stand in front of her supporters, concede the election and thank them. She was too busy getting drunk and throwing tantrums while assaulting Podesta, as some have said. Either way, her “temperament” is obviously unsuited for the role of President of the US if she can’t behave decently when the situation requires. Her supporters have been rioting on the streets, assaulting people and causing property damage in various cities across the nation—vile behavior by immature people. If the Democrats want to be taken even remotely seriously, they had better shape up pretty quick and start behaving like adults instead of whiny, sniveling idiots on university campuses.

So, listen up whiners, the nuclear-powered icebreaker, the Donald J Trump, is moving through the Washington ice-pack, so learn to sink or swim with the new regime.

OK, that’s enough for now, so do what I did—buy yourselves a bottle of excellent Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky; I recommend Rebel Yell (of course) and Woodford Reserve, Distiller’s Selection.  Book off January 20th for an all-TV day.

Oh, one more thing: do yourself a favor and read Conrad Black’s latest. He’s on a roll right now, rather like the Hulk on steroids with a flamethrower.

Rebel Yell

FakeNewsweek and the Washington Com-Post

After the defeat of Hillary Rodent Clinton in the election, the latest act of desperation from her media presstitutes is the invention of fake news. Or rather, blaming others for what the MSM have been doing for the last n years. Hillary Rodent Clinton has to lie in the same way ordinary people have to breathe in order to live.

As every disagreement with the progressive agenda is “hate speech”, every news item exposing the crooked activities of the Rodent-in-Chief is “fake news”.

The Wikileaks emails, and the Project Veritas videos, showed the extent of corruption in the Democrat Party and the news media, their collusion and dishonesty, and their contempt from the ordinary folk of America. To try to throw the public off the scent, the invention of a great Russian/Julian Assange conspiracy is invented to stop you noticing that the Democrats actively conspired to generate violence at Trump rallies, help illegals to vote, and many other things. The presstitutes are trying to confuse two distinct issues here. The first issue, vote fraud, consists of dead people voting Democrat and voters whose vote for Trump mysteriously shows up as a Clinton vote. This is interference with the election. The second issue, wholly unrelated, is the hacking of the DNC and Clinton’s email server. While Secretary of State, her email server was set up, against all security regulations, solely to protect her slush fund pay-to-play schemes for the Clinton Foundation. It was hacked. Too bad honey, your fault.

With regard to the second issue, whoever obtained the Clinton emails exposed the nefarious dealings of the inner workings of the Clinton campaign and their hacks and lackeys in the media. People found out how the Clintons work (as if they didn’t know already). That is a service to the American public. Thank you, Julian Assange. How voters choose to vote after that is their business entirely.

The presstitutes have been attempting to imply that the Russians/Julian Assange did this to ‘tip the election’ to Trump. This is bunk. The issue is ‘What did the emails reveal?’ and ‘Is that important?’

The presstitutes are focusing all their efforts at their doctored news on ‘who did it?’ rather than ‘what did the emails tell us?’

Might I add that I am shocked!, shocked and appalled!!, that a foreign power would try to gain information from another by underhand means!

It doesn’t matter if the Russians, Julian Assange, or the Martians, or anyone else, sent a letter or email to every voter saying ‘Please vote for candidate X’. The voters can vote for any candidate they please for any reason they deem fit. In one of the past elections (Bush/Kerry 2004) the Grauniad, the far-left Brit rag, implored voters, by mail and people contact, in one of the swing counties in the States to vote for Kerry. No one in the media got upset about that.

It’s not as if the Russian ambassador were handing out cookies to voters after the Trump victory as Ambassador Nuland was in Ukraine after the government there was overthrown by a CIA-financed coup.

The Washington Com-Post, no longer worthy of lining a kitty litter box, in one of the most disgraceful and scurrilous articles ever published, recently accused more than 200 websites, of many political persuasions, of disseminating Russian propaganda. As any opinion opposing the progressive mind-set is “hate speech’, so any news from any other source in the world, is “fake news”, unless approved by the oligarchy in DC. Many other countries have newspapers, and web-based news services, which are far better and more informative than the tripe dished out by the TV networks and the dead-tree press in the US. And with less of the sanctimonious humbug from ignorant journalists.

The “source” of their fake news was a dubious organization, ProporNot, that provided no evidence of anything. Their identities were protected by the Post. The Post is, of course, no stranger to fake news. In fact, they are masters at it. Back in 1981, their famed reporter, Janet Cooke, had her Pulitzer Prize withdrawn because her articles about heroin addicts were entirely fake.

Likewise, the New York Slimes set the standard back in the 1930s with their correspondent, Walter Duranty, who wrote glowing reports of the joyous life of Soviet citizens during the Stalin-induced famines in which millions died. Other writers, notably the British author Malcom Muggeridge, had the courage and honesty to expose these lies. But Duranty has never had his Pulitzer Prize revoked.

In view of this, I propose a new award for fake newspapers and their fake news: the Walter Duranty Award for Mendacity in Journalism. The NYT and the Washington Post are lead contenders for the first award.

The Internet, and the new journalism of free citizens, means that we are no longer at the mercy of these liberal rags for information. Their days are numbered and the end will come sooner than they think. This election has shown that their worthless bunkum is no longer believed.

Rebel Yell

Castro: the Media’s Favorite Tyrant

‘Fidel Castro is dead!’ tweeted President-Elect The Donald.  I like the exclamation point.  The rest of the media and, of course, some of the wormtongues of the political class were quick to show that their powers of grovelling have not suffered even in the New Era of Trump.  Boy Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Canuckistan averred:

“Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century. A legendary revolutionary and orator, Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation.”

Just like his leftist father before him, the new Boy Leader of the DPRC gushes with praise for dictators, especially those that can poke a stick into the eye of the United States.  Canada’s Liberals often find execrable tyrants ‘remarkable leaders.’

Obsequiousness comes naturally to them, and the new, slimy leader leader of Canada is no exception.  As with Hussein in the United States, he enjoys adulation from a lapdog media, which, in the case of the CBC, is financed by fleecing the taxpayer.

In the EU, Jean-Claude Juncker, senior commissar and drunk, has said,

“With the death of Fidel Castro, the world has lost a man who was a hero for many….  Fidel Castro remains one of the revolutionary figures of the 20th century. His legacy will be judged by history.”

Juncker himself aspires to a similar legacy, and, as a leader of the semi-Soviet EU sees himself as a ‘revolutionary figure’ of the 20th century.  Juncker’s legacy will likewise be judged—as an aspiring tyrant and oligarch who had no sympathy with the average man or woman.  The EU has no respect for democracy, and neither did the thug and tyrant Castro.

Castro’s communist tyranny has left Cuba in a state of poverty and dictatorship after half a century of repression.  No mention of the political prosoners who suffered under him, or the tens of thousands ‘eliminated’ in the greater cause of communism.  No mention, either, of his bastard political offspring, Che Guevara, who rose to fame as Castro’s chief executioner.

The reactions of real people were shown by President-Elect The Donald and by Cubans on the streets of Miami. And from the Miami Cubans, I like this one the best….


Rebel Yell

Aspiring Tyrants at the European Union

As you know, communism is dead in Russia. But its vampiric influence is growing in the European Union. The EU is becoming more like the old Soviet Union every day. For years, Vladimir Bukovsky, a Soviet dissident expelled from the Soviet Union, warned Europeans of the insidious slide of the EU towards something resembling the USSR.  Recently, the EU Parliament, an institution as phony as any old Soviet Praesidium, passed a resolution based on a report ‘EU strategic communication to counteract propaganda against it by third parties’, that alleges that Moscow aims to:
“distort the truth, provoke doubt, divide the EU and its North American partners, paralyze the decision-making process, discredit the EU institutions and incite fear and uncertainty among EU citizens.”

Shock and horror. That sounds like something straight out of…that’s right, the Soviet Union!

Apparently, the EU commissars cannot stomach the fact that other countries, Russia one among many, have their own news agencies, their own political views, and their own criticisms of the overbearing, foundering, tottering monolith known as the EU. So this criticism, and news about the shady, dishonest dealings of that rotten and decrepit institution, must now be ‘countered’.
How? By suppressing access to Russia Today News? By suppressing access to any country’s news service if it invokes the displeasure of the bloated degenerates in Brussels?

After Brexit, they seem to be running scared, not of Russia or Iran or China, but their own citizens, who are rising up against liars of the international, and anti-national, political class. The Internet means their days of censorship and thought control are over. They belong in the trash can of history. The collapse of the EU will be a great day for Europe and freedom for the nations under its suffocating, reactionary control.

Rebel Yell

Females anti-war by nature? Not these gals!

Female vervet monkeys manipulate males into fighting battles by lavishing attention on brave soldiers while giving noncombatants the cold shoulder, researchers said Wednesday…They observed that after a skirmish with a rival gang, usually over food, females would groom males that had fought hardest, while snapping at those that abstained.

When the next battle came along, both those singled out for attention and those aggressively shunned would participate more vigorously in combat, the researchers reported in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Lunch Break at Learning-Factory 17

In the low-ceilinged FacClub canteen, deep under ground, the lunch queue jerked slowly forward. The room was already very full and deafeningly noisy. From the grille at the counter the steam of stew came pouring forth, with a sour metallic smell which did not quite overcome the fumes of Equality Gin.
‘Nex’, please’ yelled the white-aproned prole with the ladle.
Winston and Syme pushed their trays beneath the grille. Onto each was dumped the regulation lunch—a metal pannikin of pinkish-gray stew, probably some tofu preparation with the appearance of vomit, a few moldy kale chips, a hunk of gluten-free bread substitute, and a milkless cup of fair-trade Equality Coffee.

‘There’s a table over there, next to the telescreen,’ said Syme. They picked up a gin on the way, dispensed from a grimy hole in the wall. They finished their lunches in silence.

‘How is the Newthink curriculum getting on?’ said Winston, trying to be heard over the din and clatter.

‘Slowly,’ said Syme. ‘We’re working on the adjectives. The personal pronouns have been pretty much completed. It’s fascinating. I’m starting on the abstract ideas now.’

Syme was working in the Cultural Studies Department of Learning-Factory 17, formerly know as a ‘university’ in Oldspeak. Winston could only partially remember its old name, UofZero he thought, but could not be sure. Cultural Studies, or CultStud, governed everything in LearnFac17, even in departments little connected with CultStud. The Fizzix Department, under a cloud until recently, now taught that the law of gravitation unfairly discriminated against the gravitationally-challenged as it exerted greater force on their bodies.
One fizprof, having inadvertently referred to a dead white fizzisist named Nyutun, had successfully avoided denunciation by claiming that the law of gravitation was fully sensitive, as all bodies were accelerated equally in a gravitational field. Winston, even though he new very little of fizzix, had silently congratulated him on his brilliant reposte. But, as Syme reminded Winston, the law of gravitation was only a prejudice of white civilization.

‘We’ll soon be getting it in its final shape,’ said Syme eagerly. ‘It’s a beautiful thing, the destruction of ideas. Of course, the great wastage is in the ideas of freedom, politics, consitutional government, republics, ideas of liberalism, socialism, fascism; the human vices and virtues that the ancient philosophers agonized over for thousands of years. What use are they now? Why clutter students minds with these when they are all hate speech anyway’?

His thin dark face had become animated, his eyes had lost their mocking expression and become almost dreamy.

‘They are still referred to now as socpol, fascpol, commpol, libpol, but even these terms will be redundant when Newthink is fully in control of the Edyukashun of our youth.’
‘The Party knows this and the newprofs in LearnFac17 are fully in agreement with our views. They know that when these ideas are finally expunged from the curriculum, thoughtcrime, now undesirable, will be impossible. Of course, we owe it all to PC and Boy Leader,’ he added as an afterthought.

A sort of vapid eagerness flitted across Winston’s face at the mention of Boy Leader. Nevertheless, Syme detected a certain lack of enthusiasm.

‘You haven’t a real appreciation of Newthink, Winston,’ he said almost sadly. ‘Even when you prepare your lectures, you’re thinking in Oldthink. I’ve noticed that you still call them lectures, instead of speakthinks. You haven’t been brought fully up to date yet. You don’t grasp the beauty of the destruction of ideas. Do you realize that Newthink is the only educational curriculum that gets smaller and more limited every year? As ideas are destroyed, and the range of consciousness shrinks, students will have fewer means to fall into the errors of thoughtcrime. Ideas are divisive, Winston, and divisions give rise to opinions. This is not desirable. Has it occurred to you, Winston, that in a few generations, no students will be able to understand what you are saying now’?

‘Except—‘, began Winston doubtfully, and then stopped. Syme, however, had divined what he was about to say.

‘Oldprofs are animals,’ he said carelessly. ‘They will be reformed or vaporized. Some time ago, LearnFac17 was led by one of our Outer Party members, I forget his name, an odious dwarf, but no matter, he served our purposes well. All he had to do to suppress undesirable ideas was to write sanctimonious letters to a visiting speaker and the students dutifully threatened violence and mayhem! All without any wasteful debates.

Currently, there is a woman in LearnFac17 being brought before one of our Social Justice tribunals for thoughtcrime. Don’t think we are violent people, Winston. There is no need, yet, for people to be taken to camps in boxcars at night. The communist Red Guards in China in the 1960s may have killed millions, but that is unnecessary history, best forgotten. Now we shame, intimidate, insult, and threaten. We demean freethinkers, as you used to call them. We will not defend thoughtcriminals, Winston, in fact, all our resources are for the accusers. The idea of defense is Oldthink. We do not want to destroy our enemies, but to crush their minds and fill them with ourselves. All the while, Boy Leader and the Party are smiling over our land.’

Syme continued, ‘And what use will be the Party slogan, Diversity is Conformity, when there is no diversity of ideas? Students will not be conscious of such things. They will then be orthodox— and unconscious. Then, we will have unity.’

‘And don’t think that any revival of Goldsteinism in a country nearby will give any give any help to the Oldthinkers. A flick of Boy Leader’s raven locks will generate endless adulations on Stateradio and will ensure our safety.’

Unquestionably Syme will be vaporized, Winston thought again. He thinks too clearly, lacking discretion and a sort of saving stupidity. Despite Syme’s orthodoxy, Winston felt sure that one day, arriving at LearnFac17, Syme’s name would be missing from the approved profs and their speakthinks.

He went outside for a vape before the afternoon’s speakthink.

Rebel Yell

American Revolution

“I love the smell of napalm in the morning…it smells like, victory.” Donald J Trump, long ridiculed and reviled by the pompous, overbearing liberal media, TV networks and the dead-tree press, and pinko academia, swept to victory in the most stunning political upset in generations.

I must confess, that on Election night, I was overcome with a black cloud of despair after weeks of pro-Clinton propaganda from the lapdog media. But Mrs Rebel Yell said, as she had for weeks, ‘do not fear, I feel the karma; all is happening as we desire’. When I awoke in the morning, lo, the universe had shifted into a new quantum state. And she was right. And it was joy.

Running on a platform of protecting the jobs of American workers, enforcing the immigration laws, bringing the bloated federal government to heel, and pursuing a foreign policy based more on less bullying and more partnership, he rewrote the book on election tactics and redrew the electoral map in the US. He enters the Washington swamp not beholden to the usual cabal of banksters and political hucksters and with a long-overdue mandate to clean house, starting with the State Department, the Department of Justice and the FBI. He has a chance to bring American foreign policy back on to a more realistic track by not seeking to overthrow any government that does not curry favor with the Wall Street Money Power. He has a chance to defuse the disastrous tensions built up with Russia quite unnecessarily by Obama’s (and Clinton’s) bellicose Middle East policies. NATO, pay attention; it’s time to pony up some more money rather than milking the American taxpayer for your defense budgets.

Clinton was the candidate of the Establishment, the media, the dead-tree press and all the moralizing PC humbugs, SJWs (stupid juvenile whiners), eco-babblers, crackpot feminoids and, as the brilliant Orwell put it decades ago …”all that dreary tribe of high-minded women and sandal-wearers and bearded fruit-juice drinkers who come flocking towards the smell of ‘progress’ like bluebottles to a dead cat”. Her corruption, for years covered up by the servile lapdog media, might finally face the light of day. The pollsters have been exposed as part of the propaganda arm of the political class. Their credibility is down to zero, and getting worse. They were totally wrong about the British General Election in 2015, the Brexit vote, and now, the American Election. Each time the “polls say…” was exactly Establishment propaganda. They were wrong, hugely wrong, on each occasion. The TV networks, with their constant dishonesty and bias, were in the back pocket of the Democratic Party.

Trump not only had to fight against this media slush fund for the Democrats, but also most of the Republican Party establishment, who either refused to back him or showed him only lackluster support. And this after he had whipped 16 other candidates in the primaries by massive vote margins.

The real America, the truck drivers, electricians, store clerks, plumbers, construction workers, garbage collectors, soldiers, farmers, nurses, veterans, the people who actually make America work, who do not just talk about it, have given the biased journalists, media hacks, crooked pollsters, the pseudo-intellectuals with their ‘college degrees’ in underwater basket weaving and weirdo studies, a massive sock in the teeth. And long overdue it was too. For years, the liberal media have had free rein to insult and lie about any- and everyone they deemed fit as a racist, homophobe, islamophobe, misogynist without ever being called to account. They have poisoned the atmosphere of political debate for far too long and this election was their come-uppance. Ordinary folk are sick of it; sick of the lying media; sick of being denigrated for being decent ordinary people.

Trump has the audacity to think big and dream big. He brings a fresh air of openness and honesty which until now has just been a suffocating miasma of platitudes and hypocrisy. His real work is, of course, just beginning, but it’s refreshing to see, as emblazoned on the T-shirt of one Trump supporter…”Finally, someone with balls.”

The contrast with the Obama dweeb could not be more obvious.

Rebel Yell

Thought Control 101

Rummaging through my store of old documents the other day, I came across a letter that I had written to the Department Head (or Dean of Arts, I forget which) after I had graduated with an MA in International Affairs in 1992. The subject was political correctness (yes, even then) and its baleful influence on learning. Needless to say, I received no reply. As I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to my opinion, I reproduce it below as a public service. Names have been removed to protect the innocent. Things have only gotten worse….


The most important observation I feel I can make about university life in general concerns the poisonous, stifling atmosphere of political correctness that permeates academia. It is not yet as serious as at some American universities (where it is truly hysterical) but the trends are definitely here.
The University is an institution that must preserve freedom of thought and speech, promote clarity and excellence, and encourage students to grapple with the philosophical and moral issues that have been addressed by all the great writers and thinkers of civilization. All sides of the issues should be open to students as an inalienable right. Freedom means the freedom to be different, to be unpopular, to be eccentric, else it becomes a sham, an ideological facade for the politically correct commissars that seem to be in control of so much of university life.
The idea that people should have equal opportunity to excel is, I believe, the root of freedom in a liberal democratic society. The politically correct insist that equality of result is the necessary end of our education system. Because Mankind is such a diverse species, naturally an equality of opportunity will give rise to an enormous inequality of results. Some will succeed, others fail. That is Life. But to insist that every difference and distinction in society is the result of some “ism” or other, or that every dissident view is the product of a concealed conspiracy, or that everything that some minority group wants is a right, is nothing less than cultural Bolshevism. For example, to say that the term “Mankind” is sexist (whatever that means) and should be replaced by “Humanity”, on pain of academic penalty, is thought control of crassest kind. It is now actually impossible to discuss any issues of race and its political importance in the world, other than by parroting the slogans of the ethnically-approved. If students are to come to grips with spiritual and moral problems that confront them, they will not be able to do so without being able to discuss the issues without fear of intimidation or reprisal. That security of feeling does not exist on campuses today.

The assault on the cultural traditions of universities is nothing new. The revolt against civilization in all ages has been directed at study, learning, art and science. Bolshevism attacked learning in much the same way as the modern PC movement. Its evil results are plain for all to see. In English literature, they were exposed in almost prescient fashion by George Orwell fifty years ago in “1984” and various essays such as “The Prevention of Literature” and “Inside the Whale”.
It is essential in a free society that our actions be governed by law. The continual claims of the politically correct of being perpetually “aggrieved” and “offended” by their political opponents is simply a device to attempt to suppress the opposing view. In the 1990s, this is not done by secret police with rubber truncheons, but by lies, character assassination, slander and intimidation in the workplace. The result of this is that all open discussion of complex and controversial issues, such as race relations, is driven underground and the persona of the university becomes a mask of slogans tailored to suit all the self-appointed victims of real and imaginary ills.

What we are faced with today is the idea that intellectual honesty is somehow demeaning and the expression of unpopular points of view is generating discord on our campuses. It is, in fact, the attack on intellectual integrity by leftist intellectuals that is the cause of discord. Most students who think about it can see this, but in their position, where they can be easily intimidated by unscrupulous professors and university authorities, they know their futures can be readily jeopardized. Even those in positions of authority who can see what is happening crumble before vitriolic attacks from the PC storm troops. George Orwell pointed to the same paralysis of intellectuals in the 1940s. When discussing the question of liberty, he once said:

Here I am not trying to deal with the familiar claim that freedom is an illusion, or with the claim that there is more freedom in totalitarian countries than in democratic ones, but with the much more tenable and dangerous proposition that freedom is undesirable and that intellectual honesty is a form of anti-social selfishness.

In fact, to be free, we must state our views and feelings as they are. Free individuals can not be forced into molds and stamped out with all the politically correct views injected into them. Peaceful and civilized resolutions of social problems can only come about if everyone thinks he has had his fair say. And that includes saying many things that others do not like. Inventing lies to make certain groups feel good about themselves (as, for instance, did Alex Haley’s “Roots”) is the bed rock on which this atrocious conformity is built.
Again, allow me to refer to Orwell who saw exactly the same problem with the Communist-dominated English intelligentsia of the 1940s:

Freedom of the intellect means the freedom to report what one has seen, heard, and felt, and not to be obliged to fabricate imaginary facts and feelings. The familiar tirades against ‘escapism’, and ‘individualism’, ‘romanticism’ and so forth, are merely a forensic device, the aim of which is to make the perversion of history seem respectable.

To return to the university today, the continual demand in lectures to use “non-racist” or “gender-neutral” terminology is another case in point. Who makes these decisions as to what is “inappropriate” or not? Clearly, our commissars. And there is no recourse against this. Why? In his critique of Swift, Orwell said that:

…[i]n a Society in which there is no law, and in theory no compulsion, the only arbiter of behaviour is public opinion. But public opinion, because of the tremendous urge to conformity in gregarious animals, is less tolerant than any system of law. When human beings are governed by ‘thou shalt not’, the individual can practice a certain amount of eccentricity: when they are supposedly governed by ‘love’ or ‘reason’, he is under continuous pressure to make him behave and think in exactly the same way as everyone else. The Houyhnhnms, we are told, were unanimous on almost all subjects. The only question they ever discussed was how to deal with the Yahoos.

Our politically correct commissars today should study their ancestors– the Houyhnhnms– whence they might discover their true totalitarian nature. So, Swift and Orwell certainly understood the repressive results of pandering to the sensitivities, and, invariably, the insatiable demands of legions of the permanently aggrieved. What has happened to our universities of late has best been described by Allan Bloom in “The Closing of the American Mind”:

Universities came to be where men were inspired by the philosophers’ teachings and examples. Philosophy and its demonstration of the rational contemplative life, made possible and, more or less consciously, animated scholarship and the individual sciences. When those examples lost their vitality or where overwhelmed by men who had no experience of them, the universities decayed or were destroyed. This, strictly, is barbarism and darkness. To sum up, there is one simple rule for the university’s activity: it need not concern itself with providing its students with experiences that are available in democratic society. They will have them in any event. It must provide them with experiences they cannot have there. Tocqueville did not believe that the old writers were perfect, but he believed that they could best make us aware of our imperfections, which is what counts for us…. The universities never performed this function very well. Now they have practically ceased trying.

Now, the contemplative life, that brief moment when young people may be exposed to the jewels of our civilization, is being assaulted by the mob, screaming for orthodoxy, servility and conformity. The arrogance of the PC movement is surpassed only by its effrontery. I wish the University and our society luck in throwing off this dreadful incubus.
Rebel Yell M.A. (1992)
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