America’s PC Plague


As the cultural Bolshevist tsunami sweeps across America erasing knowledge and attempting to rewrite history at the behest of Marxist prigs and morons swarming in the colleges and Fake News Media, a perceptive, and ruthlessly accurate, analysis of the tragic American scene from Dmitry Kiselyov, a leading news analyst on Russia Today, provides the best commentary you are likely to see anywhere (scroll down and watch the video; it has English subtitles). An example:

Racial tensions are at an all-time high in the United States. It was during Obama’s presidency that the first monument in a larger campaign to remove monuments to White heroes was taken down, the statue of the hero of the South, General Lee, in New Orleans. The decision was finally executed last May during Trump’s administration. But this was only done by labeling the General Lee monument a symbol of the superiority of the White race or, to translate it into PC-speak, a symbol to “White Supremacy.”
However, it is impossible to speak today in the United States about the atrocities of the northerners, in particular, about the “scorched earth” tactics of General Sherman during the American Civil War. Meanwhile, in New Orleans, the monument to the president of the Southern Confederation, Jefferson Davis, has already fallen, followed by a monument to the fighters for the freedom of the South.
Another general for the South, Pierre de Beauregard, was taken down as well. Later, the monument to General Lee was slated for demolishing in Charlottesville. This is similar to the mass toppling of Lenin statues, only done in the American way and it quickly spread to Baltimore. There, they brought down the monuments to four generals of the Confederation and other figures of the South of the Civil War period. A monument to the soldiers of the South was removed in North Carolina.
The fervor is so contagious that desecration operations are now planned for monuments all over the US. Moreover, not only memorials and monuments to the Southerners will be removed, of which there are more than 1,500 in the country, but their names will also be erased from the names of streets, schools, and public institutions.
With a red-hot iron against history.


And more, relating to movie censorship:


The cinema’s turn has now come. Now, the brilliant movie “Gone with the Wind” runs the risk of disappearing from all American screens. The Memphis precedent will work. And they will certainly never ever show one of the first US full-length films, “The Birth of a Nation,” directed by David Griffith, who, by the way, is considered the father of American cinema.
It was he who laid the foundations for sensible editing and even special effects. “Birth of a Nation.” 1915. Three hours. The historical period the movie was set in was the Civil War in the US and the events immediately after.
The film had unprecedented battle scenes for cinema of that time. The drama lay in a gripping account of a fratricidal war and the drama of the defeated where “the White South was crushed by the Black heel of the North.” Without regard to rules of war and decency. The North unleashed Black brutality on the Southern Whites in the name of revenge for the past.
How can this film be shown now, especially since the birth of the awful Ku Klux Klan is also realistically depicted in the movie as well? It emerged as a necessary organization for the self-defense of Whites. And, the cavalry charges while “Ride of the Valkyries” by Wagner is playing as the score. All of this is unacceptable now, so this picture will be permanently banned from American cinemas. All of this even though the US President, Woodrow Wilson, who was a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, but who was also considered an authoritative historian, called the film “Birth of a Nation” a “terrible truth.”
President Wilson made this statement right after he organized a review of Griffith’s new movie in the White House, where he invited both his ministers and foreign ambassadors.
Surprisingly, it turns out that a hundred years ago America coped with its past and was ready to comprehend it and accept it as it is. Now, this ability has been lost, and a war has been declared on the past. And so far it proceeds in a very primitive fashion, through the destruction of monuments and censorship. And no one knows where it will stop.


The Russians, who endured decades of communist tyranny and historical falsification, know what it’s all about. They are not about to repeat that. Russia has shown, after twenty-five years, that it is possible to recover from tyranny, brainwashing and institutional lying. Will America and the West have the same fortitude?

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In Praise of the British Empire

The British Empire

While it is fashionable to denigrate the British Empire, especially among the ranks of the chattering classes and the fatuous pseuds that pollute our college campuses, it’s worthwhile remembering some salient facts about the civilizing effects of the British Empire (see here)—facts you are unlikely to hear about in schools, the Fake News Media and the dead tree press. Watch this vid from Prager U—facts always cause liberal heads to explode.


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No, my cat didn’t just walk across the keyboard, but it would have made more sense if it did.

This gem of gobbledygook (h/t Louder with Crowder) is fresh from those stunning intellects at the Ontario Federation of Teachers, which, methinks, must be a new name for the Institute for the Terminally Obtuse.

Is your four-year old fretting about whether he, she or zhlorf is an intersectional, gender-queer, trisexual, four-spirited, species-fluid, parasexual interlesbo? I thought not. This is what they are doing to your kids—driving this drivel into the heads of children before it has real meaning to them. It has no meaning in the adult world either. All of these invented descriptors are names for neuroses. And since in the modern world fantasy is more important than reality, our ever-pliable leaders will willingly accommodate any absurdity when pressured by the mobs of whining SJWs that demand everyone be as stupid as they.

Truly, whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.

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Mass Hysteria—All you need to Know

Scott Adams’ most recent blog should be read by all. He analyzes the deranged hysteria sweeping the US political system—from the Media hate-fest against President Trump to the Islamic State-style savagery of tearing down monuments and destroying, prior to re-writing, history. This is a new Endarkenment threatening the very sanity of the American Republic.

The Antifa left-wing street thugs have been given carte-blanche by the Fake News Media to assault anyone they feel like, with the tacit and not-so-tacit approval of the Democrat Party. Google, now aptly dubbed “Goolag”, has instituted full, open and unabashed suppression of free speech, layered with all the requisite anti-White propaganda, following the lead of the corrupted colleges and “universities”.

The Fake News Media are simply the goons of the leftist mob, running rampant through the streets. They would do well to remember that all socialist and communist revolutions devour their own children. The fellow-travelers, sympathizers and sycophants will be arguing over seating arrangements when they are loaded onto box-cars for their re-education therapy.

All left-wing revolutions attempt to destroy civil society and orderly government prior to the purges that always follow. When the political class has decayed to this extent, when it champions the agents of decay, it falls to the yeomanry of the nation to protect their heritage and counter the sedition that is poisoning America.

President Trump is the voice of ordinary Americans and one of the few sane voices in the nation today. He deserves everyone’s full support.

Great Again!

nullJust before I take off (eh) for a short spell to rejuvenate my powers of invective, I leave my adoring fans a link to a concise analysis of the Trump phenomenon by Conrad Black, unquestionably the best political commentator in Canada.

He places Trump squarely in the forefront of the battle to save Western Civilization from the leftists and, of course, the onrush of the forces of Islamic darkness.

Conrad is perfectly correct in his analysis that the Establishment is out to try to destroy Trump. Trump is a one-man colossus taking on the the entire rotten crowd of the Democrats, the globalists, Islam, and the MSM propganda machine for the Deep State.

And for extra enjoyment, James Delingpole, one of the best British writers today, expounds on why the transgender thingy with the military is absolutely essential to put a stop to all the para-sexual weirdisms that demand every privilege and offer no responsibility in return.

See y’all soon—and don’t forget to buy more ammo.

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The Deep State Borg

The nature of the “Free Press” in the West has always been somewhat suspect. Ever since the 1920s and 1930s when the New York Times’ Walter Duranty peddled his lies about life in the Soviet Union, for which he received the Pulitzer Prize, there has been something of a herd mentality, or hive mind, in editorial offices.

It’s still there. After the recent Trump/Putin meeting at the G20, (which apparently lasted well over two hours), the War Party (the Democrats) and their media toadies were falling over themselves to denigrate Trump with their usual insults. Shouldn’t attempts by the leaders of the two greatest powers to reduce tensions between them be welcomed? The Democrats have for months been fixated by the Clinton lie machine which had invented the “Russia collusion” hoax to explain away their devasting loss in the 2016 election. “BS” as the CNN reporter was caught saying by Project Veritas. “Nothing burger” said van Jones.

The Media/Deep State Borg complex is desperately trying to generate hysteria about Russia in the mind of the American public in order to justify their constant war on Western Culture and the nation state in the US and around the world.

Is Russia a threat to the West? Russia was never a threat to the West, communism was.

In the 1980s, when President Reagan took the forces of world communism head-on, communism was expanding around the world. It controlled Russia, China, Vietnam, Eastern Europe and was pushing into south Asia in Afghanistan. “We will bury you!” were Khrushchev’s famous words. And they meant it—after all, the communists had buried millions of Russians in the Arctic wastes of Siberia.

The Western liberal media peddled the line that only dialogue and diplomacy could reduce tensions between the world’s superpowers. Military build-up and speeches about the evil empire would only annoy the Soviets. Reagan was a “warmonger”, a “buffoon” who would tip the world over the edge.

In the real world, the Third Stone from the Sun, unlike the world of the Washington Post, NYT and the TV networks, Reagan met with the new Soviet leader Gorbachev at the Reykjavik summit in 1986 (Reagan at Reyjavik–Forty-Eight Hours that ended the Cold War), and laid the ground work for the START negotiations, intermediate nuclear force reductions in Europe and, eventually, the end of the Cold War, the retreat of communism from Eastern Europe which, ultimately, led to the fall of communism in the Soviet Union.

Not bad for a “buffoon”.

The Deep State Borg in Washington seems to have learned nothing in the last quarter century. Russia is trying to rebuild itself as a modern nation after suffering 70 years of brutal dictatorship and a devastating war. It is trying to be a democratic nation and largely succeeding. Problems, yes. Mistakes, yes. But what other nation has had to go through the process of recovering from 70 years of socialism with nothing to guide them on the way? No political “theorists” in the West ever envisaged such a thing. Indeed, the political left in the West largely supported Soviet communism and was always ready to excuse its terrors.

Even to the point of real collusion….

In 1983, Senator Edward Kennedy, sent his “trusted confidant”, J Tunney, to Moscow to set up a secret channel to communicate with the then-Soviet Leader, Andropov, himself a former head of the KGB. Tunney was instructed by Kennedy to tell the Soviet leadership that he was willing to help them “deal with Reagan” who was running for re-election in 1984. He also propsed that Andropov visit the US to appear on TV to push for a nuclear “freeze”, which then was all the rage.

All of this, and more, is laid out in a fascinating report from KGB Chairman, Chebrikov, to Andropov. Read it here. This was all made public in the early 1990s after the fall of communism in Russia. Naturally, the Western liberal media ignored it. After all, it might embarrass the immortal Kennedy dynasty. The report concluded:

Kennedy is very impressed with the activities of Y.V. Andropov and other Soviet leaders, who expressed their commitment to heal international affairs, and improve mutual understandings between peoples.
The senator underscored that he eagerly awaits a reply to his appeal, the answer to which may be delivered through Tunney.

Kennedy no doubt sent Tunney to Moscow to enable Kennedy’s “plausible denaibility” as this activity would clearly be a problem if it all became public knowledge.

The upshot of this little political snippet from the past is that senior Democrats have colluded with communist tyrants to undermine the legimate US President. Now with the Soviet Union and communism gone, and Russia re-integrating itself with the modern world, the Washington Deep State Borg is frantically trying to conjure a communist zombie from the depths, in order to undermine the current president. Obama was a 5 of 9, a fully compliant, assimilated tool of the anti-American left. He sang the praises of the current ideology undermining our freedoms—Islam.

Trump is the fly in their ointment. For once, there is an American president, a true successor to Reagan, who is a champion for Western Civilization.

The Deep State Borg will fail.

He will not be assimilated.

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Prizes for Murderers

It’s just been announced that Mr Short-Pants, Canada’s pantomime Prime Minister, will be apologizing to Islamic terrorist Omar Khadr, a former Gitmo resident who murdered an American medic, and awarding him in excess of $10 million.

Ah! The caring! The sensitivity! The inclusivity!

Apparently, the fatuous Supreme Court of Bozos in Ottawa found that…

Canadian officials through assisting the United States’ interrogation of Khadr had violated “the most basic Canadian standards about the treatment of detained youth suspects.” These officials, the court ruled, violated Khadr’s rights as listed in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
(h/t…Daily Caller)

Umm, no mention of the rights of the murdered victim. Perhaps, in the interests of vibrant multiculturalism, Mr Short-Pants should propose the Order of Canada for Osama bin Laden and his Merry Men, al-Quaeda.

Ain’t Diversity great?

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Trump—King of Trolls

I almost fell off my seat laughing at the latest Trump tweet—wherein he uses an old joke video from the wonderful world of wrestling—ridiculing the premier Fake News Network, CNN. Oh, how the puerile journos shrieked!

Only a gaggle of arrogant, semi-literate know-nothings would get upset about “incitement to violence” in a Bugs Bunny/Wile E. Coyote style joke. It’s another chapter in “The Joy of Trump—How I Destroyed the Media”.

For months past, the political left, mired in spite and envy, have been calling for violence against all and sundry who support the President. Far-left Antifa thugs, anti-White Black Lives Matter racists, mindless adolescents posing as students on college campuses busily beating up Trump supporters and shutting down conservative speakers are the real, everyday examples of actual violence, not Trumpian tweets. Then we have a bastard version of Julius Caesar (which the NYT “stands by”) in which the atavistic blood lust of the left portrays a Caesar resembling The Donald being murdered. That was described by Fareed Zakaria, CNN’s leading Trump-hater and half-wit, as “…a masterpiece”. It was probably the first time that Zak had heard of Shakespeare. He probably had to ask who Caesar was.

Then, no surprise here, a deranged left-wing supporter of Bernie Sanders shoots a Republican Congressman and is fortunately shot before he has the chance to murder more.

All this incitement to violence has been fomented by the Media, the bootlickers of the Democrat Party, and their deranged supporters in Congress like Maxine Waters.

After the shooting, one of the execrable MSNBC “pundits” averred that the Republicans “had brought it on themselves”. No-one can lie quite so brazenly as the rabble on MSNBC.

So, after months of violent rhetoric, and actual violence on the streets, from the left and their media toadies, we see murderous violence from the left. And squeals from the media about being ridiculed by The Donald likening them to the fake world of wrestling.

Trump is being very fair with the media. They hate him because he shoots back; he will not let their bias, lies and smears determine “the narrative”. He will not respect them. He will not suffer their continuous lying. For these reasons alone, Trump deserves the Medal of Freedom.
The remarkable thing is that it requires so little effort on his part. A tweet here, a tweet there, and the out-patients of the press are frothing at the mouth and tearing their collective hair out. Their knickers have long since been twisted beyond recognition, or comfort.

One of the criticisms of Trump was that the tweet “was beneath the dignity of the presidency”…Really? Some years ago, B Hussein Obama entertained the deserter Bergdahl on the White House lawn. Here was someone who betrayed his comrades being feted by the US President while he was spitting in the eyes of American servicemen everywhere. That was beneath the dignity of any ordinary American, but not, apparently, Obama.  I didn’t see the media hypocrites decrying that!

Trump is basically doing the work of the entire Republican Party. He deserves more help from Congress. The RINOs should wake up. Time is on their side.

Meanwhile, The Donald continues with the most important task in the first part of his administration—exposing the media lie machine and treating them with the contempt they deserve, no more, no less.

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Can’t Buy Me Love…

Handel Trumps Ossoff.  Even Californistan couldn’t ship enough money to Georgia to buy a Congressional seat. Congrats to Karen Handel (methinks her campaign tune should be Zadok the Priest) despite being outspent by seven to one. They gave Ossoff the Kissoff—well done.

The Democrat Party has become the Party of Hate, with the full approval of their drones in the Fake News Media. It doesn’t seem to be resonating with normal folks.

The Georgia 6th district race was the most expensive in history with a total of $55 million spent. The Federal Elections Commission tells us that the Ossoff campaign spent $22,532,609 as of the end of May while the Handel campaign spent $3,158,847 over the same period.(here)


That says it all really.

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Democrats Destroy Journalism

Famed feminist and iconoclast, and registered Democrat, Camille Paglia, has some interesting views on the current state of journalism in the US…

Paglia called what she said the Democratic Party had done to journalism “absolutely grotesque” and warned it would take decades to recover.

“It’s obscene,” she said. “It’s outrageous, OK? It shows that the Democrats are nothing now but words and fantasy and hallucination and Hollywood. There’s no journalism left. What’s happened to The New York Times? What’s happened to the major networks? It’s an outrage.”
“I’m a professor of media studies, in addition to a professor of humanities, OK?” she continued. “And I think it’s absolutely grotesque the way my party has destroyed journalism. Right now, it is going to take decades to recover from this atrocity that’s going on where the news media have turned themselves over to the most childish fraternity, kind of buffoonish behavior.”…(h/t Breitbart)


Well said. The Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), aka left-wing brain rot, is a debilitating disease that destroys critical faculties and renders coherent thought impossible. Possible cures involve large doses of reality and occasional trips to Earth. It is believed to be a genetic modification of HDS (Harper Derangment Syndrome) from the Great White North, and a slightly less virulent form, BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) from an earlier administration.

The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta has found that it mainly affects hacks, journalists, TV personalities (or lack thereof) and those with college degrees in weirdo studies. A few cures have been noted after the purchase of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle or a large-bore rifle.

Research continues.

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