Whiter than White

How sweet it is, sometimes. Watching Senator Elizabeth Warren make an absolute fool of herself and demonstrating liberal hypocrisy in spades at the same time was a delight.

She gets a job as a professor at Harvard, the premier anti-White race-conscious university in the US, posing as a “woman of color”, the “color” being claimed is Native American Indian, Cherokee in particular. Saying “colored woman” would, of course, be a hate crime as Newspeak is changed every day to suit the Commissars.

The standard leftist drone is that race is not biological, is a “social construct”, is only skin color, everyone is the same, and other obviously nonsensical piffle. That may work when the object is to land a well-paying sinecure at an institution of higher ignorance, where the standard modus operandi in matters of race is to deceive, but in the real world one has to realize that race is real.

Every day modern genetics is discovering more facts about the human genome and the variations in the genome that can clearly be associated with racial differences. So Senator Warren takes a DNA test which results in showing her heritage to be about 1/1024 th Native American Indian. [It may be less than that as, apparently, the comparison sets involved South American Indians too.]

So Senator Warren puts Ivory soap [99.44% pure!] in the shade—she is as White as they come.

Here’s the doublethink. Like all liberals, she claimed the non-existence of race as a biological reality, then, when caught lying about her ancestry to get a job, immediately appealed to the reality of race as shown in her DNA, albeit no more than the average White American. Two contradictory thoughts at the same time, the very definition of doublethink. The obvious conclusion to be drawn from recognizing the reality of race is that genetics may affect all manner of differences between races, including the taboo subject of intelligence. That of course must be suppressed.

Anyhow, it’s interesting that she appeals to a 1/1000 th part Indian ancestry as justification for her absurd claim of being an Indian. This degree of racial differentiation is about one hundred times as fine as that practiced by the most race-conscious state in modern times–the Third Reich! Way to go, Liz.

I was glad to see that the Cherokee Nation told her where to go.

Rebel Yell

Reality is Hate!

Looking for the most insane, cuckoo nonsense these days is tough, the competition is pretty stiff. Speaking of which, in the UK recently, a student was fired from his position as an editor of Durham University’s philosophy journal Critique for saying “women don’t have penises” [here]. A row erupted about the “transphobic” comment and the former chair of the LGBT Humanists (!) said that the statement “was factually incorrect”.

Well, well, Heavens to Betsy! Now we have university crackpots saying that fundamental biological and medical facts relating to female pudenda are “factually incorrect”. Truly, as Orwell remarked, some ideas are so stupid, only intellectuals will believe them. Even he could not have foreseen the absurdity of the madness gripping the educational establishment.

“Transphobic” is, of course, another fake word invented by the aspiring tyrants on the left to suppress any criticism of any particular weird sexual fantasy that is the rage of the day. Naturally, if they want to identify as goats, and you don’t agree, then you are “goatphobic”.

Delingpole on Breitbart, one of my favorite reactionaries, produced a delicious quote from Germaine Greer, of all people…

“Just because you lop off your penis and then wear a dress doesn’t make you a fucking woman. I’ve asked my doctor to give me long ears and liver spots and I’m going to wear a brown coat but that won’t turn me into a fucking cocker spaniel.”

But wait, there’s more. Funny and stupid these antics may seem, but there is a sinister side to it all. As you know, everything in Britain is policed, except crime, and the new hi-tech Thought Police, iPlod, are getting in on the game. The Merseyside Police “…are aware of this matter and are making enquiries”. In the UK, your home can be invaded by a SWAT team for displaying a sign “Islam out of Britain”, and you may now be hauled before a commissar for stating a medical fact. This perversion of justice must stop. It’s institutional insanity. The police are way out of line; they have no business policing what people say. They are becoming tyrants and must be treated as such.

We have now reached the stage in 1984 when Winston groans, after being tortured for weeks in the Ministry of Love, “How can I help seeing what is in front of my eyes? Two and two are four.” O’Brien (the Diversity officer of the Inner Party) then says, “Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder. It is not easy to become sane.”

Then you can graduate from a British university with a degree in State-Approved Thought.

Rebel Yell

More on the Feminist Fraud in Academia

The rot in academia is so deep that anything published in “academic” journals of feminist studies has to be checked on the “The Onion Scale”. That is, was it published in The Onion or in an academic journal? Score 1 if you think it was a bona fide academic article or 10 if from The Onion or is a hoax.

All “studies” departments in academia, black studies, wimmin’s studies, weirdo studies, bitching-about-anything studies, are fraudulent, including, especially, the accompanying “peer-review” process. Their curricula consist of left-wing propaganda dressed up in the frippery of pseudo-intellectualism financed by sucking the blood of hapless taxpayers.

A recent article (subsequently retracted) in Gender, Place and Culture, a Journal of Feminist Geography, (no kidding), was entitled “Human reactions to rape culture and queer performativity at urban dog parks in Portland, Oregon,” by a Helen Wilson of the Portland Ungendering Research Initiative–Portland, of course, being Crackpot Central on the Left Coast. (Note also, in that journal, links to other edifying papers such as The Perilous Whiteness of Pumpkins, surely a ten on the Onion Scale.)

The article purported to study “…geographies of sexuality by drawing upon one year of embedded in situ observations of dogs and their human companions at three public dog parks in Portland, Oregon”. I refrain from quoting at length; readers interested in the state of contemporary academic dementia can check out the source.

Of course, it really was a hoax. This is what makes it so interesting. It was one of a series of papers written by three real academics to expose the fakery and humbug so prevalent in the social “sciences”. In a lengthy, but fascinating, article in Areo magazine, they outline the whys and wherefores of their little game. Most interesting of all is the inclusion of many of the comments from the “peer reviewers”. They reveal that peer review in these cases is merely piffle review, adulatory comments about meaningless mumbo-jumbo dressed up in academese—an incomprehensible jargon specifically designed to have no meaning, rather like Newspeak. In fact, Newspeak was designed to reduce the bounds of consciousness by destroying words and instilling unconsciousness, thereby rendering thought crime impossible—just like modern social “science” departments.

Just one “peer review” comment–I can’t resist–on another fake article of theirs that was published, An Ethnography of Breastaurant Masculinity: Themes of Objectification, Sexual Conquest, Male Control, and Masculine Toughness in a Sexually Objectifying Restaurant [here]:

“This article is certainly interesting to read and to think about, and I can imagine this article being valuable in an undergraduate or graduate class on masculinities.”

Sheesh–graduate class?! The mind boggles.

Rebel Yell

Feminism is Bolshevism in Drag

In case you didn’t catch it, another of the illustrious feminist academics has been sounding off about the Kavanaugh lynching taking place in the US Congress.

The above-pictured “professor” from Georgetown Institution for the Insane, formerly Georgetown University, who looks like she fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, shows her true nature by calling for the death of white men and feeding their corpses to swine. Umm. The tolerance! The compassion! I’m overwhelmed by the empathy.

It may sound a far cry from Bolshevism but bear with me here. Revolutions that seek to destroy the foundations of society, not simply take over the government, are Bolshevist in nature. The French Revolution, while proclaiming liberty, equality and fraternity, attempted to destroy religion and the family in the name of “reason”, resulted in a very few years in tyranny, dictatorship and mass murder. Even Napoleon was a liberating influence after the nightmare of the Terror.

The communist revolution in Russia was the same; the Bolsheviks attempted to erase religion, the family, civic society, everything on which Western Civilization is built. All culture, and learning itself, was to be annihilated. (See the excellent book The Mind and Face of Bolshevism). The result here was millions of dead in slave labor camps, mass repression and a secret police state.

Scratch a progressive, and underneath erupts a nascent tyrant. Witness the spite and deranged ranting of this so-called professor.  It’s this kind of people who do more to poison the relations between the sexes than any others. If these people do come to power, the result will be the same as before–repression, murder and tyranny. Here’s her tweet [from The College Fix]:

Look at thus[sic] chorus of entitled white men justifying a serial rapist’s arrogated entitlement.
All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes.
— (((Christine Fair))) (@CChristineFair) September 29, 2018

Clicking on the date reveals “Account suspended”. I wonder why.

Even more astounding is that the media and universities in the US tolerate this poisonous drivel and this creature actually has a job indoctrinating unfortunate students. But, the US does have the Second Amendment and I am sure that many Americans will be thanking God for that if any of this mob of deranged degenerates comes close to power.

Rebel Yell

The Democrat Party as “The Thing”

For those of you who are fans of John Carpenter’s horror masterpiece The Thing, the transformation of the husky dog that runs into an Antarctic base pursued by apparently crazy Norwegians must be indelibly etched in the mind. In the pound, at night, the dog, amid shrieks and growls, turns into a seething mass of alien protoplasm, absorbing the other dogs into its hellish organism. Approaching the metamorphosing creature, one of the terrified crew stammers, “…I don’t know what it is, b..but it’s weird and pissed off.”

Which brings me, naturally enough, to the Democrat Party. What, ostensibly, is, or was, a political party in the US, has, during the recent Hate-In surrounding the confirmation process of a Supreme Court nominee, exposed its inner nature as a something resembling an alien organism built to consume humans.

Not content with mundane lies, innuendo, smear and character assassination form the modus operandi of the Democrats on the committees. Dredging up some pseudo-psychologist from the distant past, who can produce not even a coherent memory of anything, crying, posturing, whining and self-pity apparently are now evidence for damning a man (only a man, never a woman) and destroying his character.

Further, the ignorant mobs shouting, screaming and disrupting the proceedings, are welcomed and tolerated by the Democrats, indeed, egged on to further mischief. Republican senators are harassed and hounded in public places and restaurants by thugs. A mockery is made of due process.

When this happens, the end of constitutional government is not far off. In a free society it is self-restraint that protects all, not just from the violence of others, but from the violence of government. Even a mob will not tolerate chaos; tyranny will be the result.

What type of people engage in this activity? What types are the left and socialists in general? What is the political protoplasm that forms the ichor of leftism?

Return to the wisdom of Gustave le Bon for an analysis of the leftist personality and the deplorable actions of these people are rendered in all their repugnant clarity. In The Psychology of Socialism over one hundred years ago, le Bon writes of the leaders of socialism and anarchism as demi-savants

I apply the term demi-savant to those who have no
other knowledge than that contained in books, and who
consequently know absolutely nothing of the realities of
life. They are the product of our schools and universities,
those lamentable factories of degeneration whose disastrous
effects have been exposed by Taine, Paul Bourget,
and many others. A professor, a scholar, or a graduate of
one of our great colleges is always for years, and often all
his life, nothing but a demi-savant.
It is from the ranks of the demi-savant, and notably
from the ranks of unemployed licentiates and bachelors
of the universities, outcasts from society whom the State
has been unable to place, ushers discontented with their
lot, university professors who find their merits overlooked,
that the most dangerous disciples of Socialism are recruited,
and even the worst Anarchists.

And what of the mob on the streets? Who are the leftists, the followers, the street rabble? Mostly, they are…

Social failures, misunderstood geniuses, lawyers without
clients, writers without readers, doctors without
patients, professors ill-paid, graduates without employment,
clerks whose employers disdain them for their
insufficiency, puffed-up university instructors—these are
the natural adepts of Socialism. In reality they care very
little for doctrines. Their dream is to create by violent
means a society in which they will be the masters.

We are seeing this unfold now in the US, and shortly thereafter it will happen in other countries. To stop the descent into anarchy, good men have to stand up and fight it. Watching the sad spectacle of the Democrats going insane on TV, Mrs Rebel Yell added drily, “…they only seem to be motivated by hate, anger and malice.” Need I add more?

One final blast from the great man…

If one were to review the parts played by the various
classes in the dissolution of society among [the Latin]
peoples, one would say that the doctrinaires and malcontents
manufactured by the universities act above all
by attacking ideals, and are, by reason of the intellectual
anarchy they give rise to, one of the most corrosive factors
of destruction ; the middle classes help the downfall by
their indifference, their egotism, their feeble will, and
their absence of initiative or political perception ; the
lower classes act in a revolutionary manner by seeking to
destroy, so soon as it shall be sufficiently undermined,
the edifice which is tottering on its foundations.

Yet again, another illustration that, in politics, there is nothing new under the Sun.

Rebel Yell

The Mob Rampant

Portrait of a man in his thirties with swept back hair and a large beard

To appreciate that there is nothing new under the Sun in politics, one only has to read Demosthenes or Tacitus or Cicero. The antics of politicians today are no different. Throughout history, revolutionary movements have proclaimed the Utopia and, after orgies of destruction, usually fathered tyrannies more ghastly than those they usurped.

Today, the screeching mobs of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, any unhinged student tribe from a pseudo-university, the Fake News Media with their incessant lying, personify the seditious and the irrational mob, present in any society, but now rampant in the service of the Deep State.

The nature of the revolutionary mind, and the attraction of its many delusions, has been the subject of analysis of many great writers.

In modern times, books that have presented brilliant insights into how revolutionary politics is conducted and the results it produces, such as Orwell’s 1984 and Zamyatin’s We, require continual re-reading: one can always acquire new thoughts from them because they were so accurate in their predictions.

One writer who deserves far more credit than he receives is the Frenchman Gustave le Bon (1841–1931), a polymath, physician, anthropologist, physicist (he predicted the equivalence of mass and energy decades before Einstein), is best known for his work, The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind (1895). In The Psychology of Revolution (1913), his analysis of the revolutionary mind could describe perfectly any of the various movements of destruction that abound today. For example:

In all ages societies have contained a certain number of restless
spirits, unstable and discontented, ready to rebel against any
established order of affairs. They are actuated by the mere love
of revolt, and if some magic power could realise all their
desires they would simply revolt again.

What could better describe the pimpled adolescent terrorizing college campuses today?

These perpetual rebels are generally highly suggestible beings,
whose mystic mentality is obsessed by fixed ideas. Despite the
apparent energy indicated by their actions they are really weak
characters, and are incapable of mastering themselves
sufficiently to resist the impulses that rule them. The mystic
spirit which animates them furnishes pretexts for their violence,
and enables them to regard themselves as great reformers.
In normal times the rebels which every society contains are
restrained by the laws, by their environment–in short, by all
the usual social constraints, and therefore remain undetected.
But as soon as a time of disturbance begins these constraints
grow weaker, and the rebel can give a free reign to his
instincts. He then becomes the accredited leader of a movement.
The motive of the revolution matters little to him; he will give
his life indifferently for the red flag or the white, or for the
liberation of a country which he has heard vaguely mentioned.

Sound familiar? Of course, it is the description of many a soi-disant reformer, activist and general social pest.

Speaking of the Crowds that are the raw meat of the instigators of revolution…

…Among the other characteristics of crowds, we must note their
infinite credulity and exaggerated sensibility, their shortsightedness,
and their incapacity to respond to the influences of
reason. Affirmation, contagion, repetition, and prestige
constitute almost the only means of persuading them. Reality and
experience have no effect upon them. The multitude will admit
anything; nothing is impossible in the eyes of the crowd.

Does this not afford a description of the Fake News Media, credulously driveling over every absurd accusation against President Trump, the middle class, all white men, and any other group targeted for vilification?

As for believing the most outlandish things, he recounts events from the French revolutionary period…

…By reason of the extreme sensibility of crowds, their sentiments,
good or bad, are always exaggerated. This exaggeration increases
still further in times of revolution. The least excitement will
then lead the multitude to act with the utmost fury. Their
credulity, so great even in the normal state, is still further
increased; the most improbable statements are accepted. Arthur
Young relates that when he visited the springs near Clermont, at
the time of the French Revolution, his guide was stopped by the
people, who were persuaded that he had come by order of the Queen
to mine and blow up the town. The most horrible tales concerning
the Royal Family were circulated, depicting it as a nest of
ghouls and vampires.

Pretty much what you can hear on NBC, CNN or read in the New York Times, the paper of the Inner Party, when the White House is being vilified.

It’s very difficult to summarize le Bon because there is no wasted sentence or paragraph in his writings. His prose is concise, illuminating, his clarity of thought present throughout.

Having been an eye-witness to the barbarities of proto-communism in the Paris Commune in 1871, he became a vociferous critic and opponent of socialism in all its forms. His book The Psychology of Socialism (1899) is almost a prophecy of the tyrannies and murders of socialism in the 20th century.

Read them all; you will be amazed about how much he understood of the political left over one hundred years ago. We ignore his warnings at our peril.

Rebel Yell

Way to go, Janice!

I urge you watch Professor Janice Fiamengo’s video report of her appearance before the Ontario Human Rights Commission—that abomination, supported by the execrable Liberal Party, that subverts the rights of Canadian citizens.

A series of lies and frivolous complaints were brought forcing her to defend herself before this band of commissars. Eventually, the complaints were dropped, but not after causing her much grief and, of course, money. The complainant was never disciplined in any way or required to back up the absurd claims made before the commission. Such is the travesty of justice that these bastard star chambers are.

It is clear that tyranny does not depend on or require secret police forces, simply intimidating decent people with lies, slander, and violations of their fundamental rights will be sufficient to suppress free speech.  And the Government is doing this to us, the citizens of a supposedly free country.

Human Rights Commissions are a violation of the principles of justice that are the foundations of Western society—they are the modern successor to the witch hunt. No evidence is required, the defendant is assumed guilty, and no penalties are suffered by anyone making false claims, that is, inventing lies to slander good people.

It is precisely what communism looks like, and is. —Courtesy your Liberal government.

Rebel Yell

Do All Philosopher’s Names Have an S in Them?

The latest from the Cuckoo’s Nest of Academia comes from the formerly renowned Oxford University in the UK. From the UK Daily Mail:

Oxford University will ‘feminise’ its philosophy curriculum in order to appeal to more female students and boost writers [sic] profiles.
The university’s Faculty of Philosophy requested that 40 per cent of the recommended authors on its reading lists are women.
Academic staff have also been asked to use writers’ first names when compiling reading lists instead of their initials, in order to highlight those that were written by women.

Ideas are of course not important, only the sex of the writer. Perhaps due attention should be paid to whether the philosopher is left-handed or right-handed? Blond or brunette? Cat-lover or dog-lover? Surely those criteria are equally relevant?

I demand that the philosophy curriculum be “feline-ized” because only cat-lovers can philosophize feline-istically.

It’s hard to parody universities these days, they are populated by people who would make morons look smart. Orwell nailed it when he said that some ideas are so stupid, only intellectuals will believe them. But, true to form, Monty Python’s crowd figured this out years ago…

Philosophers’ names have an “S” in them, is that right, honey?

It doesn’t matter if the philosophy curriculum at Europe’s oldest university is reduced to parroting the piffle of cultural Marxism, what really matters is their feelings.

Free sick bags all round.

Rebel Yell