Middle-aged well-educated white male, tired of the new dispensation.

Middle-aged well-educated white male, tired of the new dispensation.

At long last, the Commoners are exposed

Dear Diary:
Society is abuzz concerning our First Family’s decision to not just relocate from their humble Rockcliffe rental to 24 Sussex Drive but also to transport their household staff onto Her Majesty’s payroll.
We don’t understand this, given that all members of the Royal Household have for centuries had the benefit of nannies, nurses, mistresses, well-endowed gardeners and whatever else suited their fancy paid for by commoners no doubt grateful for the opportunity. And yet, just because the new leader made some off the cuff comment about people such as himself and that dreadful Mr. Harper (we are shocked that he would have put himself in the same category with such ill-bred stock but understand that from time to time in politics we must make public concessions) not needing taxpayer assistance with their childcare, the proletariat is scandalized. This, if nothing else, proves how poorly equipped the mobile vulgus is when it comes to understanding leadership.
Such, indeed, was the fuss Tuesday that the new era of openness reverted appropriately to bunker mentality when the PMO went into lock down and palace guards were sent out to the TV political panels to repeat damage control talking points. The chap sent to Power & Politics rightly set the public broadcaster straight by noting it “has been a very long time since we’ve had a Prime Minister with a young family.” When he said “we” he was of course referring to the Liberal Party, because that is the only “we” that matters. Thank heavens he kept a stiff upper lip and refused to cater to allegations from the street rabble that when speaking of “we” we should refer all Canadians. When the previously resident peasantry somehow managed to get the keys to 24 Sussex, the barbarians were truly inside the gates (the Harper woman was, did you know, not only a divorcee but a former cowgirl who drank beer from a bottle!). Anyway, some among the rank and file were trying to say that the 2006 circumstances of the uncultured and their then nine- and six-year-old urchins were somehow analogous to the current situation where the little angels are eight-, six- and almost two-years-old . What utter piffle. When we say “we,” we mean “we.” Not them. Thank heavens we have people to put them in their place.
Moving on, our courtiers won the day when they described the horrible burdens of the Prime Minister’s position that normal people will never have time to understand what with their tedious juggling careers, bills, mortgages, car loans, day cares, community, business travel (apparently some must purchase their own tickets and drive their own automobiles) and assorted other “care-givers” such as in a pinch (can you imagine?) grandmothers. Surely they must realize that for proper people, particularly given Sophie’s exhausting new role as a yoga teacher of society ladies, the Royal Household must be equipped with two taxpayer-paid nannies. Fortunately, the press is on side and our friends in ownership have ensured that not a single ink-stained wretch has asked why the hideously common previous residents managed to care for and raise their two offspring without billing the treasury for child care. Thankfully, some have pointed out that Mrs. Harper, having given up her “career” in Calgary (yes, Calgary, my goodness how did we ever, ever let that happen?) displayed a complete misunderstanding of her importance by going into the kitchen, mingling with the staff and making her children’s lunches before sending them off to (a no doubt public) school. That, dear diary, is the real scandal and it is high time it was exposed and decent people were made aware of the crimes against elegance that were committed at 24 Sussex for close to 10 dark years. Thank heavens Canada is back. And that it is 2015.

Cheering to see staff at the University of Northern British Columbia has risen in protest against the appointment of James Moore, an alumnus who somehow slipped through the cracks of indoctrination in how to think properly, made some poor life choices regarding chosen company and at a young age became a federal cabinet minister. Hopefully, an example will be made of him so that others who make the same mistake know that if they do so, they will be treated as pariahs and never work again. We must be unswerving in our defence of tolerance and intellectual freedom.

Britain’s front, Canada’s back

Dear Diary:

Yet another dreary weekend is brightened by the travails of the hideous Jeremy Corbyn who, in a single persona, encapsulates everything irritating about life here in whatever label will one day be bestowed upon this post post-modernist era.

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn

Those of us who have largely abandoned Canadian media as a credible source of comprehensive information due to the monolithic nature of what we shall generously call its intellectual instincts find ourselves these days encamped on the websites of British, French and German newspapers where diverse perspectives still appear to breathe.
And there, to much delight, we read that recently selected neo-socialist Labour Party Leader Corbyn has failed to leap the first hurdle of leadership.
Corbyn, having first shown his mettle following the atrocities in Paris by prevaricating for days before finally accepting that British police should, well, maybe OK have the authority to shoot to kill when dealing with an active terrorist attack, is now on the rack because, much like Canada’s Prime Minister, he does not want his country engaged in air strikes against ISIS. Although there is scant coverage of this in Canadian media, most of the last week for French President Francois Hollande was spent building support for something along the lines of a western shock and awe approach to ISIS/Daesh.

This nation’s leadership, meanwhile, is giving new definition to “Canada’s back” as in that’s all you can see of us anymore as we head over the hill.



Arthur Kent

The scandalous defamation trial featuring Scud Stud Arthur Kent and Parliamentary Press Patrician Don Martin has now completed its

don m
Don Martin
  • second week in Calgary. This appears to come down to this: one man says his hopes of a career in politics were dash by another man who based his commentary entirely upon unnamed sources – all of whose identities have now been revealed – to write, one assumes from Ottawa, a “Scud Stud a dud” column about him and a political campaign taking place in Alberta. During the week, one witness read from the Calgary Herald’s code of conduct for journalists, another witness spoke of how he had denied Kent the right to rebuttal because he was uncomfortable with the content of his submission and, well, we expect before this is all over someone will speak to the Canadian Association of Journalists ethics code.
    Should Kent prevail, it will be interesting to see if the court gives weight to the fact the allegedly offending journalism lives a very long time online.

    Some have long complained that journalists lack so much as a fundamental understanding of economics and in the course of their training are sequestered in such a fashion as to be protected from the outlandish assertions of sensible economists regarding how the world actually works. In this sense, some say, they eschew and deny science – a crime against the very existence of humanity when it comes to the perils posed by a changing climate but apparently not so much when it comes to the threat of society’s financial extinction (see Greece). Many of those also assert – despite the determination that a journalist’s first loyalty is to the truth – that bias is generally more evident in regards to the questions that are not asked as opposed to the reporting of the questions that are asked.
    Those that do so may point to this weekend’s reporting on how New Brunswick, having finally found people desperate enough to move there, is poised to benefit from the arrival of Syrian refugees by reversing its demographic death spiral.
    Now, because we are compassionate people, we are not allowed to express concerns about the arrival of refugees lest our concerns, no matter how legitimate, may be viewed as emitting a “dog whistle” that inspires no end of inappropriate thinking (Just ask B.C.’s former premier). So we understand how the knees of the author and his editors would tremble at these suggestions, but here we go.
    As the story details, New Brunswick is dying. Its population is in decline – primarily because there are no jobs. It is essentially bankrupt and currently spends more money on debt interest than it does on post-secondary education. And, like other Maritime jurisdictions, while it is happy to accept transfer payments from provinces where people will commoditize resources, it is unwilling to do so itself and is therefore unlikely to have any economic prospects. It will, however, remain a pristine environment for those who stay around to turn off the lights.
    So, would it not have been reasonable, when researching this story to ask additional questions such as:
    – What are the employment opportunities for these people?
    – Given that they are arriving frightened, desperate and broke, from where will they obtain the finances to start small businesses such as the one described in the story?
    – What are the social tensions they and their hosts may face when 1,500 people suddenly arrive to compete for jobs with an incumbent population unaccustomed to newcomers but very accustomed to standing on its porch in tears as its children and grandchildren head west to Ontario and beyond to find a job? Yes, yes, we are all brothers and sisters today but what happens a year from now?
    We have no objection, Dear Diary, to the extension of a hand to those in need. Nor do we to the idea that from the ranks of the refugees there may emerge citizens who will serve New Brunswick in a handsome fashion. No doubt there is a moral benefit to all in this, but to construct and leave unchallenged the assertion that plunking 1,500 new people into a job-starved constituency is an investment benefit leaves us tempted to join the ranks of those who believe economic illiteracy within the ranks of journalism is the biggest threat facing this country.

Dear Diary: The Golden Goose is dead

Dear Diary:

One recalls how, many years ago, Ted Morton of the University of Calgary and later a highly-competent Alberta Finance Minister, described his province’s federal dilemma: “The Liberals ignore Alberta because they can’t win there; the Tories ignore it because they can’t lose there.” To which someone replied, “yes but at least when the Tories are in power, the beatings stop.”

The beatings have resumed.

Reeling from the combination of low oil prices and the suicidal decision – fuelled by a psychosis induced by loathing for the cynical, smug, corrupt Alberta PC party – to elect an NDP government which just introduced a tax on everything, Alberta will soon have lost 100,000 jobs, auto sales are down 11% and housing prices have similarly tumbled. No doubt about it – the Golden Goose is cooked.

So, what consoling words did our freshly minted Natural Resources Minister have in expressing his concern for the economic slaughter occurring there? None, really, other than indicating it was going to get worse and that he understood their anxiety – presumably in the way one empathizes with cattle heading for the abattoir.

–        On that note, we wondered this week, having seen nothing in the popular press beyond rhetoric to remind us what facts are used to support Canada committing economic suicide in order to save the world from evolving. Canada represent’s 1.7% of global emissions and the oilsands account for precisely 0.15% of that same total. This, Dear Diary, is the Inconvenient Truth. Which is why you wont see it reported.

–        One wonders how poor Lloyd Axworthy is feeling this week after taking a run at Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall for raising perfectly sensible concerns regarding Our Great Leader’s plan to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees by year’s end. Axworthy indicated that Wall, among the last competent premiers of a province of consequence, was in over his head. As it turns out it was someone else who was in over his head when, just before flying off to visit the Queen, his leader completely bailed on the plan to bring 25,000 by year’s end, pretty much following Wall’s advice to a T and implementing the Chris Alexander and Jason Kenney plan. We await Axworthy’s clarification on whose head is in over what.

–        The thigh-slapper of the week, so far, is the narrow definition of “vulnerable” groups of refugees. While expressing concern for the LBGTQetc community, no mention of the Jews and Christians – the two prime targets selected for genocide in that part of the world was made. Indeed, Liberal MP Arif Virani, appearing on Power & Politics, went so far as express some righteousness on this point, inferring with a sneer that our new leaders, unlike the old ones, wouldn’t be singling “groups” (and we all know who they are) out for special treatment. This bristled the feathers of Conservative MP Michel Rempel who demanded to know what was wrong with protecting people from genocide but even she could not actually spit out the words “Christians” or “Jews,” leaving the average viewer confused. Obviously the new political rules are in place. There are faiths that dare not speak their name.

–        Speaking of religion, favorite quote so far goes to Chad Rogers of Crestview Strategies who – also on P&P in speaking of climate change, stated “everyone believes in it.” Belief, of course, is not science – it is theology. And public policy based on theology, as opposed to science and data, is representative of a theocracy. So, at least we’re now all clear concerning the era we’re living in.

–        Emboldened by the success of their theology and aided by the nation’s unquestioning and supplicant media, The Sierra Club has officially labelled Quebec’s Hydro Power “dirty.” Given the Quebec government’s assistance in slaughtering Canada’s Golden Goose (see above), we are, Dear Diary, chuckling.

–        We think our Glorious Leader may be accused of telling his first fib in London when he explained that the Queen’s portrait had been quickly removed and replaced by a landscape because the previous government, in mounting the Queen’s portrait, did so because it did not like art or artists.Sigh. How does one put this? Oh, I know. Bullshit.

–        Best line of the week goes to the anonymous wag who, when observing representatives of Big Oil lining up to embrace Comrade Notley’s announced tax on everything, noted that their humiliated ambiance notley_jpg_size_xxlarge_letterbox

was ever so reminiscent of pictures of North Koreans at a state parade.

–        Most continent TV appearance goes to PEI Premier Wade MacLauchlan who, when fed the standard opportunity to express his outrage of the Islamophobia CBC believes is sweeping the nation, simply said he understood that from time to time people say things when they are frightened or nervous. Wow. A grownup.

–  Krazy with a K, kookoo for kokopuffs quote of the week goes to the Pembina Institute. Faced with news that Albertans might have to foot the bill for the destruction of the coal industry,  Pembina went all-out commie in its response when Chris Severson-Baker, its Alberta director at the Pembina Institute, said the very idea plant operators should have to “pay all of the polluters” whom he no doubt agrees with his pal David Suzuki are akin to slave owners, is just “not a reasonable expectation.” Atta boy, Chris. Let the ruling classes tremble. Canadians have nothing to lose but their chains.

The deadly obsession with Islamophobia

News broke on the weekend that the last Jews in Aleppo, Syria, had finally made a break for it and found haven in Israel.

Undaunted, Canada’s political and social elites – to which the nation’s media kowtow with unrivalled slavishness – continued to reassure our Muslim communities that they are loved and will be protected.

Not that empathy and compassion are to be discouraged – as Judeo/Christian virtues of course they aren’t. But the maintenance of sanity becomes increasingly challenging within a psychosphere that demands greater outrage over verbal abuse/hurt feelings than wholesale, genocidal, psychopathic slaughter.

Publicizing a handful of incidents involving unkind or insensitive words towards Muslim women and incidents of mischief does little to calm that segment of society. Sure, it inspires the United Church, various mayors, premiers etc to “reach out” and even attend mosques as did the much-adored Kathleen Wynne on the weekend. But when people of such stature in society do so, they are clearly sending a message that there must be something to fear when there is scant evidence to indicate that is the case other than that some people are fearful. The end result of this hysterical overreaction to a feared hysterical overreaction will simply be the creation of more hysteria, overreaction and isolation within Muslim communities.

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi, cult figure of pop culture that he has become, got nationwide coverage when he worried about what he assumed to be the two per cent of Canadians involved in this “backlash,” which according to the CBC consisted of:.

“A mosque in Calgary was broken into. Another mosque in Peterborough, Ont. was torched. A Muslim woman in Toronto was assaulted while picking up her child at school. An Ottawa immigrant was sent a note telling her to “Go back home. Canada is no place for immigrants and terrorists.”

This, then, is the list of horrors about which the nation’s leaders and media, overwrought, have conspired to end. Good for them.

And yet there is utter silence when it comes to the conclusion, through active and ongoing genocide, of 3,000 years of history in Aleppo. Nor is or was there a peep when 2,000 years of history came to an end in Mosul with the departure of the last Christians there. Examples are widespread, but the Twitter feed of Canada’s most widely published columnist is typical. When Republican candidate Jeb Bush opined that perhaps Syrian Christians, seeing as they had been specifically targeted for extermination, should go to the front of the refugee queue, Postmedia’s Michael Den Tandt tweeted sentiments to the effect of “like Christianity was never the cause of any violence.” As the last Jews from Aleppo, disguised as Muslims, ftook their terrifying ride through jihadi checkpoints, he was earnestly retweeting a Globalpost story   about how Islamophobic “crimes” – none of which, distasteful as they may be, appeared to involve violence – had tripled in Britain. He stands ever-ready, eternally on guard to denounce the harsh words of frightened, angry people. But there is no trace of alarm on behalf of those  terrified souls facing torture, death and cultural extermination. No doubt he, like so many of his fellow travellers, is willing to remain silent while thousands have their throats slit and are crucified lest he be accused of inspiring “Islamophobia” by reporting this news, the latter of which is his job.

Were the likes of these ignorant of the facts, we could perhaps dismiss them as just another manifestation of The Time Machine’s Eloi. But they are not. They know exactly what is going on and they refuse to even acknowledge it. And this makes their ideas very dangerous.

Just imagine if these people were in charge of Canada in 1939. There would have been no war declaration when German tanks rolled into Poland. Instead, there would have been concerns raised about getting to “the root causes” of this action. Perhaps apologies would have been issued for the unnecessary humiliation at Versailles. The degrading renaming of Kitchener would have been reversed. Premiers and mayors would don lederhosen in a courageous bid to minimize “backlash.” And the tanks would have rolled on.

When news of the Holocaust broke, if indeed it ever did, there would have been an outpouring – not of outrage – but of concern for the spread of Germanophobia. And the Jews would have kept on dying.







Media Diary in The New Era

Dear Diary:

By now we are all reaccustomed to the giggles and glee of Canada’s mainstream media as their world returns to the control of leaders they can relate to. In other words, insecure, narcissitic people who get confused when intellectual capacity atttempts to interfere with the sheer feel-good nonsense, fawning gibberish and knee-jerk pack attacks that frame their understanding of the world before them.

Happy days are for sure here again, Dear Diary, as we witnessed this past week:

  • We begin with the fascinating defamation trial being conducted in Calgary between home town hero and yummy Stud Scud Arthur Kent, a failed candidate for provincial office in the 2008 Alberta election, and Parliamentary Press Gallery celeb Don Martin. Martin is a former Calgary Herald columnist who was eventually subsumed by National Post, after which he avoided that organization’s drive for efficiencies and replaced the notorious Mike Duffy as host of CTV’s Powerplay. While coverage of the trial on CTV’s website has been not so fullsome, Canadian Press has provided daily reports of the juicy affair on the Calgary Herald website. Setting aside details, surely of great interest to those who deal with media on a regular basis was the revelation in court by one of Martin’s many unnamed “off the record protected” sources (the commentary in question apparently contained no named sources – an increasingly common although once heavily discouraged practice). The poor woman, who testified that she was physically ill upon reading the column in question, also noted that Martin had informed her he would have to reveal her as a source http://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/worker-says-scud-studs-political-campaign-suffered-as-result-of-negative-column because, well, he had been sued. Surely all whistle blowers will feel more secure after learning of this courageous stance.
  • Speaking of ethics in journalism (a thigh-slapping phrase in and of itself) all news manipulators living and dead were impresssed with the guile of the CNN reporter who masterfully posed a incendiary question and then was oh-so-cute in editing http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2015/11/21/cancel-the-debate-cnn-caught-selectively-editing-trumps-muslim-comments/ the response to get the story intended. The noble search for the Truth marches on, with no hint of correction.
  • We felt badly, Dear Diary, for our beloved Mothercorp’s news channel  on Friday morning when it was breathlessly promoting a story on the horror’s- horrors, we say – inflicted on Canadian Muslim’s due to the “backlash” http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/hate-crimes-ontario-paris-attacks-1.3328660 following the butchery of what Canadians generally view as innocent people in Paris by agents of the so-called Islamic State. (Surely, somewhere in the corridors of journalism someone has noted that well, maybe those folks in Paris were decadent carriers of the cross after all, but we’ll wait a couple of weeks for that.) Not only had an incendiary device been tossed into a mosque in Peterborough, a break and enter had taken place at a similar institution in Calgary, a woman was mugged in Toronto and, alarmingly, a young woman was a further victim of “hate” in a grocery store when someone said “please don’t blow me up” to her. Alas for the Mothercorp, they were rudely interrupted when they had to break away to cover the Islamist assault in Mali. Fortunately, our guardians of public morality were able to give full coverage to the atrocities being committed here in The Great White North later in the day – most certainly an enriching and satisfying moment for all.
  • On this note, Dear Diary, surely the headline of the week belongs to the Globe and Mail’s website http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/toronto/assault-of-toronto-woman-being-treated-as-a-hate-crime/article27291302/ that noted, in shivering tones: “‘Motivated by hate’: Muslim girls told not to walk alone in Toronto at night.” Well, thank heavens someone finally told them. Pretty much every woman and girl in Canada has been cautioned since a very young age for centuries that girls and women should not walk alone at night, whether in Toronto or Truro. It is good to see young Muslim woman are finally getting the word and integrating into society where by the way, sexual assault far outstrips hate crimes by about 500 to 1.
  • Speaking of hate crimes, our friends in media are often taught in journalism school (a whole other barrel of monkeys to be addressed on another day) to place news in context. As we could find no evidence that this fundamental had been honored, we checked with Stastistics Canada, as Dear Diary, we assume others will be forced to because, well, as they say in the nation’s newsrooms “never let the facts get in the way of a good story.” In a nutshell, most police-reported “hate crimes” in Canada involve “mischief,” and a Canadian Jew is stastically nine times – count ’em 9 – more likely to be a victim of “hate” than a Muslim in Canada. In fact, 51% of a all relgiously-motivated incidents are against Jews, who represent 1% of the population. No doubt further nuance is required. Alas, we can find no stastistics on convictions and less still on the sources of  this anti-Semetic sentiment.
  • A quick note: while there has been much reporting in the British press http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/621254/Global-powers-unleash-arsenal-to-crush-ISIS-terror-terrorism, Canada’s editors appear to have displayed no interest whatsoever in the massive air and cruise missile assaults launched against ISIS last week nor of President Vladimir Putin’s call-up of 150,000 reservists. Nothing going on there, we suppose, but it appears Canada’s ballyhooed new leadership and influence in international affairs may, um, not be consistent with that narrative. (update: as of Sunday PM CTV and CBC news channels began to show some awareness that something counter to Canada’s unicorn and rainbows approach might be going on).
  • A tip of the hat to CBC for liberating itself from tiresome gender political correctness standards last week in referring to Canada’s new Prime Minister as an “APEC hottie.” http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-apec-admirers-apechottie-shrieks-1.3325845 Some women may object to others of their peers who, when speaking of our new leader, display an emotional control typically reserved for junior high girls overwhelmed by arousal  at a Justin Bieber concert, but not in this corner. It is, after all, a new age of transparency. No need to hide our true feelings.
  • Of note also that buried in the wave of hysteria over selfie frenzies with our new “hottie” PM (whom a friend insists he now only refers to as “Margaret” due to his stunning physical and intellectual resemblance of his mother) the Ottawa Citizen http://ottawacitizen.com/storyline/trudeaus-travels-style-mattered-more-than-substance managed to note that in his debut on the international stage “Margaret” merely managed to mispronounce the Mexican President’s name twice and similarly praise China by mistake when unaware he was speaking with the Japanese. Perhaps  unforgivable for a conservative politician who would be assumed incapable of distinquishing one oriental chap from another, but just fine, Dear Diary, for “Margaret.” That, at least, appears to be the assumed wisdom of our media deans who, quite naturally, are in full agreement.
  • And, finally, good for our much-loved Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne for tweeting that she had attended a mosque to “share our grief for those murdered or injured in the Paris and Beirut attacks.” One assumes this included the “martyrs” and that she delighted in the diversity of gender discrimination. We expecct to see her next Sunday at a Syrian Christian Orthodox Church to express solidarity with the their, um, issues http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/aug/08/isis-persecution-iraqi-christians-genocide-asylum, which we all know has been of deep concern to her lately as feelings seem to be being hurt. And we can’t have that.