Middle-aged well-educated white male, tired of the new dispensation.

Middle-aged well-educated white male, tired of the new dispensation.

How media mayhem turns suspicions into truths

Dear Diary:
The other night, being gluttons for punishment, we watched Wendy Mesley earnestly deliver the evening news about events in Germany, noting that a number of women had complained to police there about being molested by “a group of men.” She was careful not to indicate that race, culture or ethnic origin were at play, despite an overwhelming series of reports from journalists and officials in Cologne that that is very much the case.

We assume this is due to an interpretation of guidelines similar to the Canadian Association of Journalist’s code of ethics, which states:

“We do not refer to a person’s race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, gender self-identification or physical ability ounless it is pertinent to the story”

which makes it clear that the CBC believes it is irrelevant that a mob of men of Middle Eastern and North African heritage roamed the streets robbing and molesting women in a country that has just admitted one million migrants. Even the fact German police have reported that the majority of suspects are migrants and that that is the cause of political turmoil is either ignored or dismissed. Nothing to see here folks. Move along now.

Later that evening, “a group of people” were standing by a bus stop in Vancouver and were overcome by pepper spray. As best we can discern, of the dozen or more folks waiting for their bus, one of them saw a person, assumed to be male by those on the scene, ride by on a bicycle and spray everyone by the bus stop.

Police are looking for a person of slim build who was on a bicycle and wearing a white – or grey – hoodie. There are no reports of any verbal aggression – no one shouted an Allah Akbar equivalent in other words – and people appear to have only become aware anything had occurred when they felt the very uncomfortable non-lethal effects of the spray (coughing and stinging eye pain) which seemed to have made its way into the building and intensified. The perp could be a White Supremacist or other redneck. Or maybe an Iranian Shia wacko who holds a grudge against the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) and its past links to the Muslim Brotherhood and assumed Sunni sympathies. Or, it could be some wanker out for a lark who didn’t have a clue who was at the bus stop. Or did. Or, it could be someone who hates Syrian refugees.

Regardless, this became the story of the weekend due to the race, colour and religion of the victims who were newly arrived Syrian refugees about to head home from a party held in their honour at the MAC centre.

There may very well be evidence forthcoming that the perpetrator of this unfortunate incident intentionally targeted this innocent group of people and justice should be done. Alas, so far there is nothing reported to indicate whether this differs from apparently random pepper spray attacks elsewhere and justifies the abandonment of journalistic rigour which is turn prompts political responses.

Vancouver Police have pulled out all the stops and engaged their major and hate crimes units. The Prime Minister, the Premier of British Columbia, the Immigration Minister and, most fulsomely, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, condemned the incident.

Mayor Moonbeam, in fact, has already reached a conclusion on the nature of the crime.

“Last night’s pepper spray incident was a disgusting display of hate – and Vancouver won’t stand for it,” he tweeted.

He might turn out to be right but still we are appalled. The breathless publicity granted to this dreadful incident and the hyperbolic reactions by leading officials not only gives far more publicity and notoriety to the perpetrator than he or she deserves, it can only build a sense of siege within the minds of every Muslim in the nation. And that is only going to inspire those who would promote extremist sentiments within that community who will allege “proof” that the secular west hates Muslims, who must stick together.

That is not helpful and is bound to inspire a reaction somewhere, sometime.that if history is anything to go by is more likely to involve Semtex than pepper spray.

The Toronto Police Service report on hate crimes clearly shows that Jews, followed by LGBT members and black people are the most likely victims. Further, a Jew in Toronto is 10 times more likely to be the victim of a hate crime.

Yet, online scans indicate almost no reporting of this fact or even the use of it as context within its frantic reports concerning Muslims. Nor is there much at all about anti-Semitic investigations other than in the Jewish press.

You wouldn’t know from watching and reading the nation’s primary media, would you, that 2014 was a record year for anti-Jewish crimes, which rose 28%.

And you would likely only learn of a hate crime arrest for a series of crimes against St. Catherine of Sienna church in Mississauga by reading the Catholic Register. A break in at an Alberta mosque was reacted to in knee-jerk fashion (later quietly determined to be just that) was widely reported as part of the ongoing pattern of Islamophobia as was the arson at a Peterborough mosque. But not even the local press showed a hint of concern over a break in at St. Andrews United Church in Peterborough.

It will go on. And on. Until, one day, the anxiety and assumptions created by this pattern of outrageously irresponsible journalism, bereft of context and rich with bias as it is, combines with increasingly frantic political responses to create the reality its overwrought narrative is seeking.


Heads (and eyes) are rolling because it’s 2016

Dear Diary:

It is, after all, 2016 so where better to begin than with the fascinating juxtaposition of cultures the news has brought us early in the new year.
First to the Middle East where the beheadings of western journalists, crucifixions of Christians, massacre of Yazidis etc tend to pass without significant disruption of daily life but gosh lop the head off just one Shia cleric and all hell breaks loose.

No matter one’s view concerning the demise of Nimr al-Nimr and 46 others put to the sword on the weekend, it’s impossible to wonder if young Saad Gaya might not be having occasional second thoughts about the eternal value of Sharia Law. For while al-Nimr’s head was bouncing around a Saudi courtyard for the crimes of “seeking foreign meddling” and “disobeying” its rulers (his brother Mohammed was jailed for tweeting about the death sentence when it was imposed in 2014), Mr. Gaya was walking out of jail
on day parole five years into his 18-year sentence for plotting to bomb three locations in downtown Toronto, including the Stock Exchange, maiming and murdering hundreds – or so he hoped. Some will recall that Gaya and his pals had also talked about beheading Stephen Harper when he was Prime Minister. No doubt the Gaya gang voted Liberal this past October to ensure that they weren’t deported but, hey, who’s to say? One thing’s for sure, there are few better places in the world to be convicted of terrorism than Canada, a country in which most folks would rather buy oil shipped in tankers from a medieval monarchy that conducts mass beheadings than let a pipeline be built from one of its own provinces. You can’t make this stuff up.

Over in Germany, where more than a million refugees from a world not too dissimilar from the above mentioned medieval monarchy, the police were busy lying to the citizens of Cologne after a mob of about 1,000 guys who looked like they were probably named Mohammed celebrated new years (because it’s 2016) with a mass sexual assault of more than 100 local women. Once the coppers were forced to come clean thanks to social media calling bullshit on the original rainbows and unicorns version of events, Cologne’s fervently pro-refugee Mayor Henriette Reker stirred the pot by inferring that, well, if women were to just keep their distance and avoid arousing male passions, we could maybe avoid future awkward moments. This inspired The Daily Mail’s Katie Hopkins to wonder, in a spirited rant well worth reading: “Shall I just buy a burka and get it over with?”

So far, we haven’t heard from the usual suspects about dog whistles. But we will.

Speaking of burkas, we got bored over the holidays and wondered, because it’s 2016, what Canada might look like in another 15 or so years, because then it will be 2031. We assumed that while culture informs race, race doesn’t inform culture but religion does. Stats Canada, alas, got bored with religion and didn’t survey it fully in the 2011 census apart from a dip the toe in the pool subset survey. Still, if (and ifs are always iffy) the trends between 1991, 2001 and 2011 continue onward for 20 years to 2031:

– The percentage of the population claiming to be Christian will fall to 47.3%, the largest group of which will be about 11 million Catholics.
– Of those, there will be fewer than 1 million Anglicans and membership in the United Church of Canada, which dropped from 2.8 million in 2001 to 2 million in 2011 will consist of about 400,000 socialists at prayer.
– Compared to about 20 million Canadian Christians, there will be more than 18 million who have no religious affiliation at all. The latter will likely be more than 50% of the population by 2035.
– The Jewish population will stay relatively stagnant at about 330,000.
– Notably the Jews were overtaken between 2001 and 2011 by the Buddhists, Sikhs and Hindus, the latter two of whom will definitely overtake the United Church, the Presbyterians and probably the Anglicans as well (if you had told someone this 40 years ago, who would have believed you?)
– And then there’s Canada’s fastest growing religion – Islam. That population has been doubling every 10 years which means there will be about 4.5 million Muslims in 15 more years. Extrapolate another 10 years (based on a continuation of declines and the Muslim pattern of doubling every decade) and there will be more Muslims in Canada than Catholics.

This is going to be interesting. The cultural climate is changing a heck of a lot faster than the temperature.

Finally, and because it’s 2016, we did notice retroactively that the new era of transparency was not only launched with an announcement that First Nations leaders need no longer be transparent with their people about their spending, Big Labour also got a free ride. Another debt paid in full?

From shameless exhaltation to the necessity of ecstasy

Dear Diary:

The I need a shower media moment of the season, all our friends agree, goes to Lisa Laflamme, anchor of CTV’s national news who, following in the footsteps of mentors such as Craig Oliver, doubles as a fulltime tub-thumper for the Liberal Party of Canada.

Laflamme, whose unrepentant partisanship had to be reigned in early in her tenure by her bosses, is currently best known as the woman who singlehandedly forced hundreds of thousands of conservatives to switch to the CBC for more balanced coverage (we are not making this up) on Oct. 19 when she pretty much lost all journalistic pretence in celebrating the ascendance of the current PM and her beloved LPC.

Last weekend, in a cloying year-end interview with the Prime Minister, Laflamme took it over the top with her grand finale puff ball question.

“On behalf of women in this country, who picked Sophie’s dress?” Laflamme asked from a metaphorically kneeling position, one she apparently believes is preferred by “women in this country.”

This, from someone described in her CTV bio as a “trailblazer” for women in broadcasting. Ye gods. Really, what more can be said? As the Sun’s Lorrie Goldstein tweeted, “cringeworthy.”

Canada’s mainstream media continues to ignore the genocide of Christians, Jews and Yazidis in the Middle East. We can only assume, Dear Diary, at this stage that the negligence is intentional and fuelled by fear of accusations of Islamophobia. There is no excuse otherwise for refusing, during the seasonal news doldrums, the message from the Archbishop of Cantebury, who referred to ISIS as “today’s (King) Herod’s.”

“”They hate difference, whether it is Muslims who think differently, Yazidis or Christians, and because of them the Christians face elimination in the very region in which Christian faith began,” the Most Reverend Justin Wellby said.

Our scan of national newspapers, postmedia, CBC and CTV showed no coverage. But why bother, Wellby is leader to a mere 85 million Anglicans and as mainstream media know, Christians are little more than a homophobic fringe group these days.

Meanwhile in Britain, the education secretary has taken the radical step of hinting that school children should be taught that they are being raised in a “Christian country.”

One can only imagine the outrage should such an event occur in Canada, where as Dalwhinnie recently noted Catholic school had to go all the way to the Supreme Court to maintain the right to teach its own faith from a perspective consistent with that faith and dodge the jackboot of the nation’s insistent and growing atheocracy.

Last week we noted how, with pride, our new federal government had told First Nation’s leaders who had refused to comply with laws insisting they be transparent with their finances to, well, not worry about it. As the PM himself has said, his government is all about transparency so it makes sense to us that the first step towards that would be to be transparent about the fact that it’s OK for people to refuse to be transparent about how the chief and council hold their annual retreat in Las Vegas or some such nonsense should they do so but of course they never would, right?
Hopefully, someone from Indigenous Affairs will contact this fellow in Alberta and tell him to stop getting so excited about transparency just because, 18 months after he lost his home in a flood, no one will tell him what happened to the flood relief money or why he’s still living in a trailer.

We’ve all heard the phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” right?

Well, as many of us have long known, dear diary, it takes more than a bit of fruit to keep the male body healthy and British scientists have discovered that when men give the missus a nudge and say “c’mon baby I know you’re tired but I need to – it’s killing me” or words to that effect, they are not making things up.

It turns out that men who have at least 21 orgasms a month are 22 per cent less likely to develop prostate cancer and, ideally, should be ejaculating at least once a day.

The possible comments are endless but it is clear that the male body is built to perform a function and so long as that function is being performed, nature is inclined to let it continue doing so. And, oh, lest those of you without a partner panic in despair, science does indicate that a partner/plaything, while no doubt preferred, is not necessary for one to maintain one’s optimal health.

As Woody Allen said “I remember the first time I had sex. It was terrifying. It was dark. And I was all alone.”

Happy New Year, one and all. Take care of each other. Or at least take care of yourself.


A whole new meaning for Dec. 25


Dear Diary:

As the nation prepares to celebrate the Return of the Light by marking the birth of the Golden Child on Friday, it has become obvious there has been a fundamental shift in Canada’s constitutional structure.

For while the likes of John McCallum, Harjit S. Sajjan , Bill Morneau and others scurry from airport to airport, the Prime Minister has become, well, sort of the Governor General, albeit the latter appears more focused on public policy lately having been usurped in his ceremonial role.

Indeed, PM mini-Margaret and Sophie Gregoire have been so busy posing for magazines and performing other functions more typically associated with members of the Royal Family, that we must pose the question: Who really is behind the Wizard’s curtain and running Canada?

Not that whomever that is is actually doing that bad a job. The ridiculous promise – never seriously questioned by media during the election campaign – to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada by the end of next week, has been shelved (even the do-over promise of 10,000 appears highly unlikely). The promise to withdraw CF-18s from combat over ISIS territory is, um, on hold as is the undertaking not to purchase new F-35s fighters. Changes to the Canada Pension Plan involving additional premiums also slipped into limbo (see Morneau above). On the downside, that “modest” $10 billion deficit is now looking a lot more like $25 billion and, if full implementation of the promise to enact all the recommendations in the residential schools report comes through, you can add about $8 billion to that over a number of years.

All of which is fine, except we still don’t know who is actually making all these decisions because it’s surely not the Golden Child whose birthday Dec. 25 will, we are confident, get more coverage in Canadian media than will the other birthday associated with the Holiday formerly known as Christmas. (we note that the only “Holiday” card we received this year that included the C-word came from a west coast friend who is Sikh).

Anyway, we now understand why two nannies are necessary at 24 Sussex. Between magazine shoots, trips to a couple of airports to take selfies with Syrians and approving sneaky last-Friday-afternoon-before-Christmas press releases regarding a free pass for First Nations leaders who refuse to be transparent with their own people, the burden of office is palpable. Even those of us who will never be Royals have to agree.

Despatches from the West indicate the nation’s other media darling, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, is merrily throwing Calgary and, when she gets the chance, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall under the bus.

Never mind that jobs continue to disappear at a pace exceeding 500 per day thanks to a dizzying combination of childish NDP policies and despondent oil prices, Ms. Notley takes every opportunity, our spies inform us, to cancel meetings in Calgary with little or no notice and “hates the place.” Little wonder. It must be excruciating for full blown socialist eco-extremists such as Notley and the rest of her caucus to find themselves in the hideous the position of trying to negotiate pipelines to tidewater after having dedicated their entire lives to destroying the industry that has sustained them. Hopefully, the price of oil will rebound so the beatings can resume in earnest.

As for Mr. Wall, we are told that with an election coming this spring in Saskatchewan, Notley is dedicated to putting the interests of her comrades in the Saskatchewan NDP ahead of those of Albertans and refuses to form any associations mutually beneficial to the two energy provinces.

So, first New Year’s prediction is: before year’s end Brad Wall will announce a royalty structure in Saskatchewan that will drain every penny of oil and gas investment from Alberta.

Lastly, hats off to the Sultan of Brunei who this week banned Christmas and did formally and swiftly what western liberals have been working on gradually for years.

We also note that while Britain continues to work itself into a frenzy over banning Donald Trump and city councilors in Vancouver and Toronto react against the latter’s alleged Islamophobia, there has been little coverage and no protest over the $20 billion net worth Sultan’s behaviour from our nation’s media or political cognoscenti. Christmas, schmismas. Bah, Humbug.


How Christian genocide offends the left’s intellectual palate

Dear Diary:

We think we have spotted a trend.

A couple of weeks ago we noted how freshly-elected Arif Virani, appearing on Power & Politics, inferred ungraciously that in the new world the government would not – other than gays and lesbians, be singling out “groups” (and we all know who they are) of refugees for special treatment. As we noted then, “this bristled the feathers of Conservative MP Michel Rempel who demanded to know what was wrong with protecting people from genocide but even she could not actually spit out the words “Christians” or “Jews,” leaving the average viewer confused. Obviously the new political rules are in place. There are faiths that dare not speak their name.”

More affirmation came Monday when Supriya Dwivedi of Crestview Strategies, when speaking on Power & Politics about the politics of the refugee issue, said this:

“(Stephen Harper) tried to come across as emotional but then it was lost in all the Conservative talking points of you know Canada being the number one accepter of refugees which we know is obviously not true and it was lost in all the wink-wink, nudge-nudge of ‘we’re only accepting those who are most vulnerable’ which as we know were really code for Christian refugees and I think that that probably put a bad taste in a lot of Canadian’s mouths.”

Now, let’s set personalities aside. Both Virani, a former human rights lawyer and Dwivedi, who was accepted into both medical and law school only to choose the latter, appear to be well-equipped when it comes to intelligence. How, then, can they be in possession of thoughts that so clearly portray an ignorance surrounding the outright genocide of Christians in Iraq and Syria? Is there something in their partizane DNA that permanently suspects conservatives are conspiring to give preference to “their own kind?” We are troubled by such an expection. Yet the war on Christians, Jews, Yazidis and other infidels in the Middle East is well documented

Perhaps this is because for Canadians, it is impossible to conceive of Christians as a minority, let alone one that is persecuted. That is the most gracious assumption, best made lest someone mention dogwhistles other than those already blown by these statements. But we don’t care. It is wrong – horribly wrong – and should be challenged and corrected by moderators and panelists if repeated (it is obviously politically incorrect, given the absence of objection, to speak in defence of Christians even when they are being slaughtered).

For one last time, dear diary, we ask that this stops. Simply replace the word “Christian” in Dwivedi’s statement with any of the following – Muslim, Jewish, Gay, Black, Hindi, Buddhist – and you realize what a terrible thing it is to say – particularly when every time it’s spoken it assures the public’s ignorance of genocide continues. Worse, and as noted previously, this time the statement went completely unchallenged. It is 2015, after all, not 1939 when a similar denial of the plight of Jews under Nazism is a moment of shame in our history.

As for Dwivedi’s also unchallenged assertion of untruth that Canada is the number one “accepter” of refugees, all the rest of us have to go on is the UNHCR global report.

There are a number of different categories. Obviously there’s a big difference between being Canada vs Jordan or Turkey where millions are housed in temporary camps and ranking the nations that accept refugees as citizens. The UNHCR report states that only 31 countries retain such differential data, noting that in Canada the “Government shared statistics on naturalized refugees for the first time in 2013.

“The limited information available to UNHCR shows that, during the past decade, at least 716,000 refugees have been granted citizenship by their asylum countries. The United States of America alone accounted for two-thirds of this figure. As noted, for 2013 UNHCR was informed of refugees being granted citizenship in 31 countries, including Canada (14,800), Benin (3,700), Belgium (2,500), Ireland (730), and Guinea (300). “

We don’t know what that means, but if the average number of refugees nationalized worldwide in a given year is 71,600 and Canada, with 0.48 of the global population was responsible in 2013 for more than 20 per cent – 14,800 – of those it appears , we were, um, pulling our weight even if we weren’t number one (the report shows that during the year the USA accepted 66,200 refugees for resettlement, Australia took in 13,200 and Canada 12,200 followed by Sweden and the UK at 1,900 and 970). Still, even while the eminently well-regarded Dwividi’s comments hinting at bad, pro-genocide victims behaviour went unchallenged by the trembling apologists of political correctness, the UNHCR said “The United States of America, Australia and Canada together admitted 90 per cent of resettled refugees in 2013.”

While on the topic of Christians, we note that Trinity Western University’s efforts to establish an accredited law school marched a little closer to the Supreme Court Friday when B.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Hinkson ruled that the province’s law society members, by launching a referendum to which their benchers delegated their authority on this matter that:

“I find that the Benchers improperly fettered their discretion and acted outside their authority in delegating to the LSBC’s members the question of whether TWU’s proposed faculty of law should be approved for the purposes of the admissions program. Even if I am wrong, and the Benchers had the authority to delegate the Decision to the members, I find that the Decision was made without proper consideration and balancing of the Charter rights at issue, and therefore cannot stand.”

No matter one’s view of the debate, it is troubling, dear diary, when the legal profession itself argues, as the LSBC did in this case, that it owed TWU no duty of procedural fairness in the matter. One assumes this is because they assumed majority referenda outcomes – regardless of that silly Charter – trump minority rights, which means there is no such thing as minority rights.

Anyway, all this talk about Christians has left me with a bad taste in my mouth. So, off we go to fight the good fight against Islamophobia.




It’s so easy to be Green and mean

Dear Diary:

What a weekend it has been. Tears flowed in the City of Light when it was announced the world has been saved, Judgment Day delayed, Armageddon pushed aside and the planet’s eternal life assured now that all have bowed before Al Gore’s altar.

Even better, Canadian government officials will once again be popular at cocktail parties on the international circuit (being nice to Jews/Israel, fighting ISIS and supporting Canadian jobs was ever so tiresome) now that we have committed to redistributing our wealth and shutting down entire resource industries such as coal and that dreadful oil and gas business. And to think it was just a few years ago that we had a prime minister who dreamed of this nation becoming an energy superpower. No more talk of such twaddle now that, at last, it is 2015.
Indeed, economist Jeff Rubin noted on CBC news Saturday, we don’t even have to talk or worry about pipelines to tidewater anymore because, well, we won’t have anything to put in them.

If that is not enough cause for joy, we learned this morning that China’s commitment to the global environment is so intense that it plans to only double its coal production until 2030. And, as part of the global pact to fight global warming agreed upon by 200 countries Saturday,
India will merely triple its coal production while Canada shuts its down entirely. Sounds like we strike a hard bargain these days.

What moved us most deeply, though, were the words of former Toronto mayor David Miller, who after many years ensuring the pristine nature of his city’s air is now president and CEO of the World Wildlife Fund’s Canadian division. Passionately, he told CBCNN that what pleased him most was that the climate deal vowed to look after the “most vulnerable.”

We are paraphrasing now, but we were struck by how earnestly Miller stared into the camera and said that of course we all know what that means: we must care for our northern people who, as we speak are experiencing the horrors of climate change and “the destruction of their way of life.”

Well, of course. Let’s worry first of all about people who have – against all odds – survived by living off the land and ice for thousands of years in a hostile environment using Stone Age tools because of an extraordinary ability to adapt to a constantly changing climate.

Let us not worry at all that the suicide rate in Alberta has climbed 30 per cent this year. Let us not fuss for a moment that entire cities of people are watching in horror as their jobs disappear and the values of their homes plummet. Some might say these people are “the most vulnerable,” Mr. Miller. Some, dear diary, might even say they are even facing “the destruction of their way of life.” But you don’t care. And you never will.


More good news emerged when the new chief resident of 24 Sussex Drive faced acolytes posing as journalists this week to face down distemper over his decision to move two nannies personally in his employ onto the public’s payroll.
“It will come as no surprise to people that I have a different family situation with three small children than the Harpers did,” he said. “That means we will operate within the same family budget that the previous prime minister had but we will shuffle it around so that it fits better our priorities. That is what Canadians expect.”

Two of courses. The first is that the statement was accepted at face value by the acolytes. The second is that it is sheer nonsense.

The Trudeau offspring are eight-, six- and almost two-years-old. When the Harpers moved into the same residence, their kids were nine- and six-years-old. Yes, the toddler adds an extra dimension but lets be clear this is not a substantively different “family situation.” The Harpers, like any family with children that age, had child care needs. And like any other family, they met them using their own resources.

The Long March of illiberalism is reaping what it sowed


Donald Trump is now at the confluence of two powerful currents – one that epitomizes the joyful vacuity of the age and another, long-anticipated, that embodies the anger of the intellectually dispossessed.

The vacuity comes from the increasing number of voters who do not make their decisions on who will create the most jobs, build the most infrastructure, save the environment, strengthen the economy or even keep citizens most safe. These people don’t care about that. And while they do vote based on what they think is in their own self-interest, their regard is not for what they view as the path most likely to improve society’s lot. It is, curiously, motivated entirely by their sense of what is most socially fashionable – in other words, the fundamental high school desire to be one of the cool kids.

They are very active on social media. They follow the Kardashians on Twitter, cannot tell you who the premier of Ontario is but know everything about Charlie Sheen and Caitlyn Jenner. They are busier tweeting on Trans remembrance day than on Nov. 11 Remembrance Day. Their narcissism is primarily constructed to enhance and elevate their own social status. It is unclear yet whcaitlynat proportion of the voting public they constitute but they are the most quickly growing segment within it, at least according to many of those involved in tracking such behaviours. When asked why they voted for the likes of Vancouver’s Mayor Moonbeam or Calgary’s Mayor Vainglorious or Prime Minister Margaret, they are most likely to answer along the lines of “I dunno. I just think he’s cool” which can be roughly translated into “I think I will be cool if I vote for him.”
The other river that sustains Trump is the one many could see coming. As a close friend – a veritable but highly democratic paleo-con – often said, the current age’s intellectual incontinence is certainly troubling but what we should really be concerned about is the reaction to it that will inevitably come.

And, just as the incoherence arrived quicker than many of us may have thought, so may have the reaction.

The predominant feature of Trump’s popularity is its response to how the somewhat mild political correctness that emerged most visibly in the 1980s became a hammer with which to suppress those of alternate views – many of which were long-held. An analysis of this very illiberal soft totalitarianism is obviously more complex, but for simplicity’s sake, political correctness can no longer be defended as merely an effort to enhance social cohesion with an elevated level of politeness/sensitivity to others. It is now a complete veil on expression – opaque perhaps but insidious.

 “Political correctness can no longer be defended as simply an effort to enhance social cohesion with an elevated level of politeness/sensitivity to others

Most of us can remember how it became inappropriate fairly swiftly to tell jokes that started with “so there was a rabbi, a priest and a Ukrainian sitting in a bar . . . “ Fine. But here’s the rub: when was the last time you heard anyone tell a joke at all? So fearful have we become of causing offense that our culture’s long history of joke-telling has all but disappeared. Our ability to enjoy a bit of sport at each other’s expense (so there was an Englishman, a Scotsman and a Frenchman . . . ) or to “take a joke” has been replaced with an earnest neo-Puritanism that prioritizes the facade of individual ego/self-esteem over genuine and honest collective cultural health that allows for real diversity.

“Our new Utopia insists that in order to celebrate the glory of our multiplicity we must all go through life not only unabused but with our thoughts unchallenged and our sensibilities free from assault

Instead, our new Utopia insists that in order to celebrate the glory of our multiplicity we must all go through life not only unabused but with our thoughts unchallenged and our sensibilities free from assault. Should anyone violate these shibboleths or otherwise inflict an indignity upon them, they will at a minimum be pilloried on social media which may further demand they be perp-walked before one of Canada’s many human rights tribunals which are frequently indistinguishable from a Salem courthouse.

“They are told repeatedly and with heightened hyperbole by their leaders that their behaviour is bringing about the end of the world through climate change.

Into this mix is blended America’s perplexity with the abrupt discontinuity of its social fabric. In the course of a generation, America has become a bilingual nation which – at least politically – now demands some facility in Spanish. For the first time in its history, the USA consists of more Catholics than Protestants and both have been jailed for adherence to their faith on certain matters of public policy. It is no longer the world’s leading economic power, having been surpassed a year ago by China. Its citizens, who have always been somewhat fearful of domestic foes/each other, have seen the city that symbolizes their love for liberty sacked. They have seen the apologue of their security – the Pentagon – ablaze. They are told repeatedly and with heightened hyperbole by their leaders that their behaviour is bringing about the end of the world through climate change. And, most of all, they have increasingly seen themselves as a nation that – whether in Somalia or Iraq or Afghanistan – lacks the stomach to conduct war in a fashion that allows for victory and gives their citizens that which they seek the most – a sense of sanctuary within their borders. Some of these changes are more passive and others more active but all are discomforting.

“It does not take much for disquiet to turn to fear. And when people are fearful they become angry

It does not take much for disquiet to turn to fear. And when people are fearful they become angry. Throw into this that when their ability to articulate the very normal human desire for cultural continuity is repressed by the threat of being accused of sexism/racism/homophobia/Islamophobia/denier – all “slurs” wantonly distributed by the neo-puritanical and you might very well mix fertilizer with diesel fuel.

It is not only America where this is happening. While Canada is currently a world of unicorns, rainbows, selfies and hugs, and Time Magazine is honoring Angela Merkel for her liberal generosity, actual Germans seem to not really like the idea that in the course of a year, one million refugees have moved into their country.
In Sweden, as the Irish Times reported reported last year:

“The model shaped the post- war Swedish identity but is in flux for many Swedes with three factors – Sweden’s 1990s financial crisis and its after- shocks, globalisation and economic-lead immigration – transforming a once homogeneous and isolated country beyond recognition.

In France, Marine Le Pen is expected to make further gains in this weekend’s elections.
On it goes. It may be a just blip in our cosmos or perhaps a harbinger of the deluge to come when celebrity fascination converges with the whitewater rampage of promiscuous distemper.

Donald Trump has the celebrity and wealth to enthusiastically articulate anxieties and say out loud what many who have been excluded from the American narrative – no matter how inarticulately – think and feel. In doing so, he is giving us a noteworthy reminder that Isaac Newton’s third law of motion is equally applicable to the history of human thought and the politics it provokes.

It takes, as Sir Winston Churchill said, a good deal of courage to “stand up and speak.” It remains unlikely that the illiberal left and its advocates of thought- and speech-suppression have the wisdom to follow Churchill’s further encouragement: that there are times when fortitude must be also be summoned to “sit down and listen.”


How a heartthrob is suddenly gone with the wind

Dear Diary:

In what surely must make any highlight reel of shamelessly inadequate journalism – one indicative of a craft that in Canada too often toils daily to produce little more than sloppy rewrites of left-wing press releases, the Huffington Post has revealed that Leonardo DiCaprio has “witnessed climate change in Alberta.”

We are told it was horrifying. But what peril did the young heartthrob and leading advocate for destroying the western world’s economic foundation in order to redistribute its (diminishing) wealth to East Timor summon the courage and fortitude to survive?

“We were in Calgary and the locals were saying, ‘This has never happened in our province ever,’” Huffington Post’s Sarah Reiger breathlessly informed us, quoting from a Q&A reported by Variety.

“We would come and there would be eight feet of snow, and then all of a sudden a warm gust of wind would come.

“It was scary. I’ve never experienced something so firsthand that was so dramatic. You see the fragility of nature and how easily things can be completely transformed with just a few degrees difference. It’s terrifying, and it’s what people are talking about all over the world. And it’s simply just going to get worse.”

Give young Reiger credit. She did mention that poor Leo was startled by a phenomenon common to the eastern slopes of the Rockies – a Chinook.

But here’s the problem. The “warm gust of wind” that ate the snow and so startled the Titanic heartthrob doesn’t sound a heckuva lot different than the experiences of, oh say, Alexander Mackenzie in 1792 when he wintered in Peace River country or David Thompson or even no less esteemed title than the Calgary Herald, which wrote in 1900:

“Those who have not (experienced) the warm, invigorating Chinook winds of this country, cannot well comprehend what a blessing they are. The icy clutch of winter is lessened, the earth throws off its winding sheet of snow. Humanity ventures forth to inhale the balmy spring like air. Animated nature rejoices.”

So, I am not sure which “locals” DiCaprio is quoting but what is clear is that they, he or both had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. And yet, the Huffington Post just let it slide. After all, the man’s from Hollywood and it’s well established that those folks know everything.

This week, the campaign by CBCNN and others to convince every Muslim in Canada that a wave of Islamophobia is sweeping the nation and that all infidels must be feared appeared to gain strength.

The featured item on the beloved Mother Corp’s national news Monday morning was an earnest report of how parents of young hockey players (apparently from Cornwall, which may be self-explanatory) were tossed from an Ottawa rink because one or more shouted “Go home, Mohammed!” at the referee In the broadcast report, it was alleged the term “camel jockey” was also used. Horrified, I recalled my many years at the rink and how calm both players and parents could be – veritable models of decorum – where no one ever misbehaved or uttered slurs of any kinds.

The nation’s conscience continued on its fear and loathing campaign by going hog wild Wednesday morning with the news police had released video and photos of two persons of interest in the appalling hate crime of the century – graffiti of the “Wogs go home” variety.

Clearly, the greatest threat to peace in Canadian society isn’t the kids from Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa and elsewhere who wish to decapitate the prime minister, blow up Via Rail trains or otherwise wage jihad, it is from a coupla redneck boys with spray paint in Calgary and, if not, hockey parents from Cornwall,

We wonder, dear diary, just how isolated and fearful the Mothercorp has decided it wants Canadian Muslims to feel by informing them daily of just how dangerous Canadian society has become for them? Isolated and fearful enough to become “radicalized?” Maybe. Or maybe it’s just as good old Uncle Joe Stalin used to say, “truth is that which serves the revolution.”

The vocabulary of victimology abounds

Dear Diary:
It appears the Canadian Football League’s relentless pursuit of colonial repression will finally come to an end thanks to the outcry over the Edmonton Eskimos’ name which, according to young Natan Obed, is derogatory, offensive, demeaning, etcetera, etcetera, et-bleedin’-cetera.

In a stirring call to arms regarding what surely is the most pressing and “dehumanizing” issue for the nation’s 60,000 Inuit, Obed showed his solidarity with all other indigenous persons by calling for an end to being portrayed as “mascots.”

Well, good for him and his dutiful adherence to the vocabulary of victimology. His cry is unswerving in his fealty to the indoctrination available to him while, as an oppressed and exploited hockey player, he pursued his degree at Tuft’s University’s rigorous “Consortium of studies in Race, Colonialism and Diaspora.” Sign up now for AMER0194-03: Settler Colonialism and the Environment: Violence, Culture, Resistance and you can be part of a course in which earnest scholars “will persistently center Indigenous theorists, communities, and organizers who critique the coloniality of environmental crisis and who argue for and invent alternative models of ecological thinking and living.” Can’t wait, can you?

Alas, unlike most of his constituency, Obed does not speak Inuktituk and is fluent only in the language of the colonist oppressors. Perhaps (and for the record we have not used the word other than to speak of the football team for 30 years) if he has an issue with the word “Eskimo,” he likely needs to take it up with his Innu brothers and sisters whose historic lands neighbour Nunatsiavut (Labrador) where he grew up. Because they are the ones who came up with the word in the first place. While the French colonists referred to these people as Montagnais (mountain people). At some point they appear to have asked the locals what they called the other folks who lived further north and the response was “oh, those are Eskimaux.” Seeing as there is some Danish involved in the spread of the word, it appears possible Vikings got the same information when, earlier, they were trying to find out who was who in that part of the world.

Anyway, it sure as heck wasn’t a pejorative terms invented by white people to diminish anyone. But we’re sorry. Really, we are. And we will continue to be sorry because it’s not really about doing anything for Canada’s indigenous people is it? It’s about being sorry. So, we’ll all bundle up our colonial guilt, restore funding to the CBC and feel much better by being sorry. Never mind that all the purging of indigenous names given to other indigenous people and renaming the Edmonton Eskimos isn’t going to stop one more kid from committing suicide or help them get through school which, after all and upon reflection, is just another colonial construct anyway.

And, Dear Diary, we are fairly certain that no matter the extent of our crimes they pale in comparison to those suffered not so long ago by the previous residents of the north, the Dorset people and, yes, even the Viking people of Greenland who surely were the world’s first climate change refugees just a few hundred years ago.

We were pleased to see the war on Islamophobia continue to get coverage in mainstream media.

Yes, even as it was becoming apparent that the slaughter in California was conducted by a self-radicalized (what does that even mean?) couple, our broadcasters gave no attention whatsoever to the fact that the murders of two Canadian soldiers and assault on Parliament a year ago were also the actions of the “self-radicalized.”

And, even as people were being assaulted on the London Underground, killed in car bombs in Yemen and blown to smithereens in Chad, our attention continued to be firmly United Against Islamophobia, the latest manifestation of which was someone saying mean things to a young woman on a bus in Toronto and some young graffiti artist in Calgary gaining far more media attention that he ever dreamed of.

Of course we all agree people should try to avoid saying mean things to other people but, really, can we have a little perspective? Being subjected to unkind words is not a horror, it is merely unpleasant. This is a horror.

We wonder, diary – wonder we do – when we will see coverage of inter-faith groups organizing to hold earnest tongue-wags or, hey, even maybe large crowds in the streets protesting against terror. We think we will wait a very long time.

Maybe we might even see a few Immam’s wearing t-shirts bearing the weekend’s latest slogan sensation, #youain’tnomuslimbruv.  One day, all will bow before the power of our hashtags.