Barrelstrength dot ca is live

Barrelstrength dot com has shifted to Barrelstrength dot ca. So if you have us saved in your favourites, please ensure that the dot ca version is also saved. We will move our productions over to the dot ca site.

Go to the site this way.

Owing to the untimely death of our webmaster Paul Canniff in February, we were left with no access to our underlying webspace provider. To gain access you have to provide the webhost with a death certificate, which is beyond our means. We therefore had no way to pay our bills for webhosting or for the domain name. Thanks to Mark Jeftovic of EasyDNS, we have been able to reestablish ourselves at Barrelstrength dot ca.

We will continue to opine as we like there. Please move with us. Only a fool writes for no money, said Dr. Johnson. We differ from the learned Dr. Johnson, with respect of course. We were paid enough in our working lives to afford the comfortable retirements we now enjoy, and you, dear taxpayer, are owed some benefit from our experiences.

Thank you for you continuing support.


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