A Journal of the Plague Year (22)

April 7, 2020

Entirely due to Mrs Rebel Yell, we have this wonderful lemon tree in our apartment bursting forth into blossom, filling every room with its succulent aroma.  Some joys truly are simple.

Rex Murphy is one of the best commentators, along with Conrad Black, in Canada. His National Post article [here:] draws attention to some of the really important things going on in Canada behind all the fog of corona hysteria. Why are we in such a mess?

As Rex points out, the entire attention of the governments in this country, and particularly the federal Liberals, has been focused for many years past, on absurdities. To respond to any crisis, our country must have essential supplies within our own borders; basic industries and manufacturing must be cherished along with the vital people like farmers, health workers and truckers. Yes, it’s remarkable that so many of our lower paid workers who are taken for granted are now suddenly seen as important.

It’s as old as the fine axiom of “stand on your own two feet.” Others’ limbs will not support you when it most matters. But here in Canada we have displaced that idea, shackled those industries central to the country’s capacity to own itself. And we have neglected and even disparaged the most central enterprises, diminished the respect for enterprise itself, leaving us open and vulnerable to factors over which we have no influence.

Central to this is the absurd notion of chasing rainbows and unicorns, seats on the Security Council of the Useless Nations, climate change fantasies that pretend to control the weather a century from now, and the devastation of our energy industries at the behest of eco-babbling frauds like David Suzuki and his ilk.

On April 1st a carbon tax was introduced. Why, when our economy is in ruins, and millions of our citizens facing penury, would any government that had even a rudimentary grip on reality propose such an absurd act of robbery on the nation? These ridiculous acts are probably masterminded by the leftist trolls behind Trudeau, who appears just to be the magazine cover for the real rulers.

Worse, our chattering classes, endlessly babbling on about the latest narcissistic fad to infect society, occupy almost all the airtime on our equally useless media. How many programs about our farmers or oil workers will you see compared to the ever growing number of self-obsessed, vain celebrities?

In the complacency of our long uninterrupted prosperity we have forgotten, and in some cases, demeaned the people and activities that secured that prosperity, those essential activities and industries that have enabled the great balance of the Canadian way. Those who have dirty faces and grimy hands after a day’s work are the spine of the rest of us’s comforts. And elements of the “better” classes have been and are demeaning them, and remain ignorantly unaware that their petty status depends on those who do what I regard as genuine work.

We have sacrificed our fundamental economic strength to the false gods of globalism. When the chips are down, the castles in the air, like the EU, show their true nature—they are massive bureaucracies, efficient at accreting power and control, and useless when required to dispense real help.

Take care first of your own citizens, which means limiting the contingencies of external dependence. Provide those citizens with what can best be hoped for in security of food, technology, energy and a functioning economy — and then in times of crisis such as we are now experiencing we will at least have the strongest shield possible for our collective well-being.

Absolutely, Rex. You’re a national treasure. But will any of the self-centered mediocrities that rule us ever learn from this?

Rebel Yell

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