A Journal of the Plague Year (18)

April 3, 2020

Talking of sorting out the men from the boys, Premier Doug Ford of Ontario continues to be a voice of reason and common sense; someone with a handle on reality. A frequent target of the bloviating pseuds in our Fake News media, he seems to have risen to the occasion. On today’s news conference he laid out in brutal detail exactly what the epidemiological models are predicting for the development of the corona virus in Ontario, based on what we know now. Addressing the public he said, “You will know what I know.” [here]

It shows a very sound understanding of ordinary folks. Now everybody knows what they have to prepare for. The secret of delivering bad news is that it should be told as soon as possible and in as much detail as possible. Failure to do that destroys credibility later when it is needed more than ever. Continual obfuscation destroys credibility faster than the morning sun dispels mist. There’s a lesson here for he-of-little-credibility Trudeau.

Based on knowledge of the events in Italy and Spain and other countries, Ontario is looking at between 2000 and 15 000 fatalities. Not pleasant, and very difficult for people who have never had any experience of disaster situations. However, the only way to deal with disaster situations is to have the maximum amount of information disseminated as soon as it becomes available.

Neither politicians nor scientists are magicians, no matter what the ignorant journalistic rabble may think. Speaking of which (no more than necessary) after Premier Ford’s presser, three senior doctors in the public health field gave a more detailed rendition of Ford’s address speaking directly to and from the modeling data and projections. In an ice-cool way they exposed the presumptions and ignorance of certain journalists. It would be nice to think that in a national emergency the media would be interested in conveying as much essential information to the public as possible, but no. Not now. It’s always… “Why didn’t you see the future three months ago?” Why is it that journalists can’t seem to fathom that opening a book on biology or math might, just might, teach them something?

In terms of people who need to be spanked openly and rudely in public, President Trump wrote to Democrat Senator (Up-)Chuck Schumer after his whining about leadership from the White House. Schumer wouldn’t know leadership if it bit him in the ass. Trump’s response was a much needed response––a flamethrower of a reply that was absolutely necessary. So many others need it too. I include it in full for your joy….

I know you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Rebel Yell

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