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The Big Boys have sent a message to the Liberal Party that twinkle-toes Justin is losing them money, and that Liberal policies for the past few years have been the cause. Justin Trudeau’s brain is managed by Gerald Butts, whose goal has been the destruction of the Canadian petrochemical industry in the cause of arresting global warming. In short, Trudeau the Lesser will find an occasion within the next two years to pursue “more time with his family”. Either Mark Carney or Chrystia Freeland will take over. Mrs. Freeland, the deputy prime minister, is already working out of the Langevin Block across from Parliament Hill, which is the head office of PCO/PMO. Mark Carney, former governor of the Bank of England, has chosen to resettle in Ottawa, not Toronto, according to sources of idle gossip at the Rideau Club.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned. If Freeland gets in, we shall have an Alberta-born Liberal, and a competent one. If Carney gets the job, it looks like we shall have another climate wanker.

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Tony T. Tyger

Yes? Your information and judgment are usually solid. May I just ask for proofs of Freeland’s competence? Just anything would do.


You will have to take my testimony of her intellectual capacity. I saw her debate a conservative law professor once and she did very well, not that I agreed with her. I have hear her praised by other skeptics too. So I cannot offer proof, only evidence.


Didn’t US have the “smartest guy ever” as the president? He was the only president who never achieved 3% GDP growth since the 1930s. There is a belief in large segment of the population that if only we had somebody smart who could put forth proper policy we would have a great economy. Politicians can make things worse but they can’t make it much better.

As for Freeland, if you don’t think that she is a “climate wanker” as well then you are really deluded. Everybody in that party speaks from the same script when it comes to “climate emergency”. As for her competence, rather than rely on her ability to turn a phrase let us look at what she has actually done which is much more important.

She was awarded 2018 Diplomat of the Year by Foreign Policy magazine and in her acceptance speech she proceeded to shit on Trump. Very diplomatic. The key to diplomacy is knowing when to keep your mouth shut but then if you are as smart as she is then why not share that wisdom with the plebs. What you are going to get with her is all the arrogance of Trudeau Sr. and the condescension you would expect from a former reporter for the Economist. That speech led to problems during the free trade agreement in US. She compounded the problem by deciding that she was going to ignore all the trade policy experts by bringing climate and gender issues to the trade negotiations. No wonder the negotiations were DOA and the Mexicans had to help her out to drag the agreement across the finish line. She is a know-it-all but this sort of thing is catnip for manadarins in Ottawa of which you seem to be a part.


Yes after years of blogging as a conservative critic I must now unmask myself as a Liberal hack. More seriously, you make many valid points. I shall never vote for her or Carney. My standards for Liberals are low. If they show signs of wit, and can write a pertinent book, as she did, I am ready to say we have a more intelligent political opponent than we have had in Trudeau the Lesser. That is all.
Thank you for responding to the article. I am glad to have a few serious readers.

Johnny 1

Freeload systematically and apparently deliberately alienated Boss Trump. Criminal behaviour for any Canadian with responsibility for anything weightier than a chip wagon.

Rebel Yell

A little interesting aside [link below] about Freeland from Consortium News (CN) who helped expose part of her fake “memories” of grand pappy’s wartime activities. For this, they were called “Russian agents”, but then, so is anyone who criticizes the Establishment these days. But CN is suing …stay tuned.

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