White Girls Sacrificed for the PC Moloch

Does it get more ghastly than this?[here]


Over decades, the British police and the Labour Party have been guilty of turning a blind eye to the sexual exploitation of White girls by Muslim rapist gangs aided and abetted by local mosques and imams.

The political commissars of the local areas have sought to suppress all information of this and protect the police and politicians from the wrath of normal people and from British justice. So far, none of the police officers complicit in this or the Labour politicians have been brought to account or held accountable in any way.

Such a disgusting state of affairs shows the unbelievable moral rot and decay in the Establishment, the police, and the judiciary. The lives of young White girls can be sacrificed on the primitive altar of political correctness (aka left-wing thought) to further the cause of destroying the British people and the White race. No more despicable act can be imagined.

One day, “the terrible swift sword” of justice will be the reward for these debased rapists and the political hagfish that protected them.

Rebel Yell

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Been following this for a few years now and am thourly disgusted by it. My real question is where are the fathers, brothers and uncles and their baseball bats?

Bob G

Initially it seemed that the rapes were limited to Rotherham where they started in the 1980s. Now we find out that there is a long list of cities where this happened. This whole coverup is completely baffling. Even if the police and the local politicians didn’t want to rock the multicultural boat where was the media?

This is also very similar the Sydney gang rapes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sydney_gang_rapes

The only common thread between the rapes in Australia and England is that in both cases the perpetrators were Muslims.

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