Roger Scruton, giant, dead at 75

Sir Roger and family

Roger Scruton said the job of the conservative intellectual was to give reasons why ordinary people should not have to give reasons for their habits, thoughts, and beliefs. I would love him for that idea alone, but he had so many more.

His discussion of the “French nonsense machine” in “Fools. Frauds and Firebrands: Thinkers of the New Left” makes one grateful that he had the industry and fortitude to go through all the immense crap that constitutes French leftist thought and show precisely why it is crap. I can admire but not imitate his devotion to explicating tedious nonsense, but I am the beneficiary of his plumbing the depth of French intellectual sewage.

His output was tremendous. Go to Amazon or any book site and see for yourself. His discussion of Wagner was deeply informed by musical knowledge. His discussion of wine, well, I look forward to it. The drink upon which civilization has been founded, he said.

A summary of quotes is found here, in the Guardian, of all places.

Scruton was a man who wore his greatness humbly.

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