The cliched phrase “Orwellian” applies to this incident. A former policeman called harry Miller was told he had been cited for a “crime/non-crime”, which incident goes on to a police record. No statute has been passed that he has offended. No crime has been committed, as the police admit. It is purely a police procedure. But it will show up as a hate crime on his record.

As Miller said, this policy of militant suppression of hatecrime follows from the MacPherson Report on racism. England, where everything is policed except the crime, in the words of Mark Steyn.

No evidence is required to have a hate incident. The British are caught in a policy spiral. No laws are needed to generate this mess. I am NOT making this up.

“The higher echelons of the police have completely sold out to Stonewall“, says Harry Miller, the former cop. “They are entirely unaware of the fact that the policy they enforce has no legal basis. They have been ideologically been captured by Stonewall.” – [which is a British pro-gay group]

No questioning of this is allowed within the police, because that constitutes transphobia. I am not making this up.

How did we arrive at this stage? Because we were told we were to forget everything we knew. #nodebate To debate is to hate.

Harry Miller is associated with Fair Cop, a lobby group for sane policing.

Expressing disbelief in gender ideology will become a heresy in the gendered theocracy of the near future. Miller concludes that the rainbow sign has become the new swastika.

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