Sunday December 22

The fracking decade – how the US gained energy independence

Do you remember “peak oil”? I don’t either.

We have just had the best decade in human history – seriously

Matt Ridley is a tonic for the soul. One of the few voices of optimism around.

” The quantity of all resources consumed per person in Britain (domestic extraction of biomass, metals, minerals and fossil fuels, plus imports minus exports) fell by a third between 2000 and 2017, from 13.7 tons to 9.4 tons. That’s a faster decline than the increase in the number of people, so it means fewer resources consumed overall.”

2019: the year the revolt went global

I cannot tell whether this article is high quality piffle or whether the author is onto something. Yu decide

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Bob G.

Another trend that isn’t getting noticed because of fixation with Trump is this. Canada is of course an exception to this trend.

Centre-left at latest election

UK Labour
Lowest seats since 1935

Lowest since 1945

2nd lowest since 1949

Lowest ever

Lowest ever

Lowest ever

Lowest since 1908

2nd lowest since 1962

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