I told you it was going to get worse

My Washington DC correspondent sent me a one-liner last week: “I told you it was going to get worse.” I confess I had not known what he meant when he said this mid-summer. Then Pelosi unleashed impeachment investigations. I asked for and received this explanation from my well-positioned Washington observer.

“It was clear even then [mid-summer] that the probability that Trump could/would be reelected was high and the Resistance was going to stop at nothing to prevent that. Remember a Trump reelection probably gives him 2 seats on the Supreme Court which would be a permanent shift to conservative principles. 

The Democrats instinctively understand it is nearly impossible to unseat an incumbent president when the economy is humming along and unemployment is a record low levels…and Trump is ending the Forever Wars and has refused to fall into a trap with Iran.

This was confirmed watching the UK use trench warfare over Brexit.

I think this forthcoming book should explain the thesis. I read her stuff all the time.

Impeachment is just the beginning ..it is still going to get worse.  The Democrats are playing a dangerous game but in their view they have nothing to lose. Inadvertently the Democrats have damaged Biden which Trump wants.  Remember the 1972 election.  The Watergate episode was in part to find damaging material on the Democrats in order to engineer the most unpalatable candidate to run against Nixon.  They succeeded.  Ed Muskie was discredited  then this set up George McGovern and Nixon got 60% of the popular vote and 49 states.

In a Trump vs Warren election  (where this is going)  IMHO it looks like a 2016 respin.  Warren cannot take PA, MI, WI, Ohio or Florida and lose the Electoral College .   She will also win the popular vote since CA NY NJ and the liberal coasts will mount a massive effort and the cycle begins again.

The Spawn of the Devil vs the Commie Pinko. 

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This has been going on for a long time and will keep going till the end of the Trump presidency.

Early January, 2017, before Trump was even inaugurated, Chuck Schumer said: “Look… yep… lemme tell ya, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday of getting back at ya. So even for a practical, supposedly hard-nosed businessman, he’s being really dumb to do this… From what I’m told, they are very upset with how he has treated them.” This is like the banana republics where the elected leader is afraid of coup from the military.

Of course this wasn’t limited to Trump. Earlier CIA spied on the Senate and Brennan lied about it.

Is it any surprise that the Ukranian whistleblower is part of the intelligence community? They went rogue long ago. Here is another article from few days before the Trump inaugurated that talks about the same issues. https://thefederalist.com/2017/01/17/top-level-intel-officers-war-donald-trump-bad-country

There is a long list of articles like the one above so comments like “I confess I had not known what he meant” are surprising.

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