Trudeau in costume

My reaction is: so what? All those opposed to political correctness should see this non-issue for what it is. In a few years people will wonder what an earth made this a “controversial” or embarrassing moment. I especially ask Conservatives to think about what trouble they create for themselves by empowering this kind of retroactive political correctness. Everyone in the past was guilty of something that PC condemns. It is all so 1984.

Failing to build pipelines – that is the issue for which Trudeau the Lesser should be deposed.

Mr. Dress-up

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I agree. We ALL know that had it been a Conservative we’d have 24/7 sanctimonious ranting and spittle flecked cameras/microphones from the Liberals until well after the candidate resigned and would be used endlessly to substantiate Liberals’ insistence that ALL Conservatives are incorrigible racists and bigots.

Live by the sword, die by the sword. Couldn’t happen to a more repugnant party.


I think that this event leaves Justin particularly vulnerable, and may even be a mortal wound. It attacks him in his brand: the super sympathetic, ally of the gay, friend of women, Mister caring and sensitive. Forget about the prosecution of the Admiral, the botched oil pipelines, the intersectional analysis of every government action, the malign influence of Gerry Butts, and the Lavalin SNC affair. He who lives by fluff is dying by fluff. I feel that this issue could be decisive, worthless as it is, except as a mark of hypocrisy.
So we are all agreed, it seems.

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