Mark Blyth

Mark Blyth makes more sense than anyone I have heard about what has happened to our economies, US, Canada, China, and the world. I suppose he is left wing. I could not care less. He makes sense to me. Try him and see. Brexit, inflation, low interest rates, income stagnation, and a great deal more is explained. He is also quite clear (in the Q&A) that Trump is going to win the next election, and he is no fan of the Donald. But he thinks he is some kind of genius at transforming the US and the global economy.

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Fractal Gnome

Wikipedia lists the following as the 15 richest people in US.

1 Jeff Bezos $131.4 billion 55 Amazon
2 Bill Gates $100.3 billion 62 Microsoft, Cascade Investment
3 Warren Buffett $82.6 billion 88 Berkshire Hathaway
4 Larry Ellison $62.4 billion 74 Oracle
5 Mark Zuckerberg $62.1 billion 35 Facebook
6 Larry Page $60 billion 46 Google
7 Charles Koch $50.4 billion 83 Koch Industries
7 David Koch $50.4 billion 78 Koch Industries
9 Sergey Brin $49.9 billion 45 Alphabet
10 Michael Bloomberg $48.7 billion 77 Bloomberg L.P.
11 Jim Walton $44.6 billion 70 Walmart, inherited
12 S. Robson Walton $44.3 billion 74 Walmart, inherited
13 Alice Walton $44.4 billion 69 Walmart, inherited
14 Steve Ballmer $41.2 billion 63 Microsoft, LA Clippers
15 Sheldon Adelson $35.1 billion 86 Las Vegas Sands Corp.

8 of the 15 are in high-tech, 3 inherited their wealth, 2 (Koch) are in industry with tech element, 1 in finance and 1 in entertainment. How somebody can speak for that long without mentioning technology as source of wealth and huge disparity is amazing. Ever wonder why the worst wage disparity in the US is in California? Is it possible it might have something to do with the concentration of the tech industry there?

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