The impending slaughter of the Democrats and other good news

Fortunately for them it will only be a metaphorical slaughter at the ballot box. As Conrad Black opines this morning in American Greatness…..

Plus Boris Johnson is shortly to lead the Conservatives in the UK on a platform of taking the UK out of the European Union completely, and not trying to negotiate with Brussels.

So there is much reason to be content this morning.

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Jason Holmes

Conrad Black is absolutely right about Trump following Napolean’s advice. This article below about Pelosi giving advice to illegal immigrants on how to avoid ICE is hard to believe because these people are not eligible to vote. One thing missing in all this is the fact that illegal immigrants are detrimental to the black population in US. If black vote swings by 5% Dems will lose the elections badly. (As an aside recall that in some counties in the Rust Belt there was a 30% vote swing so 5% isn’t much.) Trump is playing to the black audience by implementing sentencing reform and pardoning people like Jack Johnson as well as commuting sentence for Alice Johnson. Not big news but given the number of blacks in prison this sends a powerful message

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