It takes a Catholic

A Roman Catholic is best suited to slag the current Pope. David Warren rises to the occasion.


Allow me to agree with Pope Francis that Holy Church owes the world some “outreach.” Of our 266 popes (plus or minus), I mention that one in particular because he has had more to say about politics than, possibly, all the rest combined. His views on social class, income distribution, imperialism, colonialism, general oppression, environmental issues, anthropogenic climate, immigration controls, and many other topics not traditionally considered to be any of the Church’s business, are broadcast constantly. Moreover, his neglect of her primary mission — the salvation of souls through propagation of the faith — has underlined this by contrast….

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Speaking as a non-religious person, this is one of the great things about Christianity; you can give it a swift kick in the pants when it needs it and walk away without having your head blown off. Wish I could say that about Islam.

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