Sex differences in sports

Table 1. Differences between Male and Female World Records

EventMaleRecordFemaleRecordDifference% Difference
100 metres9.5810.490.919%
200 metres19.1921.342.1510%
400 metres43.0347.604.5710%
800 metres1:40.911:53.2812.3711%
1,500 metres3:26.003:50.0724.0710%
5,000 metres12:37.3514:11.151:3311%
10,000 metres26:17.5329:17.453:0010%
High jump2.45 m2.09 m0.36 m17%
Long jump8.95 m7.52 m1.43 m19%
Triple Jump18.29 m15.50 m2.79 m18%
Pole vault6.16 m5.06 m1.1 m21%

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Sex Differences, Gender, and Competitive Sport, by Andrew Langford

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Women’s 1500m world record: Genzebe Dibaba (ETH) 3:50.07 (2015)
Last February, Cian McPhillips, Longford AC, … set a new Irish Youth (U18) record at 3:46.42 minutes. This exceptional achievement sees 16 year old Cian….

This is the Irish U18 record, NOT the world record. Some 16-year old Irish bloke, who you will probably never hear of again, is faster than all the women.
The 1500m U18 boys world record is 3:33.72 by Nicholas Kemboi of Kenya when he was 16 years, 243 days. That means if he had run that race he would be over 100m ahead of the fastest women at the finish and just for perspective this race was won by 25 lengths, about 60m.

Boxing is divided into different weight classes so why pretend men and women are the same.

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