Even more nothing

Of all the interpretations of the effect of Brexit that I have heard, the one I like best is seldom discussed. This is Conrad Black’s prediction:

“crashing out will be almost completely painless and imperceptible, and May will either take the hint that she has a serious confidence-problem and go, or fumble along until November and be handed a bus ticket.”

What if they decided to have a catastrophe and no one showed up? In the meantime Theresa May demonstrates a level of incompetence and irresolution that betokens yet another seriously over-promoted woman with a profound faith in herself.

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May herself said that she’s no Maggie Thatcher, then set out to prove it in spades. She was a “Stay in the EU” Conservative like her predecessor Cameron who at least fell on his sword because he realized his heart wouldn’t be in the divorce proceedings. Her incompetence on the Brexit file may be purposeful or she’s the world’s worst negotiator.

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