Jordan Peterson, Presbyterian Divine

The most important aspect of the story today about Jordan Peterson being rejected for a stint at the Cambridge school of divinity is not that they rescinded his application. No sir. What is of interest in the story is that the greatest Calvinist in living memory has found his proper metier, as a minister of the Christian religion.

It took him a while, but it was inevitable. The search for truth leads you where it goes, and the Word of God is more durable than stone.

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I am so naive.
For a moment, I really thought he was rejected because, well, though a nice guy, he is not actually a Christian. (Yes, I know, he says he is, but he is not)
Silly me.
As if that would disqualify you from being on a divinity school faculty.
Not being a “progressive,” well that’s a definite showstopper.
The de facto state religion in most Western countries is becoming not much less tyrannical than those in Iran or the Saudi. Even imprisonment for blasphemy (i.e., “hate speech”) is beginning to occur. Whippings, beatings, and hangings will come soon enough, at first by mobs if not, yet, by the police.

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