Cromwell Had A Point—Part 2

Renowned British historian, David Starkey, currently touring Britain and lecturing on “Henry VIII and the First Brexit”, writes in the Daily Mail on the recent developments in Britain pertaining to Brexit:

The referendum was a very British revolution. And it’s been followed by a very British counter-revolution, which shows every sign of succeeding.
Don’t be deceived by the lack of violence or the comparative good manners of those now seizing control. This is a coup, and what is at stake is the nature and legitimacy of Parliament itself.

His main point is that the historical traditions given to us from the Magna Carta are now disintegrating before our eyes…

It is no exaggeration to say that British democracy, which stands in direct line with Magna Carta, is now unravelling before us.
If today’s self-satisfied MPs and Ministers – I have already described them as a Parliament of Pygmies – have no time for the voters, they have little time for history, either.

The Labour Party, once the voice of the working class and the mighty trade union movement has been coopted by prissy Grauniad-reading dilletantes and the Conservative Party has transmogrified into a shape-shifting Blairite Thing.

The People voted 52 to 48 per cent to leave; an estimated 74 per cent of MPs voted to remain. No representative assembly can sustain such a gulf. Either People or Parliament must give way.
This is not the first time such a thing has happened. Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Communist states were ruled by similarly pampered, out-of-touch and privileged elites who, against all the evidence, claimed to represent the People.

He concludes darkly…

And where will it end? In other very British revolution? Or something nastier? I don’t want to prophesy, good historian that I am, but I fear the worst.

If you read anything today, read Starkey’s article—it’s nuclear.

Rebel Yell

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Another very fundamental transformation that has taken place during the Brexit debate in the UK parliament is that the Speaker can choose which amendment to bring forward and which one to discard. With the importance of precedence in British parliamentary tradition, this is significant shift which accords undue power to a single individual.


Ah, precedence. Thinking about and making decisions is so difficult; so let us defer to precedence, stare decisis, and simply put the matter behind us.


The fix is in!
Tony Blair secretly advising Emmanuel Macron on Brexit as former PM accused of ‘unacceptable’ behaviour

As per my post above, Speaker making things up as he goes along.

Laura Kuenssberg @bbclaurak 8m
Don’t know on what, but hearing there will be a statement from Speaker at 3.30 – could theoretically be a ruling on whether govt can even hold another meaningful vote


… and it gets worse.

Paul Goodman @PaulGoodmanCH 30m

Bercow summary: May can’t bring back her deal as MV3 if it’s the same as MV2. Crucial point: he and he alone will decide if the two are sufficiently different.

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