US Marines train for invasion of Canada

Published reports show that the US military is shifting its training from desert climates to frosty ones. Though they pretend that the concern is with Korea and Russia, we all know that the closest target of uncertain loyalty is Trudeau’s Ottawa. It is a balmy -2C here today, going down to -14 tonight. Conditions will be ideal next week for winter training at -18C in the Gatineaus.

The snow is deep, the conditions cold, and the commanding view over Ottawa creates a good place to plant artillery. I have a few spots in mind.

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One might think that Canada would assume responsibility for defending our continent’s Northern approaches. As long as we don’t have the infrastructure, equipment and man(oops, person)power to assert our sovereignty it falls to US forces (again) to look after us. What a squandered heritage; and not a politician in sight to show some vision.

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