Two strikes

With the resignations today of Gerald Butts and Katie Telford, the principal secretary and the chief of staff to the Prime Minister, the regime has taken a serious hit. Two torpedoes: one to the aft engine room, and the second to starboard chains. The ship is listing and damage control parties are putting out fires. The Principal Secretary and the Chief of Staff are the heart and soul of Justin’s regime. He will have to take his directions from new people as of tomorrow.

I predicted that Aztec heart sacrifice would be required to appease the wrath of Jody Wilson-Raybould and the many Canadians who think that the course of justice was turned by inappropriate political pressure from the PMO, viz the aforementioned Butts and Telford.

Even so we cannot fail to rejoice in the loss to the regime to the Greenie in Chief, the global warming catastrophist who advised the Prime Minister ten to twenty times a day for these past many years.

Read his resignation letter:

” I also need to say this (and I know it’s a non sequitur). Our kids and grandkids will judge us on one issue above all others. That issue is climate change. I hope the response to it becomes the collective, non-partisan, urgent effort that science clearly says is required. I hope that happens soon.”

No, because the science has been perverted, the data massacred, the scales of justice weighed heavily by corrupt government research, and the evidence of too many heresy trials has invalidated the global warming concern nearly completely among reasonably informed minds. This concern may be legitimately and scientifically founded, but the scare has been marketed like cholesterol in the 1960s, only this time the issue is not the switch from butter to canola oil but energy technologies that work to ones that were abandoned for sound reasons. I digress.

The loss of Butts may enable the Prime Minister to escape the huge battle forming with the provinces about carbon taxes.

In regard to the Wilson-Raybould issue, listen to the man exclaim:

“Any accusation that I or the staff put pressure on the Attorney General is simply not true. “

Well, if he did not put pressure on Wilson-Raybould, why is he resigning?

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The Liberals are simply there to implement the UN/Soros/Globalist agenda, same as the DNC, Macron, Merkle, and the plethora of other Liberal democratic parties across western Europe and elsewhere. They are all exactly the same with exactly the same goals. Trudeau doesn’t need Butts for policy and he is not essential for running a Liberal PMO. Butts is a tiny sacrifice in the Liberal global movement in order to minimize damage and retain power.

Gabby in QC

“With the resignations today of Gerald Butts and Katie Telford …”
Unless I missed it, Katie Telford has not resigned (yet?). Would it not be another major blow to Trudeau’s mantle as ‘Feminist-in-Chief’ if she were to resign as well, in addition to Jody Wilson-Raybould?


This departure by Butts will leave a big hole behind. He was instrumental in pushing the progressive agenda so is not easily replaceable. Butts should have been booted out when he tweeted this long ago:

“The lesson to take from this joke being torqued by Infowars and other alt-right nazi friends of the Rebel is they’re paying attention. Game on, #TeamTrudeau.”

Game over Butts.

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