Too many targets

First I observe the death of two of my heroes: former Minister of Finance, Michael Wilson, and of foreign correspondent Joe Schlesinger, the last CBC reporter actually to have experienced the deadly effects of both Communism and National-Socialism. Michael, I am still sorry for accidentally clobbering you with my racquet in a squash game. You were a good sport and a fair player. And Joe, I am happy to have had the chance to congratulate you for your good work in a chance encounter at the grocery store.

Ocasio-Cortez and the gift that will keep on giving: a Green Plan for turning the United States into a Gulag without airplanes, tractors, cars, travel, food, energy or freedom. Back to farming with horses and mules. Back to making steel in boutique smithies powered by hand-dug coal. Way to go, O-C. If Ocasio-Cortez gets her way, the US will become a Cambodia. Trump is looking good at 52% approval ratings. I provoked another anti-Trump fanatic into betting me that the Donald would not be President after the next election. Like taking candy from babies.

To quote Rex Murphy on the subject of the O-C Green plan:
“The enormousness of its prescriptions is overshadowed only by the might of ignorance that powered their composition. The Green New Deal is volcanic eruption of progressive stupidity. You’ve heard of Fake News. This is Fake Thought with bullet points.”

I have not even begun on our dear leader Justin Trudeau, who canned the well-connected native Canadian Indian Jody Wilson-Raybould as Justice Minister for being insufficiently compliant. [It can be argued that she did err in not interfering in the criminal case against SNC-Lavalin after the company had purged the guilty in a Libyan bribery case, but that is another matter]. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Mr. Progressive Feminist now has to eat shit while grinning as Wilson-Raybould unleashes hell on the Liberal regime for demoting her to Veteran’s Affairs. So exquisitely appropriate for the fatuous progressive virtue-signalling nincompoop. Never try to out-politic Indians; they have superior skills in this than whites. Their considerable intelligence is directed this way. I know not why, but just watch how they operate. We are putty in their hands.

This allows the defence in the Mark Norman leakage of secrets case to point out that political interference in the Admiral’s case is a much more serious.

Mrs. Dalwhinnie was heard to mutter something positive about the Conservative leader Andrew Scheer this morning. Things are looking up.


Now, if you have the time, please remember Mike Wilson and Joe Schlesinger in your occasional talks with God. Commend them to the Great Spirit. They were models of how to be good and effective people.

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During the Kavanaugh hearings I opined in this blog that that the assertion of gang rapes were exactly what was needed to help him win the SCOTUS nomination. The assertions about him politely lining up outside the room to patiently wait his turn on the train was what brought all the accusation into disrepute. This Green Leap Forward is what the Dems need to bring the crazy wing led by an ex-cocktail waitress in control. The first jab might have been the possibility that Pelosi scuttled the CA high-speed train boondoggle to try to bring things under control.


For a lot of people whatever Trump says, they believe the opposite. It is simple as that. A good example is the Trump plan to withdraw troops from Syria.

Over the last fifteen years, our polling of voters in the U.S. has shown that most Democrats vehemently opposed the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In a stunning reversal of past polling, a majority of Democrats disagree with President Trump’s plan to withdraw American troops from Syria and a plurality of Democrats disagree with the President on removing troops from Afghanistan. A third (31%) of Democrats agreed (strongly and somewhat agree combined) with Trump, while half (52%) disagreed (strongly and somewhat disagree combined). These numbers were much different than the overall voter figures: 46% of likely voters agreed with Trump, while 37% “disagreed”, and 17% were not sure.

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