Diana Davison and the Lighthouse Project

“I’m Done with Feminism”(vid here) is the title of an extremely perceptive and rigorous analysis of the corruption of the justice system by pandering to feminism. The Lighthouse Project [here] is an organization that helps people falsely accused to work through the legal system and to reconstruct their lives after.

She pays particular attention to false rape charges and to the shameful trial by media of Jon Ghomeshi, and to the truly poisonous effects of false rape allegations, not only on the accused, but on society in general and the fundamental right to be held innocent until proven guilty.

I highly recommend her videos; we need more people like her.

Rebel Yell

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old white guy

I wonder will they bother tackling the unlimited right of police to search and seizure in Canada as well as the self incrimination aspect of the law.

Rebel Yell

Right. That’s an on-going huge issue. Greater powers given to governments and the police will always be abused….Always. Always.

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