The joys of not paying attention

The recent media kerfuffle about some boys from Covington high school and their supposedly awful attacks on some poor old Indian have turned around into a media catastrophe. The leftist press got everything wrong – no surprise – but was apprehended in the act, and had to back off. The entire incident will be forgotten in a week. I present this as an important reason why I try not to participate in the blogging of outrage.

In the time the entire event arose, spread, was refuted, and collapsed, I had to go to hospital for a cardiac procedure. (I am well thank you). The slight risk of actual death has a wonderfully concentrating effect on the mind. I turned to youtube videos about saw mills and cabin building. They are my way of engaging in escapist literature.

More than this, they concentrate me into practical efforts that bring exercise, accomplishment, and deep satisfaction in their wake.

The net tendency of Internet participation is to be constantly aggravated. If you are like me, it will be offended by the leftist assault on reason, history, religion, males, the white race, Christianity and morality. If you are anti-Trump, then everything happening these days will be offensive to you sensibilities. The best way to regain your poise and equanimity is to stop paying attention to the shadow play of politics.

Hokum and voodoo

I realize this is not what a political blog ought to say. Yet I am more concerned with my own health and sanity than I am with Trump, Trudeau or any of the dozens of points of concern, such as Brexit, Venezuala, or building pipelines in Canada. We have to remember that the reasons why we are conservatives is that most of life lies beyond and outside of politics, and it is to those wells that we go to draw our spiritual water.

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old white guy

Good to read that your heart procedure went well. I have been reading anything and everything for decades and posting on several platforms. I recently had to stop, because everyday, the level of insanity and stupidity seems to be expanding at a rate that cannot be comprehended. The intellectual ability of the average American and Canadian has slipped to the point where they no longer seem to understand anything. There seems to no outrage or insanity that the people are not willing to accept. No one seems to be able to think anymore. I have had it.


I would suggest that dismay at the stupidity of the human race is normal for people of a certain age and intelligence. At some stage one realizes that the bell curve distribution of intelligence is what it is, and that 98% or more of the commentary you read is from people who are stupider than oneself. Why then should you pay attention to them, unless they bring moral insight. Most people do not. Nor do they bring intellectual enlightenment. So reduce one’s exposure.

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