And now for something completely inevitable


Theresa May, formerly the Prime Minister of England, has just lost by a huge margin, a vote in Parliament regarding the terms she negotiated with the EU over Brexit. These terms encompassed all the worst aspects of belonging to the EU without any of the benefits of a significant vote in the organization. May is now a zombie. She still occupies the office of Prime Minister but her career is effectively finished. Zombie-like, she will stagger on until someone puts the metaphorical bullet through her head, possibly by internal party revolt. She is enormously self over-rated, and in this she resembles a lot of women in power these days.


  1. Britain will leave the European Union, inevitably.
  2. Britain will make free trade agreements with all who want them with her, which includes the US, Canada and the English-speaking countries of the Commonwealth. Probably more will sign up with the UK.
  3.  The EU will last another ten to twenty years, though it will fracture into northern and southern economies, if not into more subgroups.

May is not the only political zombie. So is the EU, though the EU still thinks it is calling the shots.

Some changes take time to unfold. This is one of them.

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The Tories have always been split on the issue of EU membership so she is not the first one having difficulty bridging this gap. It will be ironic if hard Brexiters end up causing a soft Brexit or delay in Brexit. EU legal advice does not rule out a delay and work has begun on that.

It is interesting to you see you concur Corbyn’s view of May.

Miles Lunn

Most likely outcome is UK leaves with no deal, but I would not rule out another referendum and while I think it would be very close, the remain side would have a slight advantage as 1.6 million Brits have died since and chances are most voted leave while 1.8 million (either weren’t 18 then or became citizens) are now eligible to vote and likely that group will overwhelmingly vote to remain. Nonetheless the country is deeply divided and I suspect it will be some time before this is resolved. I don’t think the EU will disappear, rather it will face even more crises and I think that will create the impetus for a more democratic but closer union.

old white guy

she did not lose the non-confidence vote because her party is in the majority and I do not know any politician anywhere that would cut their own throat.


re: second referendum

If there is a second referendum then there should be a third one as well to be fair so that it is a best-of-three affair.

re: “her party is in the majority”

That is not so. DUP, a N. Ireland based party, is part of the coalition. Without their support the govt would have been defeated. DUP is the one bringing the Irish question to the forefront and it has arguably been the most contentious issue in the Brexit negotiation. If DUP wasn’t part of the coalition May might have let them fend for themselves. A minority Tory govt was a blessing for the Irish. Talk about luck of the Irish.

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