It started to go bad a long time ago

Sometime ago the elites decided that we are all wrong, and that western civilization needs to be destroyed from inside. Heather MacDonald said this movement of decline andĀ decadence began in the 1960s. She is the author of many good books, The Burden of Bad Ideas published in 2000, is among them.

This is what she sounded like in the year 2000, which is what she says in 2018. She has been right for a long time.

Sally Satel, MD, is worth listening to as well.

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True. Government does not emerge from nowhere; it derives its authority from the belief that it is the government’s duty to equalize outcomes, in part or in whole. How much equalization depends on how much you distrust the wealth accumulating powers of capitalism. But I think the belief in redistribution is grounded to a great degree in envy.

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