Bolsonaro—The Right Way to Go!

President-elect Bolsonaro hasn’t even been sworn in yet, and he’s pledged to allow all Brazilians without criminal records to own firearms; to move the Brazilian Embassy to Jerusalem, and, to not sign the insane UN Migration Pact.

Wow, three home runs before the game starts. Will he out-Trump Trump?

No doubt come January 1st, many feminist knickers will be twisted into Gordian knots, screams of outrage will emanate from the hordes of thingies with dubious and unclassifiable libidos, and the MSM will beclown themselves with MAD magazine-type lies about the new Brazil.

We could use a guy like that in Canada.

Rebel Yell

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Miles Lunn

On gun laws, I think it is fine to allow those without criminal records to own certain guns for certain purposes, but don’t support the idea of US style gun laws which have lead to it being by far the highest murder rate in the developed world. While Brazil is much higher, I fail to see how letting more own guns will help. I am all for allowing gun ownership for hunting and target shooting, but gun ownership for self defence should only be limited to dangerous jobs, not private individuals and likewise semi-automatics with high capacity magazines like the AR15 should be banned.

As for UN global compact on migration, not surprised, although ironically not sure many immigrants really want to come to Brazil. In addition its non-binding so really its more a statement. Most of Western Europe including countries like UK which have Conservative governments have signed it so I was believe even if imperfect better to be at the table than not.

On moving the embassy to Jerusalem horrible idea. I am all for moving it there once a two state solution is achieved but not before as the last thing that needs to be done is to make the volatile situation worse.

Anyways I would rather our Conservatives by like the mainstream centre-right parties in Europe, not like the right wing populists like him or Trump and others gaining recently. Populism be it right wing or left wing has almost never ended well and likewise parties that stray too far from the centre in either direction tend to be disasters albeit for different reasons. One of the problems with Latin America is they seem to lurch from one extreme to the other.

Fred from BC

” US style gun laws which have lead to it being by far the highest murder rate in the developed world. While Brazil is much higher, I fail to see how letting more own guns will help.”

Once again, you prove that you know nothing about guns or gun laws, you just start spouting the same tired old Liberal talking points. Tell us your theory on why Toronto has such a high murder rate with the amount of ‘gun control’ that exists there, and then explain why Salt Lake City has such a low murder rate with the tiny amount of ‘gun control’ that they have. And hey, while you’re at it, enlighten us all as to why the border states of Montana, Idaho, North Dakota etc have lower murder and violent crime rates than the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba that share their borders with…how can this be possible with open and concealed carry of firearms *everywhere* down there, while Canada has some of the toughest ‘gun control’ laws in the world?

Miles Lunn

Wrong, quite familiar with the laws. A common retort from the pro-gun side that if people just knew more about guns they would be more pro-gun. Utah has a murder rate of 2.4, while Ontario is 1.47 so while that data is from 2016 and 2017 that seems to go against your argument. Montana has a murder rate of 3.9 while Alberta is 2.73 despite the fact Alberta is way more urbanized. When comparing border states, only examples of cases where Canada is higher is North Dakota vs. Saskatchewan and Manitoba vs. Minnesota all others are lower north of the border. You can always find exceptions, but Canada’s murder rate is fairly low and I think it would be stupid to bring in concealed carry never mind few Canadians want it anyways. In the developed world, the only other country I am aware of where concealed carry is available to anyone who passes a background check is the Czech Republic so not allowing concealed carry is the norm. In addition when in a shooting its not as easy as one think and simulations have shown more often than not innocent bystanders just get hit. Likewise homes with firearms are more likely in the US to suffer an unnecessary death than without them, so our laws of limiting it only for hunting and target shooting and requiring they be unloaded and locked away is fair and reasonable.

Our gun laws are not some of the strictest on earth, not even close. Way stricter than the US, but similar to Italy, France, and Germany while more permissive than UK and Japan. If you look at the 34 OECD countries most on balance are fairly similar in restrictiveness to Canada, if anything we might be slightly on the loose side despite being way stricter than the US. There are a few who are more permissive asides the US. Australia, Japan, and UK completely ban centrefire semi-automatics which we don’t and Ireland, Japan, and UK completely ban handguns which we do not. France, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, and New Zealand all require gun club membership and a minimum of so many events attended before you can own a handgun whereas here in Canada some CFOs require gun club membership but the firearms act does not. Many European countries even require a hunting licence before you can get a rifle or shotgun whereas we have no such requirement.

It’s really too bad too many on the right want to mimic the United States, which is probably the last developed country on earth we should model ourselves off with all the problems they have. We don’t need to be the opposite of them, but certainly not more like them.

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