A non-hysterical view of global warming

I sift through lots of global warming stuff pro and con. I think this guy comes closest to my current position. Geologists, in my opinion, are much more cognizant of the long record of the planet, and way less hysterical than the “climate” scientists. Still, his view of rising oceans within the next century is alarming enough. Britt’s view is that we have stopped the Milankovich cycle in its tracks and that we are not heading into an ice age, as we ought to be by this time, but are heading to significantly greater warmth.

As he points out, the biggest friend of a colder earth was Mao Tse-tung, who kept China in poverty. And that, my friends, is the only way I know to prevent further global warming.

Whatever your reaction to Dan Britt’s science, I find his presentation to be cheerful and gloomy at the same time. Geologists are like that, because the planet has gone through so much more change than most people are aware of.



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old white guy

we are currently on the upslope of the fifth reversal of an ice age it may get warmer. there have been, counting this one, four previous ice ages and the temperature fluctuations from cold to warm to cold again have been fairly consistent. Whatever happens will never be controlled by man.

Bill MacLean

Animals breathe in Oxygen and exhale CO2. All the other players (plants, algae, bacteria etc.) breathe in CO2 and exhale Oxygen. If we successfully eliminate CO2 we will eliminate our source of oxygen. These fools are promoting the extinction of life on earth!

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