Does cyberpunk need an aesthetic refresh?

A provocative examination of the lingering impact of Blade Runner on the cyberpunk genre:

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My impression of Altered Carbon is that it pays homage, rather than is derivative. This may be a distinction without a difference except in the intention of its creators. Altered Carbon situates itself in a tradition; it creates that tradition by following so closely on the biological concerns and visual tropes of Blade Runner. Given the concerns of both films: what is human?, it was fitting for Altered Carbon to ape certain of the tropes of Blade Runner.
I am waiting for a spoof of Dune in which Trump plays Baron Harkonnen, maybe this time with Melania as a transexual lust object. When they have overthrown the Obamas, crushed the Democrats, and bought the Republican Party outright, Baron Trump squeezes the cheek of Jared Kushner and says”Jared, I want you to squeeze them. Squeeze them without mercy. Give me spice. I need spice”. “Yes my Baron”.Bwa-haha!
I am sure scriptwriters are working on it as we speak.

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