Angela Merkel is not yet gone, and the damage continues

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This from our social betters at the CBC, by Don Murray:

“I stood on the border between Hungary and Austria as the gates opened in September 2015 and the refugees flowed through, most to be taken by train to Munich. People cheered. Europe, and much of the world, applauded.

But beside me a German cameraman from Bavaria muttered, “The Germans aren’t going to like this.”

I was surprised and dismissive, but I shouldn’t have been. The Germans swallowed and took in an estimated one million refugees, but almost from that moment Merkel’s popularity began to drop. And just as significantly, the AfD, which was born as an anti-euro and European Union party, shifted dramatically. Its target now became immigrants and refugees, and it rose dramatically in the opinion polls.”

“I was surprised and dismissive.”

In older times the CBC  had a few old European refugees from Nazis and Communists, people who knew which end was up, like Joe Schlesinger, of blessed memory, a Czech Jew. CBC had a few people who had seen combat, or reported on it close up, like the elder Mathew Halton. Nowadays the better sort of commenter is a downtown Toronto Volvo-driver who would know what lies north of the 416.

Here we see a man watching a vast column of Islamic refugees, mostly male, mostly of military age, and he is incapable of seeing the implications of what is before his eyes. This is an invasion. And ineluctably the Cologne mass attack on German females followed. Duh! What is it about Islam these idiots do not understand? Oh! Everything!

As a German friend of mine said: “These people all lost their passports somehow but kept their cellphones”.

Finally, Angela Merkel, pounded by electoral defeats, has decided not to run for re-election as party chairman but not actually resign as Chancellor until the next elections in 2021. Imagine the long drawn-out death scene.

The Christian Democrats and the Social Democrats are each being hammered by the electorate, and no wonder. The AfD on the right and the Greens on the left are gaining.

I asked my Austrian correspondent for his views this morning. He writes:

Well, [Merkel is a] lame duck for sure, but she’s working hard to implant her clone, Annegret
Kramp-Karrenbauer (AKK), as her legacy, and the CDU has been completely castrated – no
leadership potential and substance left.

AKK is certified charisma- and thought-free, just as AM

Some people throwing their hat in the ring now:

Her old enemy Friedrich Merz is just another European superstate cheerleader.

The guy from NRW (North Rhein Westphalia) , Armin Laschet, is a walking joke.

Then there’s Jens Spahn, 38, gay, a bit of a hipster, a tad more conservative – that’d be the best option (and not much at that).

You’d have to be a special breed of idiot to take over the party at this point and leave Merkel as chancellor to continue driving Germany against the wall, just to be ready to take the blame for the next election disaster.

what I do not understand is – the greens are going through the roof and now routinely overtake the SPD, which is fried and in free fall.

Obviously the shit hasn’t hit the fan hard enough; Germans are – I am sorry – an electoral idiocracy and wholehearted preference falsifiers. As long as the CDU is in this sorry state I don’t see that trend abating

So – no great cheers coming from over here.

-Baron Steiermark



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From our German correspondent:
Merkel is extremely smart and not to underestimate despite her losing power. Or perhaps because of losing power. She wants to fulfill her task to destroy Germany as it was. What a clever idea to gain time in not applying any longer as party chairman, well knowing that she would lose it anyhow.
Did you read about the contract she’ll sign in mid December in Casablanca with the UN to make migration easier? There was only vague to NO information about that until a few days ago. As usual she doesn’t ask the parliament but decides herself.
Merz is a very interesting man though he doesn’t seem to be easy.
Will see.
The AFD could have had 3% more =15% if it wasn’t for the Freien Wähler who are very close to the ideas of the AfD, but not so targeted by the media. Perhaps these two parties will go together one day as the greens did with the Bündnis 1990.

Last week there was a mass raping of a girl in Freiburg. 7 refugees, 6 of them well known to the police, and one german. Again that was “ a single case”. Don’t let me comment that.

old white guy

it really is not all about politics. the western world has sealed it’s fate by allowing the followers of islam to gain serious footholds in their countries, that includes Canada. the consequences will be felt decades from now when our culture, society and laws cease to exist. the French language will be the least of Quebec’s problems.


Dalwhinnie: Did you read about the contract she’ll sign in mid December in Casablanca with the UN to make migration easier?

Today, Polish PM #Morawiecki surprised #Merkel at a joint press conference by saying that Poland is the next country in recent days (#Austria #CzechRepublic #Croatia) to announce that it will not sign the UN #GlobalCompactForMigrantion. Merkel’s face suddenly went sour

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