Christine Ford and the Democrats


The Dems have disgraced themselves in the eyes of normally constituted human minds. We will not forget.

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Ontario Girl

The paid professional George Soros protestors can go home now, along with “Black Lives matter” thugs. Judge Brett Kavanaugh is now the new Supreme Court Judge and will take his seat on Tues. The Democrats will need to go cry in their safe places, like they did when Hillary was trounced in the election. Justice prevailed over the Liberal MOB. This has woken up the Trump base, and they will be out in force for the mid-terms. Elections have consequences ,as Obama said. When you lose, you don’t get to pick the Supreme court judges. One thing we learned, was how corrupt Democrats are, where you are innocent until proven guilty, not the reverse. The FBI did their 7th investigation and their report was…there was no there there.Fords and the rest of the liars claims were debunked. It was about treating someone unfairly, just like what happened back in history with the Democrats and their same antics back then. If you want to see real supporters of Kavanaugh and the President watch his rally tonight at 7 pm eastern. The Trudeau bribed CBC most likely won’t carry it, since all they do ,is interview guests who are Liberal negative losers filled with hate. Today is another a great day for Conservatives.

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