I was Kavanaughed



At some point in my university career, I was selected to replace the leftist management of the campus newspaper. A campaign of distortion, lies and vilification thereupon was unleashed such as I have never before or since received. I was sunk into a dark abyss of personal abuse. Hysterical little creeps running around calling you a fascist, racist, warmonger are as unpleasant as you can conceive. To be the subject of total lies, as I believe that Kavanaugh has been, must be insufferable, and yet he must endure it.

I wonder how this will affect his life as a judge. Here is a man who has followed all the rules and succeeded in life. Now he is subject to abusive crap in the New Yorker about the sin of having a bunch of male friends who are supposed to have protected him. What protection? Indeed, as many an author is now realizing, we are in 1984, we are in Oceania. This is so even if we have not undergone any formal change of our political or constitutional arrangements.

No law is cited against Kavanaugh. He supposedly put his had over a girl’s mouth at a party when he was 17 and she was 15 and rubbed up against her. Can you imagine, all you males, ever having behaved this way between 15 and 21? Can you imagine, all you females, ever having repelled the unwanted physical advances of some over eager and loutish young male? In consequence the supposed victim had to go off to Hawaii and live a life of recovery and wellness therapy.

Now imagine if, as a thought experiment, nothing of the kind had happened? Imagine being the centre of this vilification. Imagine his wife and children enduring their father and their husband’s vilification. There is no life so blameless that a leftist will not seek to destroy it.

Thus, when Brett Kavanaugh is eventually confirmed, imagine how much vengeance he will feel in his heart towards his abusers. Imagine him acting on this feeling for the next 25 years. So you can see why the Left is desperate to derail his approval by the Senate. They know what awaits them.

I am reaching the stage where I will punch an abusive leftist in the face in social situations. I think social, not civil, war is upon us. They have brought it on themselves and they must suffer the consequences.

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These gang rape allegations are exactly what is needed to put a stop to all this. Accusations have to become so extreme that people simply won’t believe them. The gang rape accuser might have also put herself in some sort of legal jeopardy if, as she claims, she graduated from high school in 1980 but was witness and victim of these gang rapes in 1982 when she was an adult.

Also hard to fathom is this assertion. She says “I have a firm recollection of seeing boys lined up outside rooms at many of these parties waiting for their ‘turn’ with a girl inside the room. These boys included Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh,” and then goes on to claim that in 1982, after partying it up with this group 10 times, she was also gang raped. Who in their right mind continues to socialize with degenerates like this? Also, she never reported things she saw initially?

old white guy

anything that was not actionable 36 years ago is not actionable today. I am sick of liars and particularly tired of political liars.

Barry Thompson

Actually, you were ghomeshi-ed. Where are the officials that are more anti-male than our courtrooms? We are worse, it’s just that there is so much less interest in our male torture victims. It’s our Courts and media people that undertake to destroy men’s lives to press an ideological point. In the US, that comes into a congressional debate, but in Canada, it is embedded in the Courts and politics, and has been for decades. Canada is a leader in this dive into the pig sty.

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