Snippets from the summer: all Trump, all the time

At a dinner party this past summer, one guest, an American Democrat, said that we were living in a period comparable to that in Germany just after the takeover by Hitler in 1933. No, said another guest, a retired psychology professor, we are living in the days like those after the takeover of the Italian government by Mussolini in 1926.

I then asked the table: “Has Nancy Pelosi been arrested? Is the New York Times still allowed to publish? Is Chuck Schumer still the Senator minority leader? Are the media and the Deep State and the Democratic party hindered in any way from labouring night and day to overthrow Trump?”

That skewed the conversation off the manifestly absurd into zones of more reasonable discourse. Maybe it was me, may be it was the presence of a sole dissenting voice calling them back to some form of reason. May be in a more irrational or less intelligent group they would have persisted. I cannot know.

The other night I was in conversation with two friends who are anti-Trump to the max. I was less persuasive with them.I urged them to pull back the frame of their vision to see the entire process of Mueller’s endless investigation into less and less,  leaks from the White House, the New York Times anonymous op-ed piece, the prosecutions of subordinates for offences committed years before in matters unrelated to the election: to see it all as a slow-moving campaign to win the  elections in the fall and subject Trump to impeachment, on no other grounds really, than that they disagree with his politics., or his lack of manners, or something.

I have been accused of being a “true believer” which I treated rightly as a code word for fanatic. I took most decided umbrage at this. I think Trump is pursuing rationally intelligible goals on behalf of the American working class and the rest of the American people in consequence.

You may not agree with those goals; you may – it seems to me – object to his character, comportment and his manners. Yet for all the defects, Trump is succeeding in achieving his goals: American employment levels are rising across all races, ethnicities and social and economic classes.

Yes, a lot of people are enraged, annoyed, beside themselves, out of their wits and minds because of Trump: people who ought to know better, and yet do not.

Something in my constitution allows me to see mass belief in nonsense, or very questionable propositions:

  • Marxism in universities in the 1970s
  • feminism and identity politics more generally
  • climate catastrophism
  • and now Trump.

Telling people to get over it is pointless. My suspicion is that a great deal of the psychic energy invested in various political false gods has been detached from their former targets. Since we have only so much time and energy to devote to hatreds, hating Trump allows people to concentrate their hatreds on one target, which he seems to welcome . I could not endure it, but I am happy he is bearing, and bearing well, the nearly insupportable burden of being hated by every leftist, bien-pensant, upper-middle class Volvo and Subaru driver, and conventional herd-belonging bovine in North America and beyond. He will win a second term as President because of this.



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old white guy

when people are busy losing their tiny minds over a President who is actually doing good for his country, there is not much one can do other than chuckle.


I think the more apt question is how did Russia gain so much influence / leverage in so many governments from the EU to the USA? Answer — corruption and they have been buying the extreme left as had starting during Soviet era and now have expanded to purchasing the extreme right. What is common is that the purchased parties become very pro-Russian in foreign policy.

The EU is full of such examples — Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Greece, & Bulgaria where the pro-Moscow parties have gained power. France, Germany, Sweden, & Slovakia where there has been growth in such parties to the detriment of existing centrist & conservative parties and are within striking distance of power.

In the United States, Trump is the co-opted individual — never has there been a presidential campaign with so many personnel who had worked in Russia, had business interests in Russia, had pro-Moscow sentiments, dabbled with known Russian assets/agents and where the President himself after numerous bankruptcies and had become so toxic in the money market apparently survived on laundered Russian money — the shit storm is coming and conservatives in the USA and in Canada need to think wake up and smell the coffee. Any republican could do what Trump has done, but Trump is tainted and the next 6-12 months as Mueller’s investigation continues will show that he colluded / cooperated / worked with the Russians.

Nobody can honestly say they thought that the Helsinki Summit was anything but embarrassing if not dangerous. A president who complains about how a bi-partisan congress/senate overwhelmingly voted in CAATSA to box him in from relaxing sanctions on Russia, a president who praises Putin all the time yet has not held back on anybody including the Chinese. It was Trump’s people J.D. Gordon who had ties to Butina & Kislyak & on Trump’s instructions who weakened the GOP platform for helping Ukraine fight the Russians; who after the Skripal poisoning threw out 60 Russian spies/diplomats but told Russia don’t worry you can bring them back. If you look at every person he has complained about in the Intel & Justice departments had expertise hunting down Russian spies & Russian oligarch & Russian mobsters. Trump has held a position since 1987 that NATO should be disbanded as it is no longer useful and has done his best to fracture the alliance and where Sec. of State & Defense constantly have to do repair work on the alliance.

If anybody really did a deep dive during the primaries & then presidential race there were enough blinking glaring red lights that said this man was tainted / compromised. Even the NYT Op-Ed from Anonymous had spent 3 paragraphs on how Trump was a national security threat mainly because of his go-soft policy / beliefs on Russia.

There was a reason why the vast majority of the GOP national security / foreign policy professional establishment formed the core of the #nevertrump movement.

When this blows, it will be ugly and will hurt the conservative movement in the USA for at least a decade after Trump is indicted.

buckle up as it is getting very ugly very fast.


> “Answer — corruption and they have been buying the extreme left as had starting during Soviet era and now have expanded to purchasing the extreme right. What is common is that the purchased parties become very pro-Russian in foreign policy.”

Extreme assertions require an extreme degree of evidence. This conspiracy is even wilder than the one on X-Files. We are supposed to believe that Trump is a Russian mole and and Mueller has made no attempt to remove him two years into his term. I guess Mueller is being paid off as well! Sessions must be the smart one. He steps aside so he can quietly keep cashing Putin’s cheques. 😉 Where is my cheque?! How can I get my hands on some of this dough?

We are talking Russia here. The country with the 12th largest GDP in the world which also happens to be less than CA, NY & TX. Russian GDP is less than South Korea and the former has a huge nuclear arsenal to take care of. But then I guess buying the extreme left AND extreme right must be cheap. All we need now is a cover in Newsweek along the lines of “WE ARE ALL SOCIALIST NOW”. This one should say “We are all neo-cons now”

Webster dictionary defines neo-cons as follows:

1 : a former liberal espousing political conservatism
2 : a conservative who advocates the assertive promotion of democracy and U.S. national interest in international affairs including through military means


Just an addendum to the above comment. It now seems that Putin has bought out Google as well!

Headline in The Guardian: Unrest breaks out as Google pulls YouTube ads by Putin critic Alexei Navalny

So “a-nevertrump-conservative”, when do you expect Putin to purchase rest of the internet?! Shouldn’t be very long with all the money he is making from energy exports to Germany. Guess Merkel is part of this vast conspiracy too. Justin Trudeau must be the last honest man. We Canadians are so blessed! As “a-nevertrump-conservative” said above, “buckle up as it is getting very ugly very fast.”


Andy, you may want to check out the following website — it is one of the most complete websites on the Trump-Russia coordination / collusion and is appropriately named:

and they have a detailed timeline going back to 1984 on Trump interactions with Russia.

That is just for starters. There is so much information out there but Mueller will piece it together if uninterrupted by Trump.

In reference to Russian interference in Elections — Sweden is one of the EU countries where the Kremlin via it’s right-wing philosopher Alexandr Dugin supplies money and moral support thru Bot armies & other social media intervention had managed to bring an obscure extreme-right-wing party aka Sweden Democrats (that also wants to remove EU sanctions on Russia and block Sweden’s slow but steady movement towards NATO) from not on the radar a decade ago to 3rd spot (with 17.6%) in an eight party election on last Sunday.

BTW it is estimated that Putin has 200+ billion USD that he had pilfered from state coffers over the last 18+ years (according to Bill Browder — initiator of the Magnitsky act) — you should read Vannity Fair & Rolling Stones exposes on how Alexander Torshin (head of the Russian Central Bank) money laundered money thru the NRA for the Trump Campaign with $30 million and a total of $419 million USD in the election — an increase of over $100 million USD over previous elections. That was only one of multiple channels.

You just may want to wake up on Russian interference — BTW Canada was not immune — Chretien had a private meeting in June 2015 with Putin in Moscow, and shortly after the Liberal Party was flush with cash just in time for the Federal Election — After the election two Chretien loyalists in the Trudeau cabinet started pushing removing sanctions on Russia, tried to kill the Canadian Magnitsky act, and tried cutting off support for Ukraine in training of Ukrainian army. Both Dion & McCallum suddenly resigned and were given ambassadorships and those pro-Russia policies stopped dead in their tracks in January 2017. Quite a series of coincidences eh?

Putin funds both sides of the spectrum to get what he wants — aka removal of sanctions, elimination of the various Magnitsky Acts around the world, breakup of NATO, breakup of the EU, and the USA becoming an isolationist power thus creating a vacuum for Russia & China to step into.

Robert Stone

gee – a-nevertrump-conservative…………..all that research – you remind me of the “great unbiased” so called journalism from the leading “even handed” branch of the newsworld that only watches CNN for all their news.

If you are unable to look at the huge deposit of dribble that you think supports your conclusions without some sense of irony in your soul – you are absolutely dumber than your writing……….

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