Maxime says it straight



“Trudeau’s extreme multiculturalism and cult of diversity will divide us into little tribes that have less and less in common, apart from their dependence on government in general. He went on to decry the possible “cultural balkanization” of Canadian society.”

Maxime Bernier is exactly correct.

I think he is the real Canadian Opposition. And if Andrew Scheer had any sense, apart from the calculus of the  immediate political impact of anything, he would gradually find a way to agree with Bernier. Because Maxime has just told truth in a public place, which is always called a “gaffe” by the MSM.

Liberals may claim their donations have increased, they may claim their vote has strengthened.  I doubt both. In taverns, barbecues and Legions across Canada,  people are waking up from the summer doldrums and nodding assent to Bernier. You can have too much multi-culturalism. If you doubt this, go to India, and experience real, not ersatz, multi-culturalism. The place scarcely coheres, so great are the internal divisions of religion, caste, language, and race. And canada is heading in exactly that direction, courtesy of the Liberals.

For a more intelligent discussion of this issue, as it relates to immigration, see Does Diversity Really Unite Us?: Citizenship and Immigration by Edward Erler.


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My gut reaction is always, * you don’t talk about this here * … so I feel like Bernier should have been a little less rabid about his take … what I think was meant as a slam to Trudeau, came across as a slam against immigrants (depending on how you chose to read it). It’s funny how divided conservatives seem to be on this. I agree with you though. Sheer needs to be the one showing that the Conservative Party embraces diversity of thought, and that nothing Bernier said was vile or racist. The reaction has been far more overwrought than it should have been, especially from Conservative leadership.


It is my view that precisely what some say should not be talked of at all is what should be discussed. Politics always seems to say that the big movements and ideas are sacrosanct. They are not.


As to Bernier, he may lack discretion, but he should stick to his guns. Canada needs someone like him to shout fire in the theatre when it is actually burning.


Andrew Scheer should do the CPC a favor, follow his heart and cross the floor and join the Liberals, where he belongs. Let someone with some Conservative Canadian values step up to the plate, like Bernier, Leitch, Trost or Rempell.
You know Bernier was spot on the truth with his remarks about radical multiculturalism by the reaction from the CINO’s and MSM.

Sean M

Bernier was right on the money. The fact that Bernier is being attacked for having a different and well thought out opinion just shows how weak and desperate the Liberals and their Media pimps are. Not to mention how fragile and weak this country is. Its unfortunate that Scheer was chosen as leader because he capitulated to the Quebec Dairy Cartel, it shows his weaknesses and his willingness to corrupt the process. When a country begins to outlaw the truth as the Trudope Party and their Media pimps are doing that country is in big trouble. Bernier should continue to voice his opinion because in the end Groper and his Media will win the next election by a country mile no matter what Scheer or Bernier say or don’t say, the fix is in for the idiot. Canadians are just that dim and the election process is as corrupt as it gets. Enjoy the decline.

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