A pithy exploration of the Left’s anti-whiteness agenda is offer today at Front Page Mag, authored by John Perazzo.  It concludes:

The attack on whiteness is just the latest and most fashionable manifestation of the left’s progressive racism. As racial attitudes have softened in the years since the magisterial 1964 Civil Rights Act, as racial intermarriage has become more commonplace, as what W.E.B. Du Bois and other radicals called “the color line” disappears to the point of nothingness, the left has had to work doubly hard to substantiate its belief that America, appearance to the contrary, is a hell of bigotry and racial violence. That is why it has come up with “whiteness,” and why it works so hard to convince the credulous that racism is not an act committed by an identifiable individual but a “structure,” invisible to its white beneficiaries, which allows them to live lives of power and certainty while trampling, without meaning to do so, the hopes of people of color.

“Whiteness” is the last refuge of scoundrels.


I tell lefties in vain that this stuff is coming for them, just as restrictions on speech are. They do not heed, they do not listen. They think they are on the winning side. They are useful idiots. Freedom is indivisible, as George Jonas would have it.

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