It’s still legal to say what you think

I have been watching a considerable amount of the Rubin Report in my leisure, which I recommend highly. The hour-long discussions allow for an exchange of views, as opposed to a ritualized six-minute interchange on cable TV of talking points.

One of the heroes of truth is Douglas Murray, who has written The Strange Death of  Europe. Asked by Rubin what words of encouragement he has for others, he responded: “It’s still legal to say what you think”.

I want to add my two cents’ worth to that observation. It is surprizing the degree to which, in the absence of any secret police, and with human rights commissions still occasionally defeated in  public and embarrassing ways, that people feel so constrained to toe the line of political correctness.

Yet they do, and for good reason. There are innumerable enforcers out there, in almost any occasion in which polite society meets.

Last year I was talking to a lady at a cocktail gathering and had occasion to observe that North American Indians or blacks were overrepresented in our prisons – and no, I did bring up the topic but did not avoid it either. She asked me quite bluntly: “Was I racist?| I thought for a moment and said, “No. I merely observe statistical realities”. What I ought to have said, and wish I had said, “Are you a member of the thought police?”

Because there are many members of the thought police and they do not hesitate to comment on the slightest deviation – it is the slightest and not the greatest deviation they are sensitive to.

More than any other thing which lies behind the success of Trump is his capacity to talk ordinary language about difficult subjects: to talk like a real person and not in a series of carefully crafted talking points. What he has done is enlarge the capacity of ordinary people to react as normal people should to violations of common sense, good manners, and good public policy. The Emperor of PC has no clothes, which we have seen for some time. Yet it is the power to force people to say that His Majesty is splendidly clothed, to humiliate the general public by ceaseless participation in lies or doubtful propositions, that gives the guardians of PC their power.

To wit:

  • mass immigration is good for all people of the receiving society
  • free trade with China is actually free – that is, standards-based, law abiding  – trade
  • there is no link between Islam and jihad
  • that different rates of criminal incarceration among different ethnicities is a sign of racism or other injustice

Alexander Solzhenitsyn once said that Communism would not survive the day if everyone spoke the truth. As I have said recently, we are living in the liberal version of Oceania, and we will not get out of it until we each decide to tell the truth.

So say something.


For  good measure, here is the interview with Douglas Murray.




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Barry Thompson

Sorry, Mr. Bloom, we were hoping for something more current.

It amazes me how loathe people are to talk frankly about the Danforth shooting. Enough evidence is there for some tough journalistic questions … except our reporters don’t know what a tough question would be because they’re all on the other side of the line defined by political correctness. Don’t we all want to know the shooter’s motive? How tough do those questions get before the questioner is accused of racism?

Why are people so afraid? I think it’s because it can cost them their careers and leave them ruined. If there’s publicity, individuals can be destroyed even if found innocent. The more outrageous the case, the more effective its “chill”. This is what shuts people up.

old white guy

The muslim man committed jihad as commanded by the koran. End of story and any investigation. All else is lies and bafflegab.


> mass immigration is good for all people of the receiving society

The next inevitable step by leftist will be that the receiving society compensate the countries from which these people are emigrating from for the education they received there and the harm done to these societies. We are always told how these immigrants contribute immensely to the receiving society so there must be a commensurate damage to the migrant countries because of migration of all the “best and the brightest”.

> More than any other thing which lies behind the success of Trump is his capacity to talk ordinary language about difficult subjects

The other thing is his willingness to try new ideas. The below might be the first step toward Mideast peace.

The United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees announced Wednesday it was cutting more than 250 jobs in the Palestinian territories after the United States held back hundreds of millions in aid.

In total, 154 employees in the occupied West Bank and 113 in the Gaza Strip will be let go, UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness said in a statement.

More than 500 other full-time staff will be offered part-time contracts, the statement added.

The job cuts were the first since the US announced it would only provide the agency with $60 million this year, down from $360 million the previous year.

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