Scruton on what conservatism is


“The goal of the intellectual conservative  is to articulate the real reasons  why you should not have reasons.” At minute 5 of the interview.

“The initial instinct on the Left is outrage at the state of affairs, that things are wrong,  but the only solution for the Left is to seize power. But once you have got power, the negative is still there in your heart, because it’s driven you all along.”

“Without the concept of truth, there is no real exchange between people”

“Power is not a lens through which to see things, it is a corneal transplant” {Hamza Yusuf}

“The typical conservative finds things that he loves and wants to preserve them; the typical person on the left finds things that have gone wrong”

“Language is the evolved gift of previous generations”.

“It’s absolutely true that grammar is elitist, because it makes a distinction between the people that know it and the people that don’t. And that’s the kind of distinction we’er all going to need if we are to survive as a civilization and as individuals too”.

“We mustn’t be too pessimistic about everything”.

Hamza Yusuf is the first Muslim I have heard who makes sense, and explains what is good about Islam. Double bonus.

As Scruton says to Hamza Yusuf, “we are agreeing about too much”.



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old white guy

The phrase “what is good about Islam” is strange,because when one reads the Koran and has an understanding of the Hadiths and Sira, that phrase is meaningless. There is nothing good about Islam. When you understand that there are abrogating verses and that the latter take precedence over the former, death and destruction is what awaits the un-believe/infidel. There is more than enough evidence proving just that.


Nevertheless I insists that Hamza Yusuf exposes whatever might be good in Islamic culture. Listen to both of them in this interview.

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