The New Dune

I hear that Denis Villeneuve is making a reprise of Frank Herbert‘s Dune. It will take a supreme artistry to outdo the evil depicted by David Lynch’s version of Baron Harkonnen and his nephews.

Trump would make an excellent Baron Harkonnen, except he is an actual tough guy, not a fat actor playing one.

“He who controls the spice controls the universe!”

Though it was a commercial flop at the time, Lynch’s Dune is a triumph of the artistic imagination. It bears obsessive re-watching.

Also worthy of mention is the TV  miniseries.

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Nicola Timmerman

There was a documentary about a cult director’s attempt to do Dune in the 1970’s. Amazing drawings. Jodorowosky’s Dune I think it was called. Could just do that movie.


The documentary “Jodorowsky’s Dune” was intriguing but I am not convinced he could do the subject justice, apart from the novelty of Salvador Dali as the Emperor. If anything I was struck by his continual torqued venting against the studios over not sufficiently funding his frankly bizarro unwatchable films.

This is the same man who gave us “They Holy Mountain”. That oeuvre makes Lars Von Trier look like Michael Bay.

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