College degrees by sex

I do not use the word “gender”  and I counsel everyone to use the real word for it, sex.

“Gender” implies a political or grammatical construct. It is the same issue that Jordan Peterson has raised about pronouns for the inter-sexed and confused.

Now, on to the main course.

So which sex is finding that university is less appealing? Or which sex  cannot make the grades necessary in today’s pro-female education system? And which sex is falling behind in earning power as a consequence? And is either sex  allowed to observe this and remark upon it?


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Even back in the day, when I was one of a handful of women graduating with a STEM degree in my particular specialty, I never felt under threat. The men were gentlemen, in the real sense. True, they could be vulgar at times; so could the women. For me, the question was always was I capable of understanding the theory and doing the work required. I SOOOO do not get the problems women say they are facing today; think they are really over-sensitive and looking for slights instead of being adults and just shrugging the occasional crudity off.

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