Barbara Bush 1925-2018

The late Barbara Bush was the most magnificent person to occupy the White House in the last 40 years, with the possible exception of Ronald Reagan. I recall one Christmas time when a suburban shopping mall in the Washington area had banned Salvation Army bellringers with their plastic spheres for cash donations. I assume it was one of those church-state issues that bedevil the States. Maybe it was just cheap meanness. Barbara Bush got into the presidential limousine, took a drive out to the mall, and arranged for a television crew to filmĀ  her dropping in 1980s twenty dollar bill into the lucite sphere of the Salvation Army bell ringers. The shopping centre lifted its ban that night. She had exactly the right touch.

You will find several clips on Barbara Bush on Youtube. Here is a review of her by Brett Hume. She was fierce, intelligent, down to earth, loved her family, and never struck a false note.

There is so an American upper class, and she was a paht of it.


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old white guy

As a Salvation Army supporter I will let you know the spheres are called kettles. They raise money in the communities that they are placed in. That is where the money comes from and where it stays;. Our Corps feeds over 1200 people a month and provides food when needed from our pantry. We also invite anyone and everyone to partake in our Sunday service and try and find something other than secular humanism to fill the void in their lives. I have no way to describe that void. I guess having a god other than God will do.

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