We are Ruled by Idiots

It must be Nurse Ratched’s day off at the Cuckoo’s Nest; poor little Cathy McCrackpot didn’t get her meds. Canada’s “Environment“ Minister, Catherine McKenna, called on her drones to consider “the gendered impacts of climate change on women, girls and children.” (here) All kinds of “women negotiators” are being trained up to deal with the problem of manmade (person-made?) climate change.

That’ll help. Of course, person-made climate change affects us all equally, but that doesn’t stop unscrupulous politicians inventing fantasies to feather their particular little nests.

The one thing about the world around us, aka objective reality, is that it is the same for everyone regardless of who they are. The laws of physics are the same for everyone because the basic precept of the scientific worldview is that there is an objective reality. Sir Isaac Newton discovered the fundamental Law of Gravitation. That law would be the same if he had been a woman, something that appears to be possible in the Liberal alternative universe.

McCrackpot’s hint that “women negotiators” would somehow be better than men implies an essential difference between women and men that is innate, that is, rooted in the woman-ness. Of course, women are different from men, but liberals, not noted for their consistency, will claim that men can change into women if they feel like it. So what difference would “women negotiators” have that men wouldn’t have?

None. It’s all about jobs for the chicks. Cushy government jobs with loadsamoney and no responsibilities. As one wit noted, the minister’s own job is fruit of “gender-appointed roles to made-up superfluous positions.”

After all, who is going to be held to account if the “climate” doesn’t do what they want?

As the saying goes: “World Ends Tomorrow. Women and Children Affected Most.”

Rebel Yell

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Dear sweet Climate Barbie…..question for the minister..How can you beclown yourself when you’ve always been a clown?

Roger W Gladstone

Funny thing about “climate change”. If you’re interested in getting a better understanding of your local global warming or climate change temperature changes, you can go to the governments weather stat website. Pull up a long term temperature graph, max data. (ex. https://calgary.weatherstats.ca/charts/temperature-yearly.html). If you look at the long term temperature history for Calgary, the average temperatures (min, Avg & Max) have remained consistent over time. There was no uptrend or down trend??? I thought that maybe global warming had actually passed Calgary by. So I checked out Kelowna, BC. The locals there say that the wine industry is flourishing there because of global warming. Hmmm interesting opinion but I got exactly the same results. No long term trend up or down. I also tried Victoria, BC… same results. No trend! Where’s the warming?


There are a few really good YouTube videos that explain away Climate Change. Climate Change is perfectly normal. The Earth is in constant flux and the whole “Climate Warming,” “Climate Change” meme is nothing more or less than a religion designed to suck in the idiots and tax the gullible Proles and small companies so that the larger ones (those that KNOW that it is all fake) can continue on a path to monopoly. What a total crock! Look at all of the idiot-Nations that flocked to Paris…nothing less than Idiocy.

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