Canada’s Premier Mangina

No doubt you have heard the latest from the leading sanctimonious piffle-meister in the Great White North, Trudeau himself. At a townhall, he rebuked a woman (no less) for using the term ‘mankind’ in a question. Trudeau, always a bootlicker of the bitter feminoids, said ‘peoplekind’ should be used as it is more ‘inclusive’.

Of course, the bastardization of language and of clear thinking is a hallmark of leftists everywhere, particularly in our Dominion. In lefty Newspeak, as in Orwell’s original, the object is to destroy language to render thought impossible. Ideas cannot be expressed and articulated if the language is debased.

This fatuous mountebank, this drama school dropout, whose only claim to fame is a rich daddy, should be reminded that ‘we’, that is, Canadians, use the Queen’s English (and whatever French Quebecers deem correct), not some Bolshevized duck-speak from the gibbering minions of the Liberal Party.

Piers Morgan of the UK Daily Mail has an excellent take on this latest assault on common sense. It seems that Canada is spreading its new reputation around the world as a nation of pompous poseurs and PC-addled cretins.

Rebel Yell

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Nicola Timmerman

As much as I detest Trudeau, since the woman is from a snowflake church promoting motherhood and probably also a female god, he wasn’t putting her down – he was chiming in and showing that he gets it too.
But I am sick of virtue signaling and forcing us to use weird words and pronouns.

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