Patrick Brown will not be missed

The Ontario PCs gain a valuable opportunity to replace a highly flawed leader.

I think nothing of the sexual misconduct allegations; I was concerned by his maladroit handling of issues. Robyn Urback has it right.

Good bye Mr. Brown. Do I expect you to talk? No, I expect to you to die – Auric Goldfinger


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Barry Thompson

Cruel and thoughtless. This is a sexual pogrom we’re enduring, with its main features being anonymous allegations, media trials and mob justice. It is backed up by a “human rights” gestapo that denies Canadians their tradition procedural protections. They are essentially in a reverse onus situation where they don’t get to cross-examine the evidence against them. Worst of all, the people who should stand up to these outrages are afraid, particularly if they are men. ‘Toxic masculinity’ is a phrase you’ll hear a lot in citadels of higher learning. When are we going to wake up?

It won’t stop by itself. It has to be stopped.

old white guy

it will come to stop when the accuser is charged with slander and libel and has to put up the evidence required for a court of law.

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