The Hate Speech Fraud

Back in 1960s and before, we had free speech in the West. In that decade, the assault on freedom started in earnest.

When “hate speech” laws were first introduced, we were assured by governments that they would never be used to suppress freedom of speech or the expression of unpopular views. But, because of the pliable and dubious definition of “hate”, critics warned that there would be unintended consequences of these laws, namely, that they would be used by politically motivated groups to suppress criticism and exposure of the truth about various political and religious groups or organizations.

[Under the Criminal Code of Canada, “Hate propaganda” means “any writing, sign or visible representation that advocates or promotes genocide or the communication of which by any person would constitute an offence under section 319.”]

The critics, however, were wrong about one thing: using the laws for the suppression of political dissent was not an unintended consequence, but the primary objective of those laws.

Hate speech was the pretext; censorship, the objective.  All else was deceit from the government.

The amount of “hate propaganda” in Canadian, or any Western, society is vanishingly small, and can be dealt with quite easily under already existing laws concerning incitement to violence, insurrection, threats to public order etc.

The primary objective of the multicultural globalists comprising the Deep State is to destroy Western Civilization, free nation states, and liberal democratic societies by means of mass Third World immigration and the destruction of the fundamental rights and liberties of free citizens.

Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms says:
“Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
(a) freedom of conscience and religion;
(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
(d) freedom of association.”


Since “hate speech” has now expanded to mean anything that can cause offense, always in unlimited supply with some groups, suddenly, all the freedoms you thought you had under the Charter have now essentially evaporated. Now, anyone who feels that his feelings have been hurt is entitled to seek financial compensation using the “Human Rights Commissions” for a variety of claims “including restitution for injury to dignity, feelings and self-respect”.

There is no pretense of due process in these kangaroo courts, as the claimant is supported by the commissars and the defendant has to pay all costs and is presumed guilty. Naturally, many groups, particularly Islamic organizations, have used these laws to attempt to suppress criticisms and the truth about Islamic behavior around the world, particularly towards women and gays. In a famous, or infamous, case, the Canadian Islamic Congress filed a complaint against Maclean’s Magazine in 2007. According to Wikipedia…

“The substance of the complaint was that Maclean’s was publishing articles (a column by Mark Steyn) that insulted Muslims. The Congress filed its complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission, the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal and the Ontario Human Rights Commission.[13] The Ontario Human Rights Commission ruled that it did not have the jurisdiction to hear the complaint. The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal dismissed the complaint 10 October 2008.[14] The Canadian Human Rights Commission dismissed the complaint on 26 June 2008.”

But not until Maclean’s and Steyn had spent a good deal of money on lawyers. They should never have had to; the complaint was pure intimidation.

In Britain, a small sign in a living room window saying “Islam out of Britain” was enough to bring a SWAT team police squad to intimidate that person, whereas public demonstrations calling for the murder and beheading of people who do not support Islam,(here) have, to my knowledge, never resulted in any prosecutions. In Rotherham, gangs of Muslims had been raping young girls for a decade while the police did nothing about it. The Labour Party councillors knew all about it, and did nothing. No-one in authority has been held to account for this collusion with crime, and, it is still going on. But, rest assured, the British police have plenty of time and money to intimidate law-abiding members of the British National Party.

The British police are now the Thought Police working for Islam. [Pat Condell has an excellent video on the corruption of the British police.]

This is how far our rights have been eroded by unscrupulous politicians. By giving arbitrary meanings to “hate”, they have legitimized suppression of any view that any of the approved grievance groups do not approve of.

The latest thought control assault is against anyone who disagrees with all the transgender poppycock. You are now required by law to lie. There are two sexes in the human species: that is simply a medical fact. It can not be changed by the decree of some vapid nonentity in Parliament. This is the level of absurdity in our governments.

As for rights and freedoms, freedom of conscience and all that: the Charter is now vaporware.

Rebel Yell

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old white guy

this will not be popular but I have said it many times. We will have to fight our own to retain our freedom, and not with words. Violence will become a regular thing in Canada because there are far to many stupid people trying to control our lives.

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